Tula Tuesday: Blocks 16, 17, and 18

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Tula-day 🙂 This week I’m on to Section 2 of the book, rectangles…

Did you work on any City Sampler Blocks this week? Join in the Tula Tuesday linkup at the bottom of the post so we can all admire your work!

tt 16 17 18

From left to right, that’s block 16, 17, and 18…

Block 16 has Tula fabric from the Nightshade collection as well as purple and grey and polka dots. It’s a bit more subdued than some of my other color choices, but I like it!

IMG_6341 IMG_6357

(The color in the bottom photo is more true to life.)

Block 17 had teeny tiny pieces, and all of them were blue…

IMG_6339 IMG_6355

The deeper of the two blues has a faint texture, but the lighter is a solid.

Block #18 is more purple! Because I can never ever have enough purple… It has my focus fabric, that wonderful AMH Dowry print, as well as some Tula from the Birds and the Bees.

IMG_6336 IMG_6354

I’m really happy with this week’s batch. I like them all individually, and I feel like they are good additions to my overall color story. (On another note, that block #9 is still totally jumping out at me. What do you think?)

blocks 1 thru 18

Speaking of Tula, I am so in love with her new Fox Field line. I want it all… Anyone else? I’m trying to resist blowing my currently barely existing fabric budget on it. Sigh. (ETA tonight I got an email from www.quilthome.com and all their in stock Tula fabrics are 20% off thru 3/21 with the code QHTPFF)

Okay, time to link up! Show off your Tula work from the last week…



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14 responses to “Tula Tuesday: Blocks 16, 17, and 18

  1. Lovely blocks, I agree about #9, but you can easily use that reddish pink in more blocks, right?

  2. great blocks! Now, that looks like it might have rabbits on it… off to investigate

  3. billiemick

    Gorgeous work!

  4. Tula Pink! Just found your quilt along. Just can’t add another project to life right now. But I do adore her book! Nice blocks. Maybe use that red from #9 in other blocks and it will balance out.

  5. All the blocks are beautiful! I promise you that next week I will link up new blocks!!

  6. Susan Grisinger

    I like the bright pink but it stands out because it is not repeated yet. And I like how it pulls the pink pop out of the Dowry fabric. Try using it again on like 23 or 24 (or maybe 19). Then see how you feel about it.

    • I do like the pink pop, Im just worried that it is the wrong pink. I have a big pile of other pinks ready to try out as I move on 🙂 We shall see if I can make myself like this one -Sam

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