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My Henry turned the big 1-0 back on Friday the 13th. Celebrating his birthday was tempered by the fact that my grandma passed away earlier the same week, and we spent Henry’s actual birthday flying to the funeral.


There was a bittersweet upside to this sad situation- for once we got to celebrate a birthday with lots of relatives (no one but my mom lives near us…) And it’s always nice to balance a funeral with a celebration of life…

Meanwhile, we planned Henry’s celebration with his friends for a few weeks out- yesterday, in fact. This year has been the year of Doctor Who for our family- we started watching the show all together, and both my kids are now Whovians. The party itself was at a local laser tag place- not too expensive, close to home, and hey, it means I don’t have to clean the house or entertain the kids myself… 3 of Henry’s last 4 parties have in fact been there. So while I didn’t plan anything too elaborate for this party, I did want to give it a little Whovian touch.

I’ve spent a little(!) bit of time on Pinterest looking for great Doctor Who ideas, and I found the following cupcakes:



Henry LOVES Daleks. Loves. See?

DSC_2396 IMG_3535

(That’s him cuddling with his new, plush Supreme Dalek on one of the legs of the flight to the funeral.) And these cupcakes looked simple enough even for me- just print and cut out the wrappers, then tape them together and stick in a cupcake.

But somehow, I couldn’t get my cupcakes, standard size, to fit into the wrappers right side up. So we had upside down Daleks!


No idea why mine didn’t fit in the right way. But, even though he totally noticed that they were upside down, Henry still loved them. Only one of his guests actually knew what a Dalek was, so no one else noticed. Phew. I was pleased that the Laser Quest party room table was darn near Tardis Blue!

I would have felt like a super cool mom, but the people in the next party room over had gone all out with a Minecraft theme- and Minecraft is the only thing that Henry likes as much as Doctor Who. He and some of his little guests were staring longingly into the Minecraft room. Sigh. Maybe next year

Although, when he sees what I making him for Xmas, I think I’ll be back at the top of the “Coolest Mom Ever” charts..


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Wordless Wednesday: South Carolina so far


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September 18, 2013 · 4:45 pm

WIP Wednesday: Bingeing on Sugar Blocks

Before the sadness of Monday, I had a huge (for me) sewing day on Saturday. Each kid was at a different birthday party, and I actually ended up with some free time. So of course I combined binge-sewing with binge-watching, and spent a few hours catching up on the August and September Sugar Block Club blocks while finally checking out Orange is the New Black.

And yes, I totally loved it and got sucked in. 6 episodes down, 7 to go. And happily, I hear there will be a second season to binge on.

Meanwhile, you probably care more about what I sewed than about a TV show that everyone discovered months before me… So perhaps it’s time for some photos.

August, Quilt #1:


August, Quilt #2:


September, Quilt #1:


September, Quilt #2:


Quilt #1, January-September:


Quilt #2, January-September:


For fun, I laid the blocks out in the same order for each quilt, just to see the different effects caused by the different fabric choices… Quilt #1 will be for me, quilt #2 is an Xmas gift for my mom.

I’m glad I got to spend some time sewing this weekend, as now we’re headed out of town for the funeral, and then on to a vacation that was scheduled back in May, and by the time we get back, and celebrate Henry’s birthday (which is actually on Friday the 13th), I have no idea when I’ll get another block of uninterrupted time…or have the energy to sew.

Thank you to everyone for the kind comments about my grandmother. It wasn’t unexpected, but still, it’s very hard to lose someone at any time.

(Linking up over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.)


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Such an odd word for when someone passes. Last night we “lost” my grandmother. She turned 98 last month, and she had been in failing health for some time. That photo up above was taken when the kids and I went to see her in June. We had a lovely visit, for which I will be eternally grateful. She went peacefully in her sleep, and for that I will also be eternally grateful.


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Finish it up Friday: Another Harmony block

Ever sit down to work on what should be a super simple project, only to make mistake after silly mistake?

Isn’t it just the worst? So totally frustrating…

The August block for the Harmony Circle of do.Good Stitches was like that for me. The month’s hostess specifically picked a super easy block, a Wonky Churn Dash, because of summer travel, back to school, and all that jazz. It was very thoughtful, and I was relieved. We spent part of August on an amazing European vacation, and I didn’t get to start the blocks before I left. When I got back, we went immediately back into school/work mode. I barely had any time to work on the blocks, but no biggie, because it was so simple.


Or anyway, not for me…

Spatial relationships are not my strongpoint. Which might be a tiny understatement. I didn’t have solid scraps in the colors required for the blocks, so I tried to cut pieces to the right size, without wasting fabric. Yeah, didn’t work. At all. I stitched and flipped and realized my colored bits weren’t big enough to make my squares the required 4.5″. And then I ripped (and had to cut all new colored bits because my estimates were so very very off) and stitched and flipped and swore because they still weren’t right. After a few rounds of this delightful process, I had 2 finished blocks. But one had a lumpy seam and corner piece that just looked wrong. I was past the point of being productive, so I abandoned them.

Later in the week, I came back, ripped apart the bad block, and fixed it enough that I wasn’t embarrassed to mail it out.


You’d never guess by looking how much misery I was caused by these innocent little blocks.


Hope your recent sewing has gone ever so much better than mine, and if not, that you had some wine and/or chocolate to cushion the blow…

Linking up at TGIFF and Finish it up Friday.


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Wordless Wednesday: 24 hours in Barcelona as seen by my phone…

barcelona mosaic

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September 4, 2013 · 12:39 pm

Artemis on my feet…

I’m back!

Since last time I was here, I’ve been to Europe and back! My family was lucky enough to go on a Disney Cruise that started in Barcelona, and took us through the Mediterranean. (At some point I’ll have the energy to post photos here, really. Probably.) It was amazing! I was so crazy relaxed (sometimes) or tired from trying to see all of a city like Rome in one day (most of the other times) that I barely picked up my knitting at all.

I know, I don’t believe it either.

August’s shipment from the Cookie A sock club was stunning- a gorgeous blue from Miss Babs, inspired by Turkey- a place where I just happened to live for 3 years long long ago.

IMG_2988 IMG_2996

The perfect yarn to take on a big international trip, right? I got started before I left.



I chose Artemis, the easier seeming of the 2 patterns- easier is better for travel, right?

By the time we flew home a week later, I had only gotten this far:


I did mange to turn the heel before we got home… And then it really didn’t take me long to finish the pair. (PS as an aside, please note how perfectly my vodka matches the yarn!)

They’re wonderful!

artemis mosaicThe pattern had a nice twist in the foot- a section of ribbing around the arch. I may incorporate it into more projects in the future. Not sure if you can really see it in the photos, but the columns of cables are actually different- one twists at even intervals, and not the other. It’s very neat!

I’ve already got the heel turned on another sock, so, I’ll be back soon. For real. I think.



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