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WiP Wednesday: Duvet-To-Be

I took my kiddos to visit my Grandma (96 years young) over spring break this week, and as that meant air travel and being a long way from home, I got knitting done, but no sewing.

I did, however, start to pull fabrics for my next project. A few weeks back, one of the many online fabric stores I shop from sent an email that featured a project from Joel Dewberry‘s Sewn Spaces– a patchwork duvet cover. It’s such a lovely, simple project, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I had the perfect fabric for it…one I’ve been hoarding for ages with no actual plan.

Cameo from Tula Pink‘s Parisville. The ladies have the best hair ever! But they are large- 5″ or so. Hard to show off in lots of projects. I was thinking maybe curtains, until I saw that duvet cover.

I pulled fabrics, but didn’t have time to start cutting. Which might not be a bad thing, because there are 2 too many fabrics in that pile. I think I’ve decided on one to pull, but not the other.  What do you think? What 2 fabrics would you remove?

Duvet cover to be...

Duvet cover to be...

Duvet cover to be...

As you can probably tell, it’s the same color scheme as the Modern Cross quilt- both are destined for my own bed…

So that’s my WiP Wednesday- a tiny bit of progress is better than none, right? I’m linking up over at
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

And I’d like to say thanks to all the new folks who came by and left comments last week- it was great to “meet” you all!


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A Fan Girl’s Night Out

Longtime readers of this and my old blog will know I love Mondo. I’ve been a Project Runway fan for years- it was my “gateway” reality TV show. And when Denver was finally represented by a designer, at first I was bummed- Mondo seemed so quiet in the first few episodes.And then he broke out from the pack, both with his amazing pattern mixing, and his moving personal story.

And a fan girl was born… I nearly gave up on the show when they awarded top honors to “Retchin Gretchen”. Many others felt the same way, and the blogosphere has long speculated that the Project Runway Allstars was created to right the wrong inflicted on Mondo in Season 8.

In 2011, Annie and I got to (briefly) meet the man himself at an event to benefit the local branch of Goodwill.

we met mondo!

That was when her love of him began. Now, she’s a fan girl to rival me, but I digress.

You may remember just a few weeks ago, I went to the 2012 version of that same event, and met Mondo again, as well as Falene and Julie (both from Colorado AND Season 9…) (And no Annie this time as the tickets were a bit too pricey.)

me and mondo, fallene, and julie

And last night…I went to Mondo Bazarro, the finale viewing party here in Denver, hosted by Mondo, to benefit another great local non-profit, the Colorado Aids Project. The event was carnival themed, with goofy games to play, fab decor, and a scary inflated clown. Well, other folks didn’t find it scary, but after reading It, I’ve never been able to look at clowns the same way. Here are some great photos of the event from The Denver Post– and here is a facebook photo including the scary clown.

If we’d sprung for the VIP tickets, there would have been mingling and schmoozing and Mondo cupcakes.

(Photo cribbed shamelessly from HERE.) I admit, had I known about the cupcakes, I might have paid for the VIP tix 😉 But the $10 general admission price was wallet-friendly, and so, along with my friend Amber and her very fun mom, off I went! (The event was 18+, so Annie and Amber’s little one were once again left behind.)

We bought some shirts. We played some games (the ducky matching worked best for me, but Amber rocked the Plinko.) We munched on the free Popchips– they sponsor Mondo and support CAP, so, hooray! We had some drinks, and scored some good viewing seats… And then we watched.

Project runway finale viewing party with mondo

And you know who won, right?

After the show was over the party rocked on. In the VIP viewing section were some other fabulous Project Runway alums, who graciously took photos with the hoi polloi. Recognize Season 9 winner Anya with her new blonde hair and engagement ring?

Amber, me, and anya at the mondo party

Or what about the adorable Casanova from Season 8?

Me, Casanova and amber at the mondo party

Do you watch Project Runway? What about any other reality TV? I will proudly admit to loving Ru-Paul’s Drag Race (tho not this season as much), and not as proudly admit that I’m a bit addicted to America’s Next Top Model. But PR is my fave!


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A Year’s Worth of Cookies

2011 was the inaugural year for the Cookie A Sock Club– and I wiggled my way into a spot from the wait list. I was a tiny bit worried- the only other sock club I ever joined was the Rockin Sock Club. I didn’t always love the yarn or patterns, which is always the risk of a club. But, I’ve never knit a Cookie pattern I didn’t like, and, the club promised to be mainly solid-ish yarns. Surprisingly, given my penchant for buying wild and crazy sock yarns, this was very appealing to me. It actually does make sense- as I’ve been knitting more and more complicated socks, I’ve gone more toward simpler colors, as they let my hard work shine through.

What was my point? Oh, yeah… While I still have several intact, untouched kits from my Rockin Sock Club year, I finished a pair of socks from each of the 6 Cookie A shipments! And since each month had 2 patterns, in one month I even made 2 pairs!

I loved the club so much that when 2012 signups opened, I forked over my payment immediately. My first shipment was delayed by the USPS, and so I just finally got around to winding the yarn for the first pair of 2012. But before I move on, it seemed like a good idea to show off the fruits of 2011! Tonight my awesome husband rigged up a faux-clothesline for me, so I could take some decent photos.

Without further ado, I present to you…my 2011 Cookie A Sock Club finishes!


February: Ripple Leaf

Ripple Leaf

April: Boysenberry Yo (my favorite yarn of the year)

boysenberry yo

June: Orange Pekoe (my favorite pattern of the year)

Orange Pekoe

August: Velma


October: Slide


December: Rambutan


Once more…just because

A year's worth of Cookies

I’ve got to fly next week (taking the kids to see my grandma, who is 96 and in failing health), so I bet I’ll be able to show you the first Cookie A socks of 2012 soon… Stay tuned!


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WIP Wedneday, Complete with Lousy Cell Phone Photo

I am continuing to plug away at my Modern Cross quilt (link will take you to archive of previous posts w much much better photos!)- and I’ve hit the point where I need to make a few decisions.

Wip wednesday

At last count I’ve made 54 squares. And since I finally bit the bullet and did the math on increasing from the pattern’s lap size into my desired queen size, I know that I am just barely halfway done. (PS Let me give a hearty shout out of thanks to Pink Chalk Fabrics for including a great wallet sized quilt size chart in one of my orders… SO useful!)

So, at the halfway point, it’s time to decide- can I repeat fabrics in any of the squares, or do I need to come up with 100 different fabrics? I do really truly adore some of the fabrics, so using them twice would be fun. But then again, coming up with 100 different fabrics almost entirely from stash also seems fun. Nightmare inducing, and also like publicly admitting just how much of a stash problem I have, but still fun.

What choice would you make?

(This is my first week joining the Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. I’m hoping to make some new bloggy friends and dive back into the quilt blog world- I’ve missed it while I’ve been away… So please, if you are a new visitor, leave a comment so I can get to know you!)


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Annie, Junior Sewist

Yesterday was a monumental day- Annie made her first skirt!

Annie made her first skirt today!

She took a class at my beloved Fancy Tiger, and in the course of 2 short hours, she completed a gorgeous spring skirt! Her fabric choice was a shock to me- this girl LOVES blue. But she picked out a sweet little Alexander Henry print, covered in tiny pink strawberries and grapes.

While she was stitching, I hit the Goodwill up the street, and found her a shirt that both matches perfectly, and fits her sensibilities exactly. What do you think?

Annie showing off her new skirt

Christina, the fab teacher, sent home instructions for the skirt, and Annie talked me into buying enough elastic to make 2 more. So I sense you’ll be seeing some more posts like this soon…

Annie will be 11 next month- much younger than I was when the crafty bug bit me. How old were you when you started sewing, knitting, crocheting or crafting in general?


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Wordless Wednesday: We Went to the Aquarium

are we there yet?

annie, diver

rays are too cool

under the dome


look up

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By the time I finish this quilt top, I’ll have to change the name from “Modern Cross” to “Ancient History”.

Now that I put the borders on the final Christmas top, I can move forward. But I still can’t start a completely new project, what with 30 some odd Modern Cross blocks done, but many more to go.

I was all set to spend Monday sewing and watching Contagion, but my desktop dvd drive died. So I streamed a few episodes of Buffy (getting closer to the end now), and finished 6 more blocks. I have to say, it felt great to get these blocks and their new buddies up on the design wall…

more modern cross blocks

I was even able to start the next 6 before having to move on. And I finally found a place to use some of the very, um, unique fabric I picked up several years back. That one little FQ has been waiting quite a while for just the right project. I’m thinking you can guess which one I mean?

the start of the next 6 blocks

Yeah, that one… ;-P Do you have any naughty or truly ridiculous fabrics in YOUR stash? What about novelties in general? I am a sucker for a cute or funny or retro novelty print, and I’ve been trying to work a bunch of them into these blocks. There are already skulls with scissors, owls, hedgehogs, mushrooms, arabian knights, and I’m only halfway done!

Overall I’m still really loving this quilt, but it needs more purple. My original plan was to make it mainly purple, with some blue and green crosses. It looks more blue than I had intended. I picked up a few more pieces of purple fabric at the Snappy Quilts 1st birthday sale yesterday. Because I need more fabric like I need more yarn.

Which is to say, not at all.

I couldn’t spend the entire day sewing, however, because I had to pick the kiddos up from school, and then take Annie to pick up something new and exciting:

She got glasses

She’s thrilled- Henry, Rich and I have been long time members of Club Foureyes, and now she feels included. I think she looks darling. We got 2 pairs at Costco, as I assume one will be lost or broken before too long…


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Christmas in March…

It’s another one of those posts where I go on and on about how I never seem to sew anymore, but when I finally do, it feels wonderful.

Yeah, I know, I’ve said it all before.

Remember that last crazy burst of sewing back in November and December? When I attempted to crank out 2 complete quilts before Xmas, and failed? And then didn’t sew anything for (mumble mumble) months?

I finally put the borders on the second quilt. And then took a lousy cell phone photo to prove it.

March seemed like a good time to finish the xmas quilt...

I did learn one thing about myself. It turns out that the clutter in my sewing room stops me from sewing. On Monday, I cleaned up a bit (read: moved stuff from one room to another so I could pretend I dealt with the problem.) And then, lo and behold, I found my sewing mojo. I felt totally ready to tackle a new project, or at least pick up my modern cross squares again, but I decided to behave and put the borders on the animal quilt. Now that that’s done, I can move on.

But to what?

How about you? Can you work when your space gets cluttered, or do you need order?


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Wordless Wednesday: Avs won 7-1 edition!

Avs knitting

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Ta da!

I did it!

Ta dah!

My 2011 afghan is DONE! I finished the final stitch on the border about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t have a good spot in my house to try and photograph it. (I even thought about taking it to the ice castles last weekend, but decided that would be insane.) So when March’s afghan block class rolled around, I took the finished blanket with me to Fancy Tiger and borrowed their floor…

Laid out on the floor, you can see all the problems. But you know what? I don’t care! I love this afghan. I’m proud of it. The colors make me smile. And the fact that I did it- I spent a year learning new techniques and actually completed this final project- has me ridiculously proud. You’d think I invented crochet or something…

Speaking of which, I couldn’t have done any of this without our fearless leader and amazing teacher, Cat. She’s awesome. And she’s published! Here she is, gamely posing with me and my blankie…

The afghan and the teacher :-)

Thank you, Cat, for a wonderful year!


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