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WIP Wednesday: Creeper Hats

In the realm of knitting all things Creeper, last week I cast on an adorable hat for Annie. The pattern is a freebie from Krista Sodt, and I found it while on a Minecraft-themed Pinterest binge


It’s a super fast and simple knit- started Friday, finished Monday. So why on earth am I calling this a WIP Wednesday post?


Well, does that kid look like Annie to you? Nope. Turns out the hat was way to small for her, so… younger brother scores. I was planning on making his next, anyway. So I have cast on again, with many more stitches, and hat #2 should fit child #1.


Also, after 48 hours, Henry “loved” that hat so much that the pompom exploded right off the end. We think it may have something to do with the flipping of the hat back and forth repeatedly… And tugging on the pompom.  Sometimes with his feet. And trying to sleep in the hat. But on the bright side, before he killed it, his grandma took him to the mall, where the Hot Topic employees ooohed and aahhed over my skillz. What a claim to fame!


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Wordless Wednesday: Crawling with the Zombies










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More Mondo Mania

Yeah, I know, you all know how much Annie and I love Mondo Guerra. I just looked back at my blog archives, and apparently my first post about meeting him was in 2011 (on my old blog, which looks odd since I no longer pay for hosting…) And then in 2012, and again in earlier 2013

Tonight, there was a free meet&greet at See, an eyewear boutique- the same eyewear boutique where I’ve been getting my glasses for the last 3 years- with Mondo himself. He’s launching a line of glasses exclusively available at their stores…


I called up my fab friend Amber, and we packed up our girls and headed to the store…


Cardboard Mondo was there to greet us, but the real one was a little bit late. We killed time by trying on all the frames, nibbling on snacks, and drinking some drinks… And then Mondo arrived.


Annie was so proud to show him that she was wearing her Mondo T-shirt from the finale viewing party that she was too young to attend, poor kid, and her houndstooth skirt- because Mondo taught her to love houndstooth- and her Mondo socks that a very nice mom got her for xmas last year… And look, they both have bow ties. Because bow ties are cool.

She had her fashion sketchbook with her, and Mondo kindly signed it. Sadly, there wasn’t time for her to show hime her collections (The Warrior Collection and the Evil Elegance collection…)


I got to meet him, too!



I’m only sad that the one pair of glasses  (the Melba) from the collection that I fell madly in love with didn’t work on my face 😦



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Bust a Myth

Opening at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science tomorrow is: Mythbusters, The Explosive Exhibition. My kids are total Mythbusters junkies- before they discovered Doctor Who, it was all they wanted to watch, and it still ranks up there even now. So the exhibit has been very anticipated in our house. We were really sad to realize we wouldn’t be able to attend the sold out meet and greet with Tory and Kari at the members preview…

But then we found out about this! A meet and greet at one of my favorite pizza places! Win Win!

So we had a yummy dinner, and then got to chat with Tory and Kari. Who turned out to be some of the nicest, most gracious people, ever. They signed photos for my kids, and for some friends of theirs who weren’t with us at the time, and even Henry’s old, outgrown, “Buster Does All My Stunts” shirt… I’m going to turn the shirt into a pillowcase for him now. Tory even noticed that Henry was wearing his (ever present) Minecraft shirt, and told him all about a new video on their web series, where he blows up a creeper!


The kids were totally starstruck, and so very happy. We’re now counting down until we can get into the exhibit… Whee!


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WIP Wednesday: 10 months done!

In some ways 2013 has seemed like the longest year ever. Work has been stressful, Annie had some serious challenges, my grandma passed away… But in other ways the year is flying by. October? Really? I mean, it must be, because over the weekend we set up our annual Halloween graveyard in our front yard, and if it’s not really October, well, then I don’t think our neighbors will appreciate it!

It also must be October because on Monday I pieced not just one, but both October blocks for the Sugar Block Club. (I’m making two quilts from the patterns…) This month, the pattern is called Lucky Star, but it wasn’t totally lucky for me.

First, I’ll show you the less successful block. This one has incredibly mismatched points. I mean, YIKES, look at the center patch of the top row. And the fabrics didn’t work the way I intended- the two prints are too similar. Grumble.


But the second one came out MUCH better. The points are better, and the colors worked out more the way I intended.


I can’t believe there are just two blocks/months left. I have really enjoyed having an assigned project each month- it’s kept me on track when otherwise I might not have sewn anything. I’ll have to start making a good plan for next year…


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Friday Finish: Block n Socks

I’ve got not one but TWO finishes under my belt this week- both quilty and knitty.

First off, the quilty. I came in just under the wire with my September do.Good Stitches Harmony Circle block. Thank goodness it was a simple block… A low volume/bright log cabin, a very big one, finishing up at 19″! I think it took me as much time to choose fabrics as it did to sew…


I got it in the mail Monday, and hopefully it has already reached its new home. Looking at it now, I wish I had put the bright blue and pink inner logs further out, but oh well. I’m so glad I got to use those fun little birdies again!

And now, the knitty finish. A(nother) pair of socks, of course… These should have been the fastest socks ever. I had knit the pattern (Sarsaparilla by Cookie A, from the October 2012 club shipment) before and I adore it. The first sock flew off my needles in under a week.

IMG_3384 IMG_3406

I cast on at a Saturday night Rockies game, and kept going on a Monday game- and even with 2 games in 3 days, I managed to miss Todd Helton’s 2,500th hit. Ah, well, we still had fun.

But the second sock? It took me forever. I took it with me to the beach, and I was frantic that it wouldn’t be enough knitting to last a week.


But the truth is, I barely picked it up all week, even on the 6 flights (denver to funeral, funeral to beach, beach to denver). I was feeling so mellow, I was past knitting. Which I thought was impossible- who knew?

And then when we got home, I cast on for Henry’s giant Xmas gift- a nearly bed sized knitted minecraft blanket. I’ve done the match, and I should just barely squeak it out in time for the big day. So I decided I could only knit the socks at work. And they barely grew.

And then the yarn broke not once, not even twice, but THREE times within the last inch of the toe. Grrrrr. That was an excessive amount of end weaving to have to do for a sock. Last night I gave up and broke my own rule, and finished the toe at home. Finally.


And these socks have turned out to be nearly impossible to photograph. In the in-progress shot, you can really see the cables. But not in these… I love this pattern, and I think I will eventually end up making one more pair, in a completely solid yarn, so the cables will shine as they were meant to.

Friday may bring snow to Denver (ugh, I am so not ready for this) and so these socks may get broken in really quickly…

Here’s hoping it’s warmer where you are, and that you had some good finishes this week, too!

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Harvest Time!

Over the spring and summer, the Denver Art Museum (the DAM) had an amazing exhibit entitled Spun, featuring fabulous textile art of many kinds. I told you a bit about it, specifically the Denver Satellite Reef. Crocheters from all over contributed their own pieces of coral to the reef, including me.

At the same time, the Ladies Fancywork Society created an amazing crochet installation that hung on the outside of the museum.

IMG_3480 IMG_3477 IMG_3478 IMG_3482 IMG_3481

The pun lover in me was extra super pleased by the title- Garden of the DAM(ed). The piece was amazing- HUGE! COLORFUL! QUIRKY! It had flowers, fairy doors, gnomes, mushrooms, squirrels, a black widow, and so much more.

On the last Friday of most months, the DAM hosts an awesome event called Untitled. Each month has its own theme, fun activities, snacks, and more. Best part? It’s free with membership, which we have.

In August, the LFS were onsite to talk about their piece and teach folks about yarn tagging. (Fun fact: they’ve been told that any attempt to yarn tag Bluecifer would actually result in terrorism charges.) Annie and I went and had a blast- and we learned that the September event would be extra awesome, with a harvest theme. As part of the harvest, the public was invited and encouraged to “harvest” pieces from the Reef and the Garden of the DAM(ed). I loved the idea of the reef continuing to live on all over the city…


And it was even better in practice! People had so much fun choosing their piece of coral (one per person). Many many folks actually found ways to wear theirs, as scarves, hats, corsages and more.


I’m shy about taking photos of strangers, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It was awesome! Annie, my mom, and I each harvested a piece- none that I had made. My mom picked a tiny piece that looked like an actual shell, Annie picked a long long piece that she can wear as a scarf, and I picked a fun piece of many yarns that Annie is holding in the photo below.


Over the course of the night, the reef went from this:

IMG_3492 IMG_3490 IMG_3493 IMG_3494

To WAY less than this:


We got there at the early end, and I was quite thrilled to see that my monster piece of coral had already been claimed! I have no idea what happened to the other pieces I made, but it’s fun to think of them going on to new lives…

After harvesting the reef, we moved on the see what was left of the Garden. I was thrilled that a gnome was still there! And Annie chose a string of flowers- she’s planning to alternate between using it to decorate her room, and wearing it as a scarf.



How often do you get to touch the art at a museum, let alone choose a piece to bring home? I love the ways that the DAM finds to bring people and art together. Can’t wait til the final friday in October!


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