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More for Mom…

My final finish of 2014 was a birthday gift for my mom- I know, she made out like a bandit this year, right? ūüėČ I made my parents a set of 8 quilted placemats many years ago. They were blue and white and matched their dishes. Last year, my mom got new dishes: fiesta ware in Paprika and Ivory. The old placemats clashed horribly.

Also a few years back, okay more than a few, I made my folks a quilt for their living room.

bento box quilt

It was PERFECT for their living room in South Carolina, even though the colors were so very very very far from my style. (Also please note my dad was well known for never smiling in photos- he actually was happy with it…)

bento box 2

Anyway! In my mom’s new home here in colorful Colorado, the quilt is still in the living room- right next to the dining area (sort of one big room). So I busted out the copious stash of leftovers and set about making her a new set of placemats.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_3189

I used this tutorial from Ellison Lane. It worked well with the fabrics, and was fast and easy. No two placemats match, front or back, but I did bind them all in the same fabric for continuity. I just did simple straight line quilting- worked well enough.


She loved them! Hooray! And as an added bonus, it turns out they have another fan. Mom left them in a stack on her dining table, and found her cat Anna curled up asleep on them. Maybe I should use the remaining scraps to make Anna her own quilt? Probably more sanitary, right?

Of course, when the kids saw these, they reminded me about my plan/promise to make OUR family unit some custom placemats. Gotta get on that…

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Tula Tuesday: They’re ALL Done!

Yup, you read that right. All 100 blocks from Tula Pink’s City Sampler- DONE!


(I know, that looks odd- but my design wall was too short for 10×10, so it’s currently 11×9 + 1…)

blocks 97-100

That right there is the final four. FINAL. I’m still kind of reeling… they’re all done.

All done.

So now comes the hard part- deciding on a setting, and a background fabric. I’m kind of leaning toward the simple but chic¬†Gridlock layout in the book- it finishes at king size, which makes me happy. And I’m leaning toward a nice deep but bright purple shot cotton for the sashing:


It’s a Kaffe Fasset shot cotton- Thunder. But will that be too much purple? Because a soft grey might also work? Or a teal-y blue green? Or… please, tell me what you’d do. Please? I do really like the idea of a shot cotton- I love the dimensionality they provide. I have enough of the AMH dowry focus fabric that I could use it as binding, which I think will bring it all together.

To refresh your memories, here’s a closer look at all 100 blocks.

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50 blocks 51-75 blocks 76-100

Wow that’s a lot of blocks…

Thank you all for joining me on this journey- for the feedback, the encouragement, and the kind words along the way. I can’t wait to show you what comes next! Once I decide what that will be…

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Sweet, Sweet Sugar

I am so happy to finally be able to share this finished quilt.


In 2013, I joined Stitchery Dickery Dock‘s¬†Sugar Block Club BOM. I made 2 complete sets of blocks– one for me (in purples and blues) and one for my mom, in much more earthy tones. I gave my mom a set of blocks, not even a top, for Xmas 2013, and the promise of a finished quilt to follow soon after. So that didn’t quite work out. I did manage to finish the top in early 2014 (in fact, almost a year ago to the day!), but I had no idea how to quilt it. I picked it up and put it down. Many times. And felt so guilty that my mom wasn’t getting her gift. Sigh.

Finally, just a few weeks before Xmas 2014, I decided to send it out to be quilted, cost be damned. But I hadn’t sent one out in forever, and I wanted something special and custom. As luck would have it, the mom of a student at the school where I work is an amazing quilter who is just getting her business (Snowflake Quilting) off the ground. And she had time to finish the quilt before Xmas, or at the very least before my mom’s 12/30 birthday. I sent her photos of the quilt, and when we met in person, she had an AMAZING design already sketched out. Each block had its own motif, and then, she created an overall design to tie them all together. The trickiest part for me was choosing the thread color.

In less than a week, Snowflake Quilting had returned my quilt to me, quilted to perfection. The best part? She delivered it to my office when dropping her son off at school, so I got to bask in oohs and aahs from my colleagues. I easily got it bound and washed and wrapped and under the tree by Xmas Eve!

I think my mom likes it!

IMG_3791 IMG_3794

And you know how I was torturing myself with guilt all year, because this took me so long? Well, as mom opened it, she was truly confused and shocked. “What is this?” She had forgotten about it! I hope that doesn’t mean I have failed her so many times that she never expects me to follow through with things?

I chose the colors to compliment her basement, which is finished and lovely, and has her comfy couch and big TV. But she likes it so much, she wants to use it upstairs, where she spends more time, even if it doesn’t coordinate as well. I’m glad she’s so happy!

Here’s a closeup of the quilting on each block:


Amazing, right? I’m so glad I sent it out. I would never have been able to pull off anything half so great myself.

It was finally nice and sunny last weekend, so we took the quilt out for a walk, right behind my mom’s house. Her garden opens directly out into some open space… convenient for nice photos!

IMG_3931 IMG_3934 IMG_3918

Oh, the back and binding is a fabulous Kaffe that I was able to score on clearance! And… have I mentioned that my 13 year old daughter is now 1/2″ taller than me? That’s her holding up this large throw for me. Yikes.

I don’t think I’ve felt this good about a finish in years and years. Next up- finishing my OWN Sugar Block Club top!

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Tula Tuesday, Finally… and Almost Finally.

Annnnd… I’m back! Back to the blog. Back to my Tula blocks. Hooray! Over the last few weekends, I made 11 blocks. Blocks 85-96, the final section of the book. (I also binge watched the first 2 seasons of Black Mirror– wow! Love it!)

blocks 85-96

I put them all into a mosaic (in numerical order) to keep this from being the most photo heavy post ever. I thought about splitting them into 2 weeks of posts, but what the hell… here they all are.

Some quick highlights- the deer head fabric in #85 is a new fave- just purchased and already beloved. The bunny peeking out of #86 makes me smile. The constellations in #87 are hard not to hoard. #88 and the fox are one of my faves in the entire quilt. #89 uses that Acacia print I love so much, and own in 3 colors. #90 sneaks in some Parisville (Hi, Audrey and Jane!) #91- more Parisville, and polka dots to boot. Cotton+Steel and some neon polka dots make #92 happy. More fabulous Moonshine in #93. The AMH focus fabric and purples again in #94, and #95 is purple again, with a Birds and Bees print.


All 96 blocks are squeezed onto my design wall. They barely fit, and 97-100 won’t. Or they will, but I’ll have to move everything over a few inches and {squish} it all.


That one block over to the left is a reject, the only one. I may put it into the back. It may end up in some orphan pile. Who knows…

The last 4 blocks are going to be bittersweet. This has been such a fun journey. But it’s too soon to get all maudlin- I’ll save that for next week. Instead, I have to stress out over my final 4 sets of fabric choices. Four final chances to balance out my colors. Four last favorites to feature. Only 4? How do I pick? It’s kind of like picking between my kids, but there’s only two of them. I think I need one more pink block, and maybe another green? And a grey (without the pink neon dot in it)? I don’t need any more purple, but I don’t have a ton with dark purple in them. I think there’s enough blue? Suggestions welcome!


Look for me this Sunday, sitting in a pile of fabric on the floor of the sewing room, mumbling to myself and freaking out. And if I can get through that, maybe I’ll be back next week with 100 blocks.

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I’m not usually very good at goal setting, or retrospectives, or decent posts, come to think of it. I look around blogland and I see all your wonderful posts summing up what you did in 2014, and what you hope to accomplish in 2015. I’m so not good at it, I even missed the deadline for Q1 of the terribly popular 2015 Finish-Along. ¬†Zoinks. But you know what? I’m going to try it. I’m going to make a list of goals, and even though I can’t link-up, I’m going to use that timetable to motivate myself.

With that said, here goes:

Goal 1- and it’s a biggie.

Finish my Tula top.

I had intended for all the blocks to be done by November 2014. But the exciting gallbladder episode, followed by the baby boom at Annie’s school, totally derailed me. I’m pleased to say I’ve spent the first weekends of 2015 back at it, and I only have 4 blocks to go! (I’ll be showing you some progress later this week…) But then I need to decide how to assemble the top. Having a deadline will force me to abandon my usual indecisive dilly-dallying. What I know: I want it to be between king and queen sized, to go on our bed.


Goal #2- begin Annie’s Tardis quilt.

Using this as inspiration, Annie and I are going to work on a Tardis quilt. There has been a pile of blue fabric pulled for a few months now- but no action. Time to get going!

Goal #3- doesn’t count under the finish along rules, but hey, it’s still a goal: start the family placemats I keep promising to make. Thrones the kids have asked about more than once. And after those, an xmas set.

Goal #4- revisit my Sugar Block Club blocks– I have all 12, but I think I might like to make another set and put them into a bed sized quilt. I have loads of leftover fabric, so could easily tackle this. And I do like making a block at a time for a project- I’ll miss it when Tula is done.

Goal #5- baste and quilt the xmas top that has been sitting around for (mumble mumble) years. So long that I can’t even find the blog posts or photos about it, yikes.

That seems like more than enough goals for the moment. Wish me luck!




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2015- year of the (sock) monkey?

I fell victim to the holidays… in a good way. There was sewing and knitting going on around here, but no time for photos or blogging. We had a ton of family fun, a wonderful winter break (I still can’t believe how lucky I am in my “new” job- 13 months now- to get 2 weeks off for winter break), and a great xmas. Oh, and my birthday. Thanks to the new job’s schedule, I get my birthday off every year. This year I was spoiled rotten by my family, who got me a new Olfa cutting mat, new rotary cutting blades, a new pair of Machingers, new basting pins, and new flat head pins. Wheeeeee!

Over the break, I made my mom a set of quilted place mats for her December 30th birthday, and I finally finished (by sending it out to be quilted) her Sugar Block Quilt that was supposed to be her 2013 xmas gift. I haven’t had decent light for photos, so you’ll have to trust me on that one. It is stunning- stunning!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope to get some good photos over the weekend. So, basically, stay tuned.

Meanwhile, today I’m going to show you the last project of 2014/first finish of 2015. It’s the final in my long slog of baby quilts. A cousin had baby #3 in October. We’re not close, which makes me sad, and in fact we haven’t even had an xmas card from them in years and years. I made a quilt for #1, her daughter. And then the big drift apart happened. We only found out about #2, a boy, by accident. So sad. my feelings were miffed and i didn’t make him a quilt- I figured if no one told me he existed, ¬†I didn’t have to make a quilt for him. I’m petty. I know. So when we actually got a birth announcement for #3, another boy, I was shocked. And then I decided to make a quilt. Positive reinforcement and all that.

I went stash diving and came up with this.


There was even enough of the red monkey flannel for an entire, unpieced backing! And the navy blue monkeys for binding. Whee! I love shopping on my shelves…

I decided to go super duper simple as can be, and just did squares. Fast to cut and piece, easy to quilt.


I had some little leftover bits from cutting the squares, so I did a partially pieced binding.


And i didn’t have to piece the back.


So soft, simple, and sweet.

Now I just need to get off my butt and mail it.

I was so very very excited to be done with the baby quilts- and able to go back to my Tula blocks. I cleaned the whole sewing room, and threw all the Tulas up on the wall. I got started again.

And then I checked my email…I’m getting another new cousin in July!

At least that gives me a little baby quilt  break.

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