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Wordless Wednesday: Underwater Edition

debate jellies open wide underwater watching


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Wordless Wednesday: My Junior Thespians


rmct3 rmct4

rmct2 rmct5

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To Go Boldly Where No Sock Has Gone Before

The June shipment from the Cookie A Sock club kind of blew my mind, in the best possible way.

First off, the yarn. It was Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine– my first time using this yarn. And it was heavenly to work with. The color? Well, it just happened to be inspired by my favorite soda.


The fabulous yarn would have made me happy regardless, but, Β in a geek’s dream, both patterns were inspired by Star Trek. Pattern 1- Tiberius. Pattern 2- Spock.

I cast on for Tiberius right away. It travelled with me to Pittsburgh, and saw me through the final Game of Thrones book…

IMG_2356 IMG_2359

It was a simple pattern to memorize, and I finished the pair fairly quickly.

And I love them. The yarn is fabulous on the feet, and the color is great. I might go down either a pattern or needle size if I made them again- they have loads of stretch to them. But overall? Complete happiness.

DSC_0009 DSC_0004 DSC_0013

I’ve already cast on the Spocks, and am at the toe of the first sock! Stay tuned…


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WIP Wednesday: Lime Sherbet

Summer continues to be nutso around here. Today I actually had to write down a 3 paragraph plan to coordinate all the drop-offs and pick-ups required to shuttle my 2 kids between their combined 9 performances at theater camp this week. (Annie is Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein, and Henry is Tommy in The Music Man.) Zoinks.

I did manage to work on my July Sugar Block Club block- Lime Sherbet. It’s a traditional Ohio Star, which is then set on point with paper pieced triangles added on. It’s a lovely combo.


Now that we’re halfway through the year, I decided I need to be more strategic with my fabric selection. I sorted them into used twice, used once, and used not at all yet piles. I found three in the “not used at all” pile that worked together, and got to cutting.


The dark grey is very very dark, more so than I realized before stopping to look at these photos. It’s by far the darkest of all the fabrics I pulled for this project. I think it will be okay, especially if I put it into at least one more block.

IMG_2801 IMG_2809

I’m not totally sure if I like the background fabric as the star. When I get around to making the 2nd one for my other Sugar Block quilt, I think I’m going to try it as a different fabric… It might just be that the values of the grey and the print fabric are so very wildly different.

Meanwhile, look! 7 done! More than halfway there!


(Sorry for the supremely lousy photo!)

Finishing the block was a bit bittersweet. I’ve mentioned before that I stream TV shows via netflix while I sew. Recently, I finished Battlestar Galactica, and I was fracking sad to see it go. About 15 minutes before I finished this block, the final episode of Buffy ended. I cannot believe it took me so many years to discover that show. I may have come to the Whedon-verse late, but man oh man, am I happy to be there.

Now I just have to catch up on Breaking Bad before the new season starts. Which means I’ll have to find some more sewing time πŸ™‚


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Fancy x Seven

This weekend, the fabulous Fancy Tiger Crafts celebrated their 7th anniversary. Over the past three or four years, I’ve spent lots of time, and a significant part of my crafty budget, there!

Fancy Tiger has become quite renowned for throwing epic anniversary bashes. Perks often include free shirts with purchase, swag bags for the first 100 folks through the door, stickers, tasty treats, and more… I’ve gone the last few years, and it’s always fun, if a bit manic. This year, Annie wanted to come too. So we packed up our fiber and our pocket chairs, and staked out a spot at the front of the line.


We were about 6 people back- a primo spot! We were joined by a fabulous friend and her fibers, too. Knitters are the best at waiting in line, no?


The line stretched far by the time the party officially started! (PS- edited to add- here is a link to the official FT blog post– you can see Annie and I working away at the head of the line!)


People from the back kept coming forward to count and see if they would make it into the first 100 and score the sweet swag… We of course got some! Annie’s was the prize- a skein of Opal sport and an adorable knitted bunny pattern, as well as a cross stitch phone charm kit (all three of us ended up with those…) I got a skein of aqua hued mohair yarn, which I traded to my friend for her 2 yards of blue fabric, coveted by Annie, who then swapped me for that for her bunny pattern and yarn… I also ended up with a Mochimochiland frog and lily pad kit that is pretty darn adorable.

20130715-211841.jpgAnnie and I, being groupies, each got a new Fancy Tiger T-shirt. Annie’s going to wear hers to FT Fashion design camp next week πŸ™‚ An extra perk? FT went bag-less back on earth day, and during the celebration, they gave them out with each $20 purchase. They’re quite wonderful!


Happy anniversary, Fancy Tiger! Thanks for throwing such a fun party. Here’s to another 7 wonderful years…



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More Harmony

Our summer schedule is so nutty (travel! camps! late sunlight that makes you want to play outside!) that I have lost nearly all of my sewing time. When I found a few unexpected moments on Monday, I realized that I had better get my July Harmony Circle block done NOW, just in case.

This month only called for one block, as the pattern chosen was both larger and more elaborate than normal. What pattern, you might be asking… It turned out to be one I pinned ages ago because I thought it was so lovely- but that I had never gotten around to attempting. It’s the Octagonal Orb by oh fransson for the Modern Quilt Guild. It’s a gorgeous block, and while there’s a lot of cutting up front, the piecing itself isn’t too challenging.

The colors called for were: outer ring reds, middle black and white, inner grays, on a black background. I spent a ton of time digging through my scraps, as I went through quite a long B&W print phase a few years back…


It’s probably not surprising to anyone that a lot of those B&Ws were novelties… The block calls for 24 2.5″ squares, and I managed not to use any print more than once! I DID double up on the other colors, as my stash just wasn’t varied enough in those colors to pull off 24 different reds or grays.

Selecting and cutting fabrics probably took me as long as piecing the entire block!


First, you make pyramids.


Then, you cut them down w/ the help of a template. My stash of template plastic decided to hide, so I very very carefully cut from a paper pattern.


All the triangles go together, then you add the background.

And when you’re done, you get this:


I’m really happy with how it turned out! And, relieved to have my block done so early in the month to boot. If I find any extra sewing time this month, I’ll be free to work on whatever I want! Whee! (Not that this wasn’t fun, or that I don’t enjoy my new circle, but I do feel obligated to get the official blocks done before anything else, ya know? Commitments made to others seem more serious than those made to myself…)

(Linking up at Finish it up Friday and TGIFF)


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