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Wordless Wednesday: Goodbye, Summer

The last poolside saturday of summer...


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Welcome Wally

welcome wally


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I spent Saturday in Tunisia.

Sort of.  Actually, I spent Saturday at Fancy Tiger for crochet class, and then Sputnik for mimosas and arepas.  But my yarn did go to Tunisia.  Sort of.

Okay, what truly happened was that I learned the basics of Tunisian crochet.

Look what I can do!

Super cool! To think, I was afraid of this technique before class.  That flex hook freaked me out. But I actually found it easier to pick up than standard crochet, which nearly killed me a few times.  Once I get some more cleaning/reorganizing done in the sewing room, I plan to play and play and play with this technique.


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Not So Very Different Stripes

Over at the old blog, I showed you some in progress shots of my summer take-along project.  A shawl, to be specific, Different Lines by Veera Valimaki.  It’s a super simple knit, but a very fun FO.  The final rows take forever- so if you want to make one of your own, consider yourself warned.

I bound off the shawl a week or so ago, and blocked it over the last weekend.  Even though we’ve had temps in the high 90s for the last few days, I decided to debut it today.  I had a seminar for work, as well as a meeting with the other 2 panelists for a presentation I’ll be giving (work again) next month…  And I’m happy to say that I got a slew of compliments on the shawl (including my all time fave- where did you buy it?- because that lets you wow folks when you casually say, oh, I just finished knitting it a few days ago…)  That made those seemingly endless final rows seem much more worth it.

Then my mom came by so we could go see The Help together (while several of my favorite parts of the book were left out, overall it was fantastic), and I roped her into photo duty.  Ta-da!

same as everyone else's stripes

same as everyone else's stripes

same as everyone else's stripes

same as everyone else's stripes

Even though the Wasabi green jitterbug is totally out of my normal color range, I think I can safely say that this shawl will be getting a ton of use. And I have enough Bright Charcoal left for some yummy socks, to boot.

(PS that was my only mod on the pattern- I went 3 stripes longer, and used way more of the main color- abt 1.5 skeins- and more of the accent color- abt 1.25 skeins- as well.)


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My sweet Sue

goodbye, my sweet sue

This was my Sue, taken just 2 months ago.  He was on my bed, in a patch of sunlight- his favorite place to be.

He went to sleep this past Saturday night and didn’t wake up.

Sue was my best bud, a part of our family for 6 way too short years.  He came to us as a tough, wild kitten, and his full name was A Boy Named Sue- a tribute to that favorite musician of mine.  The kids and I went to a local shelter, and asked the staff to help us find a kitten that could handle life with a rambunctious 2 year old boy.  The first kitten they brought into the room took one look at Henry and wisely hid behind a piece of furniture.  Then, the staff brought in a little ball of white and orange fluff.  That fluffball surveyed the room, walked straight up to toddler Henry, and hopped into his lap.  And he was part of our family from that moment on.

After my dad died two years ago, Sue became my constant companion.  He was in whatever room I was in, but was happiest when he could join me to knit or read in bed.

Orange pekoe socks, all done!

A sleepy sue and my new socks...

And he liked to help me show off my FOs,  too.

I’m lost without him.

Before I go, here’s a great memory- Sue and Henry, about 3,5 years ago.
Sunday afternoon in the family room with a very good natured cat

He was a very very good cat.

Rest in peace, my Sue Sue.


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Moving Day!

Howdy, all. Welcome to my new digs. Pardon the mess, but I’m still unpacking*.
Sewing room progress
I’ve decided that I truly don’t blog enough anymore to justify paying Typepad a monthly fee to host my blog, so I’m moving over here to WordPress, where I probably should have started years ago.

The old blog will stay where it is for now- I’m trying to figure out how to save all that content. It’s nearly 6(!) years of my life, off and on.

In the meantime, pretty please, update your bookmarks, google reader accounts, and other links, and come visit me often. I’d like to get back into the swing of things.

*PS, that mess?  Not really unpacking!  Am totally ripping apart the sewing room right now to optimize storage and work space…


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