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Geeks on Ice

By now you’ve probably noticed that we’re a “little” bit geeky, as families go. Yesterday we geeked out in a major, public way.


It was Star Wars Night at the Colorado Avalanche, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. My favorite sport, with geekiness added? Who could resist? Well, Rich might have been able to, but, for the sake of his wife and kids, he came along to the sport ball event. He told me it was okay to share this story- we were waiting in line to take a photo, and he asked me, “What time does the show start?” After much confusion, I realized he meant the GAME. He may never live that down…

The event was 2 fold: in the afternoon, there was an hour where ticket holders could go on the actual NHL ice, and meet and take photos with members of the 501st Legion, as well as the good guys. The email said costumes were encouraged- so costumes we wore. I actually do own a Han Solo dress. I know, I know. But when I was a kid, I was going to grow up to marry either Han or Indiana Jones. So, that didn’t work out, but at least on occasions where a costume is required, I can dress up like Han, right? Rich has a Chewbaca T-shirt that he busts out for halloween, etc., and I also have an R2D2 dress that I wore one halloween that Annie borrowed. Henry used to have an entire wardrobe of star wars costumes, but he’s outgrown them all, so we picked up a new Xwing fighter pilot shirt for him… Hey, we’re going to Comic Con in May, so we’ll get some more use out pf these outfits.

The photo ops were truly awesome. We actually got to go into the penalty boxes:


And into the goals:


And onto the benches:


And we even admired center ice:


The ice was less slippery than I expected- but the kids still couldn’t resist sliding on it.



This was such an awesome, crazy, once in a lifetime experience. And it was only part of it- there was still the game. There was a gap between the end of photos and the start of the “show”, so we walked downtown to have dinner. Yup, we walked through one of the trendiest, most touristy parts of downtown Denver (Larimer Square) in our costumes. I was embarrassed, I admit, but I got schooled by my daughter. “Mom, don’t be embarrassed. You like this and this is who you are. Be proud.” So, clearly I’m raising her right. At least somewhat…

So then we went back for the actual game- and thank goodness the Avs won! Poor Rich was forced to high-five jubilant strangers at the end of the night- but he survived. The game was full of fun moments- the mascot Bernie the Saint Bernard was dressed as a Jedi and had a light saber. Snow troopers rode on the zambonis. The 501st was around the arena for photo ops with the regular ticket holders. My fave part of the evening was when they kicked off the kiss cam with Han and Leia- but I didn’t get a pic of that 😦

I was bummed that they didn’t seat all the Star Wars ticket holders together- we were scattered al over. It would have been fun to have geeky bonding time- rather than odd looks from regular fans. But oh well. Aside from that, it was a truly awesome night.


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New Socks for New Years

New Year’s Day was cold and snowy, so I seized the moment to snuggle up in bed and start a new pair of socks: Arrow (one of the patterns from the December 2013 Cookie A Sock Club shipment). The pattern is so simple, but I adore the outcome. The sock was practically flying off my needles.



Eventually, I had to get out of bed and do other things, but by Thursday night, when the kids and I lucked into some Avs tickets, I had gotten to here.



The Avs won, and my sock grew…(PS see those braces? Poor kid got them Thursday morning…)

Friday had more knitting time, and by the time I met up with my friend for the 2014 Sticks and Stitches game on Saturday afternoon, I was on to the gusset. and, BTW, the Avs won again.


Saturday and Sunday were both cold, nasty, and snowy… so we decided to finally take the plunge and, with the kids,  watch the director’s cut of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (nearly 4.5 hours long, and on two discs, so we drug it out over two nights…) And by the end of the credits on Sunday night, I had a sock! A lovely, soft squishy sock. The yarn, Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere Sock, is as luscious as it sounds. The custom club colorway, Julep, is again not one I would have picked out, but I totally love it.



The ribbing on the sides makes this an extra comfy sock. I can’t wait to get #2 done so I can start wearing them.

What’s been your first start of the New Year?


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Sticks and Stitches 2013, or, How the Avs REALLY broke the Blackhawks’ Streak…

Last night was the long awaited 2013 Sticks and Stitches game at the Colorado Avalanche. Whee! I went with some yarn loving colleagues, and when a friend couldn’t use her ticket at the last minute due to a family emergency, I let Annie come along. I told her that as she was taking a knitter’s seat, she had to give knitting another chance. She agreed! We dug some snazzily colored but cheap yarn out of my stash, and I got her started on a scarf…

By chance, the Sticks and Stitches game was Avs vs Blackhawks. If you’re not a hockey person, you may not know that the Hawks were 21 games into what is considered one of the most amazing winning streaks, ever. The Avs aren’t exactly having a stellar season, nor did they have one last year. They lost to the Hawks in the last seconds of a game earlier this week. It was shaping up to be an uuuugly night for Avs fans. Not to mention, there were an ungodly number of Chicago fans in the arena, and many of them arrived drunk and mean- and only got more so as the evening progressed. I was having some flashbacks to the years when I lived mere blocks from Fenway Park, and would practically have to hide in a bunker when the Yankees came to town…

We made our way to our seats in the reserved Sticks and Stitches section. There was some confusion, as the group had a table full of awesome freebies from Interweave, but they had been made to set up on a different level from the reserved section. Why? Who knows- it was chaos last night.

And then there was the game. It was insane. We ended the first period tied, with some hope for Avs fans.


And then, the second period. Back to back goals, and then two more, and we were up 5-1. It was so exciting that many of the knitters in our section put the knitting down in order to pay even more attention to the game! I had held off on working on my socks all week so I’d be at a good mindless knitting point for the game, and I didn’t even make it all the way through the final 8 round repeat!


Annie screamed herself literally hoarse. (It’s a really good thing we’re skipping her acting class today due to weather- her teacher would kill me for sending her in such a state!)

And then… we won. And we didn’t just win, we won 6-2. We didn’t just end the streak, we annihilated it.


And the only reason I can think of is because knitters and crocheters were representing. What else could it possibly be?



Regardless, it was a fun night out with friends and Annie and fiber and hockey. And now I’ve got a snowy Saturday ahead of me where I can actually focus on finishing that sock… What are your plans today?

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Tunisian on Ice

Right before we headed to the mountains last week, and I do mean RIGHT before, I took a class at Fancy Tiger on how to do Tunisian crochet in the round- to make a gorgeous cowl.


The cowl was designed by the fabulous Cat specifically to show off some amazing yarn- Nightfall by FibroFibers. The yarn slowly changes from color to black over the course of the entire skein. I chose Cyan- such an amazing blue- but I might also have a skein of Hot Pink hidden away for a rainy day.


After a false start (twisted my loop, ugh), I got going for real. I crocheted all the way up the mountain while Rich drove- what a great husband!


I’ve been working on the cowl, a pair of socks, and squares for my afghans, so I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked. Saturday, I took the cowl with me to my first Avs game of the season. Still haven’t forgiven them for the strike, but I am glad to see them play… especially when we win!


You can just begin to see tiny pops of black in the blue… Today I hit the point with loads of black, but also noticed my tension really loosened up. I may rip back to just about what you see in the photo. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with me and my adorable little hockey fans…


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Wordless Wednesday: Avs won 7-1 edition!

Avs knitting

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Wordless Wednesday: Friends+Yarn+Hockey=Happy

Sticks n stitches, with my giant head blocking my friends...

My sweater grows...

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My Own Sticks n Stitches

Readers from my old blog may remember how shocked I was to discover that I am a hockey fan. I attended my first hockey game about 2 years ago, and hated it. It was a horrible game, more fighting than playing, and we were seated near some truly special individuals. I stomped around for days loudly wondering why anyone called this a sport, and swearing never to go to another game.

Until I got free tickets to another game. So I went, and loved it- this was a real game, not an excuse to fight on the ice, and it was awesome. And so Sam the Hockey Fan was born.

I’m trying to pass this fandom on to my offspring, so whenever we get a chance to go to a game, I try and take it. Just before Christmas we were gifted some 4th row(!) seats to a game, and what a game it was. Fabulous playing from both teams, neck and neck all the way through overtime and into a shoot-out- when the Avs finally won! A wonderful usher in our section hooked the kids up with actual official game pucks and they declared it the best night ever.  We took a cute pic of them with their pucks to remember the night…

They got game...pucks, that is!

And then I entered that pic in the Avs official Facebook Fan of the Game contest- and it won! Free tickets to another game- great seats- plus 2 official Fan of the Game Ts for the kids- and their winning photo up on the jumbotron!  And two very very happy kids!

my little winners

We took my mom with us- her first hockey game ever- and we may have converted her to fandom. Because it was a school night, we left after the 2nd period, which was apparently a bad choice as the 3rd period went to overtime and a victory for the Avs…

Meanwhile, can you guess what I did during the game?

can you see the sweater in this picture?

Miles of stockinette make this sweater, Carrot Cardigan by Hannah Fetig, the perfect take along project. I got a few inches done and didn’t miss a second of the action. I’ll take the sweater back with me on Feb 4th for the 2012 Sticks N Stitches Game- locals, you can get tix here. I’m trying to lure my entire 2012 afghan class with me… it will be a blast!  See you there?

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