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Still Trippin’

Back in May, I started making some Scrappy Tripalong blocks. Because I’m nothing if not late to the party. (See also: my catvent, my plus quilt.) I’m not feeling rushed to get them done. I realized they’d become my backup project- ready to go when I’m between other projects, or not able to pay tons of attention (they are pretty simple blocks to make…) I thought my pile of leftover scraps from my Modern Cross quilt was huge, but in fact I had barely gotten started when I ran out of green strips, and then blue ones.

That’s where I left you… 11 blocks, and in need of more strips. So, I spent a few nights watching True Detective while pulling apart my stash for blues, greens, and purples to cut into strips.

When I had a huge pile good and ready to go, I got back to making blocks.


I picking the fabrics for each one of these to be so much fun. Each one is a complete story all by itself, and then they end up all jumbled together.

And they tell an even bigger story. There are pieces of so many previous projects in these blocks. So many fabric based memories. And some things to make you laugh, too…

Like this one.

IMG_9544 IMG_9549Years and years ago, I got THAT fabric at a quilting expo. I got two FQs, one in purple and one in white. I have had so much fun sneaking them into projects over the years. Because apparently I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy… Hee hee hee.

I’m up to 30 blocks now. It seems like it should be more, but that’s it. I have decided to make this a queen+ quilt, to top our bed. So that means I need 70 more of these. Yikes! At least I’ve gotten far enough that I can start to play with layout ideas.

Like this.


And there are so very many other layouts that could be possible. Good thing I have 70 blocks and probably many months to go before I have to decide on one…

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Tula Tuesday: 48, 49, and 50

I made it!

I’m keeping to my goal of 10 blocks per month, and that makes this my halfway point!


Blocks 48, 49, and 50!


(Aside from being halfway done, I also made it past #50, also known as the 6″ block with 30 freaking pieces.)

Block 48:

IMG_9248 IMG_9255

Purples and the teeniest bit of leftover blue from binding Meow Mix, as well as some horses from Fox Field.

Block 49:

IMG_9249 IMG_9253

Simple grey triangles, also leftover from Meow Mix, floating in a see of green- the green is my fave print from The Birds and The Bees.

And finally, Block #50:

IMG_9250 IMG_9251

Block #50 went together much more easily than I anticipated. Truly. Except for one minor issue- my fabric choices didn’t work at all. They looked great up close, but as soon as you got more than 5 feet away, the block turned into a blob, and might has well have been cut from one piece of fabric as from 30. I despaired. I didn’t want to start it over, what with all those little bitty triangles, but really, I needed to. What was the point of making the most fiddly block in the book if no one could see my hard work? So I started from scratch, and ended up with this fabric combo. I saved the first block. Maybe it will be part of the back, or a label, or something, someday.

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50

50 blocks! I think Tula must have put 50 where she did in the book just for folks like me- the toughest block signaling the halfway point…

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Here, Kitty Kitty…

So, summer has been flying by for me. Not only did a Tuesday get by me with no Tula blocks, I also totally forgot to officially pick a project for A Lovely Year of Finishes. D’oh. Because, really, I only forgot to post- I had the project all picked out. Remember my Catvent quilt, Meow Mix? It was intended as a wedding gift, for a wedding in June. Yeah, I bet you know where this is going, right? I missed my deadline. To be fair, the wedding was June 2nd. I totally should have thought of it as a May deadline and then all would have been well. Sigh.


Anyway! The Meow Mix top was totally done, just waiting to be quilted. I finally got around to it this past week. I stayed simple, and inspired by the original– why mess with something so lovely? A simple crosshatch pattern, though not as tight as the original.


I think it works well. I extended the lines into the border, which helped to make it disappear- an effect I really like on this piece.


The piece is so small, I used one piece of fabric for the back. I went back and forth- use a themed print, or pick up a color the brides like best from the front? In the end, I saw this fun print on sale, and couldn’t resist.



Cute, right? And the print dictated the binding color- perfect for the back, works on the front, too…


Oh, and when I picked up the backing and binding fabrics, I splurged on some of the Clover Wonder Clips (which were on sale for 50% off!) I’ve heard so much about. Totally worth it! I love them! The held so well, and were faster to put on and take off than the old school clips I used for years. What other new fangled notions are out there that could be making my life easier? Tell me about your faves…



I have to say, I’m really happy with how this one turned out. It met my original vision, which doesn’t always happen. It’s super ME- fabrics and colors and patterns that I love- and at the same time, I think it will please the newlyweds. I’m less than 3 weeks late, which is not bad, for me. It is such a great feeling to finish a gift, and be pleased with it. I can’t wait to gift it-hopefully soon! We’re setting up a time so I can pass it on in person.

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Tula Tuesday: 45-47

It’s still Tuesday for a few more hours, so I’m not tooooo behind, right? And even if I am, it’s only on posting, not on sewing…


Whoops, the photo is totally out of order. Those are blocks 47, 45, and 46. Astute observers will notice the 45 and 46 are the same block with different fabric configurations- always amazing what you can do with HSTs!

IMG_9245 IMG_9261

Block #45: purple! I busted out a piece of Birds and Bees that I had never cut into before. I felt like a wild woman 😉 And I also used u fave AMH feather print. My piece is getting smaller- so hard for a fabric hoarder like me to bear.

IMG_9246 IMG_9259

Block #46: sweet and simple. I used that Acacia print that I love so very very much…

IMG_9247 IMG_9257

And then Block #47: more HSTs. Many more! Another Acacia print, and my AMH focus fabric again.

A wee bit of Tula in every block this week…that makes me smile.

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Meanwhile, I’ve finished quilting my Catvent quilt, and I’m about to bind it, and then another gift will be off to a new home. That would have caught me up on gifts, but in the past few weeks I’ve learned of several new little people who will be arriving in the world later this year, so, time for more baby quilts! Whee!

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Done (and gifted) is better than perfect, right?

I am happy to say that I did indeed finish the HST quilt, and get it to my aunt, only a few days post surgery.

After much debating, I *did* add some borders to increase the finished size of the quilt.


IF I had it to do over, I would have made the print border much thinner. In fact, I would have started with a  thin grey inner border, then a thinner print border, and then a final grey border, but oh well. Live and learn. The borders did take away from the graphic impact of the design, but, the size is better, so, all’s well that ends well enough… And, yes, I could have gone back and redone the borders, but I really did want to get this done as quickly as possible.

I got it basted (and finished streaming True Detective, which I LOVED!)


I thought I had the minkes backing stretched as taut as possible, but as you’ll see later, my quilt got a bit puffy and puckered. I quilted it very simply and moved on to binding ASAP. I changed my mind about what fabric to use for binding. The original plan had been the Amy Butler print I used for the inner border, but, after I added it as a border, it seemed like it would be overpowering. So I dug through the stash, and I had enough of the lighter blue shot cotton solid that I had added to the quilt…


The blue worked well for the front and back. I got it bound and washed as fast as possible to get it out in the mail. And after the washing, you can REALLY see how the top seemed to get puffy.


See what I mean? WAY more puckers and wrinkles than usual. Can I blame the minkee? I’ve never used it before. No, wait, I used it once on a quilt I actually tied- the only one I ever finished that way. (It’s an xmas quilt, so doesn’t get a ton of use, and I thought it would be okay- so far so good.)


Puckery on top, and now look at the back. (But, hey, the binding worked well, didn’t it?)


Puckery there as well. But it made kind of a cool design/texture. Before I try minkee as a backing again, I need to figure out what was up this time. Suggestions most welcome!

BUT. The quilt got done, And it got mailed. And even though the post office’s so-called 2 day delivery took 4, my aunt has her cuddle quilt. I’m so glad I chose the minkee, even with the problems it caused, as her first comment was how cuddly and snuggly it is. She did send me a photo of herself bundled up under it- but I didn’t hear back from her if she would mind me sharing it with you guys (if I were only a few days post surgery and in my jammies, I might not want to appear on a blog, even one without tons of readers…) so you’ll have to take my word for it that the quilt has already gone to good use.

Next up, finishing the catvent quilt. The brides were married last week, so I’m now officially late 😦 Meanwhile, linking up with TGIFF (hosted this week by the wonderful Jo), Fabric Frenzy Friday, and Finish It Up Friday.


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Tula Tuesday: 41-44

School’s only been out for a week, and I’m already behind on blogging! Ooops… I took an unintended week off from the blog because, well, summer. Baseball games for Henry, Dumb Friends League Camp for Annie, a new cat for my mom, a 5 day weekend for me, and oh yeah, my husband’s birthday in the middle of it all!

I didn’t have any Tula progress last week as I was racing to complete that special HST quilt- and it was mailed off over the weekend, so I’m back.


Blocks 41-44- more triangles. Ugh. If I ever want to be reminded that I am NOT an accurate piecer, these blocks should do it…

IMG_9240 IMG_9269

Block 41 was an excuse to use that wonderful Lizzy House Constellations print I finally found a few weeks ago. I threw in a shot cotton and my AMH feature fabric, and, ta-da. I really like this one.

IMG_9241 IMG_9268Block 42: I went back to one of the prints from the Nightshade line, and I am so happy that I managed to get one of the skulls right in the center 🙂 Then some purple solids from stash, and again, ta-da. No complaints about this one.

IMG_9243 IMG_9265

Block 43 and I had issues. This is the 2nd one I made. My first version was wonderful, I loved the fabrics, and then, I walked across the room. And the chevrons totally blended into one another and looked like a blob. Boo. Back to the drawing board (aka stash) and I started again with MUCH greater value differences. I’m much happier with take 2.

IMG_9244 IMG_9264

Block 44: simple and sweet, and makes me smile. Nuff said.

So here’s what I’ve got done to date:

tula blocks 1 thru 25 mosaic4dc94ed1e6a244de002fdfccb4d5e13588821127

Not bad. I am so close to the halfway point that I can almost taste it! Also, nearly as close to the end of the triangle section. And THAT will be cause for a par-tay!

Do you have any Tula projects to share? If so, link up below…

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