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Wordless Wednesday: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Xmas…
















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WIP Wednesday: December Sugar Block Club

It’s DECEMBER! (Just in case you didn’t know that, and weren’t already in crafty-holiday-gift stress mode…)

December means it’s time to sew the final 2013 Sugar Block Club block… So far, I’ve gotten one done of my two. I’m in crunch mode! I’m knitting away like mad on a blanket for Henry that is 90% done, and I have that baby quilt to finish, and then, one of my 2 Sugar Block quilts is for my mom, for Xmas (shhhh!), which is getting really really close now. So I may not piece the 2nd December sugar club block for a while- my quilt doesn’t have a deadline.

A week ago, I started my new job- the first change in my career in over 8.5 years! I’m 5 days in, and aside from being exhausted by EVERYTHING in my life being new, all is well. I actually did have enough energy, on a weeknight, to piece this block! That’s huge for me- usually after work, I just want to collapse! But my commute home is about a 3rd of what it used to be, so that really helps.


This block consists of 8 paper pieced triangles that make up the block. They were simple enough to piece, and as always, selecting fabric took me as much time as sewing (well, nearly.) Again, I used my super-technical method of seeing which fabrics had been used least in the previous 11 blocks.


I am always amazed by the scrap and mess pile generated when paper piecing!


The center of the block upsets me a little- the batik was cut out of one lengthwise strip, and the journey from green to orange is much more obvious than I had realized. But oh well- the paper piecing turned out nicely, and I like the colors overall. And done is better than perfect, as many of you have pointed out to me before!

It’s time to start thinking about settings. Amy has some great ideas over on her blog… I really like the idea of setting the squares diagonally, but I suck at math and don’t own any fabulous quilting software to help me. (Hope I win the fabulous SBC giveaway!) Your ideas are welcome, hint hint… I do have loads of the background fabric left and varying amounts of the solids and prints.

Hope you are all doing well with your own holiday crafty deadlines! (Linking up at WIP Wednesday…)


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Friday Finish: the Xmas Animal Quilt

It’s done!!!
I started this quilt nearly 2 years ago. And I finished the top pretty quickly. And then it sat and sat and sat. Both because I HATE basting and quilting, and because I didn’t feel a sense of urgency to finish an Xmas quilt in March.

And then Xmas came and went and the top was still a top.

And then there was the great lost walking foot of 2013.

And then I found the walking foot, and quilted this sucker, and machine sewed on half the binding.

And then it sat again for months because I was too lazy to handsew the rest of the binding,

And then last week was Thanksgiving, and so I finished the quilt!



2 years later, I still adore these fabrics. The animals are by Alexander Henry, and they’re just so much fun. Alligators hold special significance for my family, so really, the fabric couldn’t be better. And the polka dot binding makes me smile so much.

I just realized I forgot to get a photo of the back, but it’s pretty generic. I’m so happy to have this done and ready to show you, and use for the holidays, that I rushed out some very bad photos just so I could blog today!

Now, off to the new job…

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