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Wordless Wednesday: Zombiecature



Meet the artist here.

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Anna Maria Horner is one classy lady…

I’m back to my much neglected blog because I just had to share what I did last weekend… If you’ve read any posts here you know how much I adore our local crafty mecca, Fancy Tiger. It just so happened that this past weekend, they had a few amazing guests. Sadly, I couldn’t make it in Friday night to meet the AMAZING Jacquie Gering. That’s because I was already slated to be at the store Saturday morning for my monthly crochet class, and then again on Sunday for class with…

Anna Maria Horner!

For reals!

She was in town for what turned out to be her first ever trip to Colorado, and she had a trunk show for her new line, Field Study, at the store Saturday night,


followed by teaching 2 classed on Sunday. My mom stepped up to watch the kiddos so I could take one of the classes- specifically to learn the fabulous feather block featuring her new line.


As an added bonus, Fancy Tiger was given the go ahead to release the field study fabrics for sale a week early, to coincide with our classes and trunk show.  Whee! Priority fabric access!

The class was great. Anna Maria is truly lovely, a great teacher, and a friendly and engaged person. She was wonderfully down to earth. And that feather block? Wonderful! Fussier piecing than I usually do, but the end result is fantabulous and worth the fuss.

Here’s my day, in pictures.

Ready for class with @annamariahorner at #fancytiger !

Feathers are forming! In class at #fancytiger ! With @annamariahorner , no less

Finished feather, in process feather...

Anna maria horner giving us hand applique tips

Me and the fabulous @annamariahorner after her amazing class at #fancytiger crafts!

Wow… It was wonderful. And I have to say, my head exploded a tiny little bit when I noticed *I* am in the photo featured on the cover of AMH’s own photo album on Facebook.  ME!

Thank you again, Anna Maria, for a wonderful class. It was a true pleasure to meet you and learn from you!


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