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Dressed to the Max(i)

As always seems to happen, lack of progress, or interesting progress shots, has derailed my attempts to keep a blog going. Maybe I should just give up?

Maybe. But not today.

Because I have some fun photos to show you of a new finished project… I took another DIY clothing class at my beloved Fancy Tiger– this time it was the DIY Maxi Dress class. SO much fun- and so simple- taking a store bought tank top and attaching a fabulous skirt to it. What a perfect excuse to buy a giant pile of Tula Pink’s wonderful new Nightshade line

Here’s where I started.

ready for class

The process was super simple. And fun- look at that selvage!

best selvage ever

In under 3 hours, I had a dress! We hacked our tank tops off, made a giant tube of fabric for the skirt, attached elastic to one end of the giant tube, and then sewed the giant now gathered tube onto the tank top. For added awesomeness, we made fabric sash belts. I chose to go with a contrasting fabric for mine. Hence the green bit.

the new dress...that I made

I may look like I made a cute floral dress, but if you look closer at the fabric, you’ll see skulls, cobwebs, lightning bolts and crescent moons.

I’m calling my new style “Laura Ashley Goth.” And I’m already planning to make another one… And PS, I did buy more fabric from the line, because oh my goodness, I love it so much. Some of it is destined to end up in my never ending modern crosses quilt. and the rest? Who knows?


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