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Four out of Four



Teacher baby quilt #4 is done, and delivered… But not yet distributed. They’re planing on handing out the final 2 quilts sometime after Thanksgiving. This baby isn’t due until closer to Xmas.

I love this one, even if my math mistake made it much bigger than I intended. The only thing I might have changed, aside from my addition error, would be the the block 2nd from left on the bottom row. That light pink is the same piece of fabric as the dark pink polka dot in the 3rd block on the 2nd row- but because I cut from 2 different spots, I hit two very distinct parts of the color way. And the lighter part really stands out. But all in all, I do love this one.

I did simple quilting to outline the centers of the blocks, as well as the edges of the blocks. Simple but effective. Well, simple except for having to bury all the ends from the centers. Ugh.

DSC_8008 DSC_8009

I had so much fun with these fabrics. But I might have had even more fun with the backing…


The print? It’s another JoAnns score- I’ve been on a roll.


The teacher/father-to-be is a huge sci-fi fan, and on back to school night I noticed Star Wars stuff in his room. So this fabric that had been on a shelf for ages jumped out at me. If I hadn’t made that math mistake, I probably could have gotten away without having to piece the back, but the magenta does make it nicely girly.

Now that I’m nearing the end of this baby quilt junket, maybe I can return to my final 15 Tula blocks? Maybe I can finish by the end of December instead of November, and that won’t be too bad…

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Stache from Stash

So, all the teacher baby quilts are done (come back Friday to see the final one…). My baby quilt marathon must be over, right? Yeah, not so much.

Sunday found me pulling fabrics for yet another baby quilt.


Ages ago I picked up that silly mustache print at JoAnns. It might have even been when I got the flannel backing for the teacher quilts. I had no plans for it, but it made me smile. And it was 50% off to boot.

I have a friend who was pregnant and due sometime soon. She was down at the bottom of my baby quilt list, because there were so many babies due before her. But then… This friend developed a rare and terrifying condition that required the baby to be delivered immediately- at 28 weeks. Mom and baby were both touch and go, but now, weeks later, both are doing well. Clearly this teeny little girl (just over 1lb at birth) needs a special quilt.

So she gets the funky mustache fabric, as well as some very vintage Anna Maria Horner that I’ve had stashed for many years, and the magenta solid is actually left over from the backing of the final teacher quilt. I’m trying to decide if I need one more solid. Thoughts?

I happen to have some green minkee leftover from the quilt I made for my aunt earlier this year, so backing is good to go. And I plan to use the magenta solid for binding.

I got this far on Sunday:


The HSTs measure 4″, so at ten across this will be 36″, a good cuddle size. I was debating adding a thin border of the mustaches- I have enough left. I just have to decide how many rows of chevrons I want to do, and if I want more than one row mustaches…

There’s a shower this weekend, but I’m not sure if I can finish this by then. Cross your fingers for me!

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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It all adds up

Another Friday, another installment in the baby quilt marathon…


This time, I’ve wrapped up the 3rd baby quilt, which is actually for the first baby girl, the one who was born over the summer. Her dad teaches science and math, and science is his true passion. (I learned this on back to school night). This was the one with tie dyed blocks in 2 different color ways. Putting them together into a Modern Plus Quilt seemed like an excellent idea- both thematically as plusses for a math teacher sounded cute, and stylistically, because I could mix up the colors.

DSC_7994 DSC_7995 DSC_7996

You can see a close up of the kids’ blocks above. I actually had a lot of fun playing with patterns and fabrics to make them work in the same project. It is quite a collection of scraps and bits from all my years of quilting. My favorite kind of quilt!

I picked the blue Kaffe Fassett polka dot for the binding for a few reasons- it was bold enough to tie the entire thing together, and it matched the amazing backing fabric. I picked up the backing fabric before I even started the quilt. And it doesn’t really match the front, but when you see it, you’ll know why I HAD to use it.



Yup, it’s science fabric- soft, sweet science flannel fabric. It’s perfect! And that binding ties it all together.

I did my super simple crosshatch quilting. It is fast, and it works so well with this design. The quilt has been dropped off at school, but it won’t be distributed just yet. The thought right now is to finish the final one, and present the pair together.

3 down, one more to go.

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2 down, again in the nick of time!

Babies, babies everywhere… both teacher’s babies that were due 11/9 arrived, safe, healthy and happy, just before their due dates. And aside from the teachers, 2 other friends welcomed babies last week! What a boom!


And, happily, I got teacher baby quilt #2 done and quilted, and dropped off at school and handed over to the new mom, one whole day before her son arrived! Phew! I showed you this one last week:


I am so happy with how it came out- bright and cheerful and fun. I used super simple diagonal lines for the quilting. It’s becoming my go to for these simple quilts.


The binding worked out perfectly. I had just a wee bit more than I needed to both be binding, and also to help make the backing wide enough.


The pink of the backing looks more red here, but in reality it’s a pretty hot pink (see below). And it’s covered in really fun animals, just like the border on the front. I have no idea who made this fabric- it’s more than 10 years old, and dug out from deep in my stash.


I think it is gender-neutral enough to be fine for a little boy. The green binding helps…

2 down, 2 to go.

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The Final Four

2 teacher baby quilts down (one you saw, one I’m saving for friday) and 2 babies born safely and happily, right before their due dates.

Baby #3 is due in December- except really she’s #4 as Baby #1 actually came over the summer, before her dad was the new science teacher. And I decided there was no rush on her quilt, since she already exists without one… Anyway! The point is- December baby girl’s quilt top is DONE.

I’m having trouble deciding which of these quilt tops is my fave. At first I was certain it was this one, but now I’m not sure. I love it- but I think I love them all pretty darn equally.

But I did have an awful lot of fun playing with different fabrics in this one! There are 8 yellow and 8 purply-pinks.



There is a bit of everything in there. For real! That hoarded Heather Ross doggy fabric is in with a pink I got from- for real- Walmart many years ago. And there’s a bunch of batiks. And ray guns! The ray guns are extra awesome because this teacher happens to sport an amazing belt buckle that looks like a slightly steampunk ray gun! I love the kids drawings on these blocks- I think that guy right above is a jedi of sorts as that looks like a lightsaber, and someone drew an xmas tree as the baby is due so close to that day. My Annie drew Thor’s hammer. I’m hoping to baste and quilt this one over the weekend…

And don’t forget to come by on Friday to see finished baby quilt #2!

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One down in the nick of time…

I finished baby quilt #1 and sent it to school on Thursday, with 3 days to spare before the due date. But the wee one must have known her quilt was done, as she arrived either late Weds night or early Thurs am! Mom and baby are healthy and well, and the quilt will be getting to them when the art teacher pays a visit… Talk about in the nick of time!


I used the recipe at Crazy Mom Quilts for Economy Blocks with a 4.5″ center. Any issues with the piecing are all me, not the pattern. I mentioned it in a previous post, but it bears much repeating: the squares that were hand dyed by the art teacher ended up being a nightmare to work with! On many, the edges frayed over 1/4″! But to preserve the kids’ designs, I had to leave them be or risk cutting into their art. So I wiggled and eased and fudged, and as a result, my points are so far from perfect it’s almost funny! I have learned so much from this project. Next time we dye yardage and THEN cut it into squares to be decorated, even if it will take longer. Wait, next time?? There can’t possibly be any more babies after this mini-boom!


Even with all the piecing issues and wonkiness, I think it worked. The purple solids were all from stash, of course. Because I have more purple than anything else, and it seemed to work nicely. I arranged the rows so that the background colors of the blocks went in diagonal lines- it looked sort of like argyle to me, and that made me happy.


There are 20 blocks; 16 have centers enhanced by the kids and 4 are just dyed, nothing else. My absolute fave is the robot/alien?? in the top left corner… And speaking of robots-

DSC_7970 DSC_7972

Kati, the teacher/new mom who received this one, was formerly the science and math teacher. This year, she switched to subbing and being the school’s curriculum coordinator. This allows her to come back part time after the baby… But don’t adorable pink robots seem just right for a slightly girly science teacher’s baby girl?

I did simple straight line quilting with a variegated pink/purple thread that had been sitting around for years. I love the way the quilting looks on the back, but the front probably needed more. It’s much more wrinkly than I would have liked. But at least it’s done and ready to be delivered to the newly delivered 😉

One down, 3 to go.

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The Baby Quilt Marathon Continues

All I can say is thank goodness for Netflix! As I have been churning out the 4 baby quilts for teachers at Annie’s school, I’ve also been burning through Sons of Anarchy. I’m almost caught up to the final season. Hoping the violence doesn’t somehow imprint on the quilts…

I had to switch gears. The quilt that was troubling me most, and that I hadn’t started at all, was for the baby that might in fact pop out first. So I got my butt in gear- and finally got inspired.


I found some old Laurel Burch fabric in my stash- deep purply blue background, with rainbow animals. This baby is the only boy of the 4, and I was worried the fabric was too girly, but then I just went with it. I decided to do 9 patch blocks, featuring the tie dyes squares and rainbow semisolids.


Each block had 2 or 3 squares by the kids, and the rest plain. I used more of the tie dyed squares in the quilt than all the others- and those frayed edges REALLY gave me trouble. (I couldn’t cherry pick the least frayed of the bunch, and had to deal with some very wonky seams because of this).


So I went in color order with the squares… and the value balance is totally off, but I’m okay with that. Only one of the colors is an actual solid (the light green) and the rest are batiks or prints that just seem solid… I’m extra excited that the light green was leftover from the last baby quilt I finished– I love having projects linked.


I threw on the Laurel Burch as a border. I wish I’d made it a little bit wider. But oh well.


I have some fabulous tribal/art deco-ish fabric for the back. The animals are on a pink background but I think it will be okay…

I also managed to finish the pink and yellow top, but that’s the last baby in line, and so that one can wait for another day.  Now to get this one and the purple one quilted and delivered- as those babies are both due 11/9!

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