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What do my mystery shawl and my vacation have in common?

They’re both done now.

(Ba dum bum…I’ll be here all week ladies and gentlemen.)

I had the best of plans to finish my Westknits mystery shawl before I left on vacation.  But it turns out my decision to make the largest size, including the optional extra repeat, made for a very very very long knit.  When we left for the airport, I was still on the final repeat, and had the border in front of me as well. Oi.

So the shawl came with me on vacation, not on my shoulders but still on the needles.  If you scroll down, you can see my beachside knitting in action. I finished weaving in the last ends on Friday night, the last night of the trip, and I wore the shawl home.

Shawl and vacation, both done :-(

You can see that the large size is truly large!

Shawl and vacation, both done :-(

My dear husband took the photo on the balcony of our timeshare down in Hilton Head Island. We’ve been going down to the lowcountry ever since my folks moved there in 2003. Even though my mom now lives here, we still have the timeshare on the island, and for one blissful week every September, we escape there. We’re back now, but it was great while it lasted.


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Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Edition

the shawl travels

wish you were here...



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An Accute Case of Knitzophrenia


This new blog hasn’t been much to look at yet…because I keep holding off on posts until I have something finished to show you.  Or at least something photographed nicely partway through.  And that seriously has not happened.  I’ve got too many projects going at once, and it’s making me feel a wee bit bonkers.

Or, if we’re being honest, even more bonkers than usual.

There’s the Cold Mountain shawl– lovely lace that is just complicated enough that I only work on it at home.  Which wouldn’t have been a big deal, except the Velma socks from the August Cookie A sock club shipment were also slightly tangy- just enough that I had to repeatedly consult the chart- which meant NOT appropriate work knitting.  (I know I can pay attention during a meeting or training when I also have to look at a chart, but for politeness sake, I only take totally vanilla I-don’t-have-to-look-at-my-hands-at-all knitting to work…)

The answer to that of course was to cast on for the West Knits Mystery Shawl KAL– but of course that took me a while because (gasp) I’ve never successfully pulled off even the most basic intarsia before.  (I know, I know…)  So I waited for my amazing colleague Sunne (go buy her stitchmarkers!) to give me a quickie lesson, and then I was off and running.

But I decided to make the large version of the shawl, and because I had enough yarn, to do the optional extra repeat of the large version. I refuse to even contemplate how many stitches there are per row at this point (each row is taking me abt 20 mins at this stage!), but I am 1/3 of the way through the final repeat, with just the border looming ahead of me.  I had planned to be done with this before our vacation, but it’s not going to happen.

Last night I had a teeny tiny victory.  I finally finished the second Velma sock.  These were a speedy simple knit- or at least, they would have been speedy if I had ever taken the time to focus solely on them.  I am posting them here even with only lousy cameraphone photos to show you…because I can guarantee I won’t get around to taking better ones for at least a week.

At least you know I’m alive and knitting away.  With Wally to keep me company.

Wally and the socks


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Wordless Wednesday: He’s 8!

His birthday dinner of choice...

Henry is 8


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Wordless Wednesday: Burger Bliss

All burgers should be topped with fried mac n cheese nuggets...


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