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Sunday Stash: The All Lizzy House Edition

I may not have been doing a ton of sewing lately, but I haven’t let that keep me from acquiring some new fabric. And it’s all by the amazing Lizzy House. Natural History is one of my favorite lines in ages. I’m already doing that thing where I kick myself for not buying more. Which is totally insane, seeing as how I have more fabric that I can use in a lifetime. (Especially with me sewing so little of late!)

But I did buy a pile of my faves. Full yards of the blues, 1/2s of the greens, all from my fave LQS.

IMG_6181The dinos and the minerals make me soon happy. One of my grandpas was a geologist, and they make me think of him. The stars are for Annie my astronomer. And the whales for Henry, my marine biologist.

And then… I was drooling over the new mini pearl bracelets, and low and behold, an FQ bundle appeared on Massdrop. I’ve made a few purchases through them, and have been very satisfied so far. I’m waiting for another package to show up, that I can’t wait to show you. If you haven’t signed up yet, and you’re so inclined, you can sign up through my link and I might earn rewards. Meanwhile, aren’t they soon pretty?



My only regret is that there’s not a better purple. But you can’t have it all… I’m hoping this line will be followed by a mini TONAL pearl bracelet release. That would be perfect.

I think these pretty fabrics are helping me get back into the groove. Stay tuned to see what I’ve gotten up to. Linking up with Molli Sparkles and Sunday Stash.


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Sunday Stash, Supersized Edition

Overall last year I was really good about buying fabric. Not a ton came into the house. Blenders, lots of blenders. And some other tasty treats, of course. But my resolve has been weak as of late. I blame Tula Pink and her awesome new Elizabeth line. Before it was even released, I placed a preorder through QuiltHome. They had a fab discount… and I was certain I bought all the pieces I wanted.


It arrived, and I loved it. And I wanted more. Way more. But of course, the discount coupon code was expired by then… What’s a girl to do?

Answer: check out the LQS going out of business sale. This particular store was lovely, and carried a great selection of modern fabrics, but their prices were at the higher end of the range, and that kept me from going too often. But when the closing sale got to 40% off everything (last week) I couldn’t resist. The Aurifil was totally cleared out, and the fabric was close behind, but I managed to find a few treasures.


They had quite a few Tulas from Moonshine and Foxfield left. And even an Acacia. And some good blenders.

But by now my fabric willpower was shot to hell. So when the Equilter sale email popped up in my inbox, I couldn’t resist it.


In my defense, this is only half of what I originally had in my cart. Equilter is in Boulder, just up the highway from us- so I should have had this practically overnight- but they didn’t ship it for a whole week. THEN I got it practically overnight. This is all novelties, something I do don’t need. But the glasses in yellow? I have some in pink but needed, yes needed, more. And the space text purple is for Annie. The awesome Alexander Henry sewing theme print is one I’ve been eyeing for ages. 3 deer head prints, yum. And the piece de resistance, the kittens- with yarn!

Meanwhile, I went looking for more Elizabeth online. Hawthorne threads had it all, and at a great price, and some other Tula pieces I wanted.



And just in case you thought that wasn’t enough, I bought an Allison Glass FQ bundle from Massdrop.



More blenders! My first Massdrop experience was great. I didn’t commit to buy unless the lowest price was unlocked- and it was a good price that included shipping. The shipping was fast, too- I had these FQs in my hands very quickly. If you haven’t checked out Massdrop yet, it might be worth it. If you sign up and eventually make a purchase through my link, I met get a cool swag box. The prices range from great to not really better than you might find elsewhere, so it’s worth shopping around before you commit.

Finally, I have a sweet prize that I kept forgetting to photograph. I won it from Blossom Heart Quilts and the Fat Quarter Shop a while back (um, in November last year)- a fat eighth bundle of Moda Grunge Basics.



Aren’t they pretty colors?

Phew. That’s a lot of fabric. Probably time to go on a fabric diet again…

Linking up with Sunday Stash.


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Sunday Stash, with bonus yard sale score

Over the past few weeks, I’ve piled up quite a few pieces of pretty fabric, but haven’t told you about them. This is sort of the April catch-up Sunday Stash post- and if you hang out to the end, there’s a surprise!

First, the pinks:


I’m trying to add some more pinks to my City Sampler blocks- #9 is still hanging out there all alone, and that needs to change.

Next, the Tulas. Because apparently, there’s always new Tula here.


Acacia, Saltwater, AND Foxfield all in one. And from 3 different sources to boot.

Then, the AMH. Because I always need new Anna Maria Horner, and Fancy Tiger just got in her new line…

IMG_8393I love the whole line, but these birds called out to me…

And then, I am SOOOO happy about these next pieces…


Yup, Lizzy House’s Constellations in both light and dark blue. I thought I had totally missed my chance at the dark blue, and had looked for it online several times recently to no avail. And then I happened to visit Leigh Laurel Studios…where she mentioned that Sew Fresh Fabrics still had it in stock! Hooray! The darker blue is intended for the Tardis quilt that I am apparently going to be making with Annie. And I think the lighter will find its way into my City Sampler blocks…

And finally, the unicorns.


Because unicorns. And because Annie loves ponies and horses. And because the colors are fun.

And if you’ve made it this far, you can see my one final Sunday Stash item. This item is totally NOT fabric. This item is around 60 years old.



Yesterday was our neighborhood’s annual yard sale. We tried our luck, and sold some of our stuff. The rest is loaded into the back of my minivan, ready to get donated… When it got boring to wait for customers, the kids headed out to check out the other sales. Around the corner from our house was this little guy, sitting in a driveway with a $25 price tag- Annie texted me photos…

I totally have no need for it. I’m not sure I have the skills to use it. And $25 would be 2 yards of new fabric. But, I really wanted it. I love to look at vintage machines. They’re so nifty! And I’ve never owned a Pfaff. When it came time to pack up our sale, I went to see if I could bargain with them. They agreed to take $15.00 for it. And so I have a new, old machine. The absolute best part is that they still had the entire original manual, encased in protective plastic sleeve. The manual itself is a treasure. The machine works- light comes on, pedal and needle work, etc. We’ll see if I learn to use it, or just keep it as decor.



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Sunday Stash: All Tula All The Time

This lovely fabric became mine right before we left on vacation…


A bundle of lovely, lovely Tula Pinks. From top to bottom: Acacia Raccoon in Blueberry, Salt Water Sea Debris in Aqua, Fox Field Pony Play in Dusk, Fox Field Happy Dot, and Fox Field Foxtrot (my favorite fabric in years and years…)

I dithered around when Quilt Home was having their Tula sale, and by the time I decided to place an order, half the fabrics I wanted were sold out. Bad for me, better for my budget. The top 4 fabrics came from Quilt Home, and the bottom, the fabulous amazing signature Fox Field Foxtrot print, came from a local store.

And I only got one yard of it.

Because I hadn’t been into this shop in ages- they carry delicious modern fabrics by all the designers I love, but I remembered them as a bit pricey. And I remembered right- $12.99 a yard for the Tula! Ouch. They had the whole line, but I couldn’t afford any more at the moment! Sigh.

Meanwhile, I have this excellent pile of Tulas to go into many projects, but especially my City Sampler blocks.

Hope you had a wonderful stash week! Linking up with Sunday Stash.


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