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Skullduggery- Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry #2

Hi, and thank you for visiting my humble blog 🙂  For my second entry to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I’m selecting the Large Quilts category.



I made this quilt earlier this year, and it’s especially funny that it’s in the large category, as it’s a baby quilt… The fact that I simply didn’t process how huge this quilt was going to end up was a great source of chagrin/amusement to me. I picked the pattern because the mom and dad are VERY punk rock, and they needed a nontraditional baby quilt.


And a nontraditional baby quilt they got! The pattern is in the book Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo Davis. I had wanted to make it for years, and this finally gave me an excuse. You can read about the process here.

This is one of my favorite projects ever. Aside from size, it turned out just how I wanted. And I made it at the end of a very long dry stretch- making it truly felt like a journey that helped my mojo return.


The print greens all came from stash; I did have to purchase the solids. I bound it in purple batik because that made me smile. And I even did a decent job quilting it on my home machine.


I did tight echo quilting inside the skull, funky spirals in the eyes, and radiating lines on the green section.

Hopefully this little one will enjoy it for years to come…

skull and baby 2

(PS Did I mention that I picked a fabric covered in tiny skulls for the back?)

skull and baby 1

Thank you for visiting from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!



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