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Skullduggery- Blogger’s Quilt Festival Entry #2

Hi, and thank you for visiting my humble blog 🙂  For my second entry to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival, I’m selecting the Large Quilts category.



I made this quilt earlier this year, and it’s especially funny that it’s in the large category, as it’s a baby quilt… The fact that I simply didn’t process how huge this quilt was going to end up was a great source of chagrin/amusement to me. I picked the pattern because the mom and dad are VERY punk rock, and they needed a nontraditional baby quilt.


And a nontraditional baby quilt they got! The pattern is in the book Dare to Be Square Quilting by Boo Davis. I had wanted to make it for years, and this finally gave me an excuse. You can read about the process here.

This is one of my favorite projects ever. Aside from size, it turned out just how I wanted. And I made it at the end of a very long dry stretch- making it truly felt like a journey that helped my mojo return.


The print greens all came from stash; I did have to purchase the solids. I bound it in purple batik because that made me smile. And I even did a decent job quilting it on my home machine.


I did tight echo quilting inside the skull, funky spirals in the eyes, and radiating lines on the green section.

Hopefully this little one will enjoy it for years to come…

skull and baby 2

(PS Did I mention that I picked a fabric covered in tiny skulls for the back?)

skull and baby 1

Thank you for visiting from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!



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And finally, only a few days after the intended recipient of this quilt was born (a beautiful baby girl), the skull quilt is done!

I was hoping to finish it in February, but last week the screw attaching my walking foot decided to stop working. Thank goodness it was only the screw- until we solved the problem, I was worried I might have stripped the shank rather than the screw, and that sounded potentially expensive. Husband to the rescue, and all was right with the world. I spent large chunks of Saturday and Sunday at the machine, shoving this 60″x72″ quilt through my trusty Viking. My shoulders are FINALLY feeling better…

I got the bright purple binding 1/2way on in time to hand stitch it in front of the Oscars… and if the show had just been a little bit longer, I would have finished Sunday night… but I went to bed at the end of the show, and finished it after work on Monday…


I am SO happy with how it came out! I echo-quilted inside the skull, fairly close together. I love the texture it created. The eyes have squarish spirals and the nostrils are just outlined. I did one row of echo-quilting in the green, around the skull. Finally, using painters tape as a guide ( I got the idea from this Pin), I did simple, straight lines radiating out from the skull. (Thank you, Oneblockwonderwoman for the idea!) They could be a lot straighter, my stitch length could be a lot more even, but hey, it’s done!

Here’s a closeup.


What do you think? You can kind of see the purple binding in tis next shot.


(FYI, a closed down restaurant near your home where they’re ripping up the parking lot makes a great backdrop for an “edgy” quilt photo shoot.)


I can’t wait to get this quilt to the new baby! She’s already worn a onesie covered in skulls and crossbones, and a Dead Kennedys shirt- and her dad currently has hair that is nearly the same shade of green as the quilt! I think I got it right!

Here’s hoping you had some good finishes this time!


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WIP Wednesday: The Skull is Done

I might just have made the largest baby quilt ever.


Cause that’s my 5’9″ husband holding the quilt up over his head… (Thanks, honey.)

When I started the quilt, I intellectually knew it would be big. 60″x72″. But those were just numbers in my head. I didn’t think, hmm, isn’t that 5 feet by 6 feet? I did think about cutting all my pieces 1/2 the recommended size, but that seemed too fiddly. 1.25″ strips didn’t sound fun to work with. And then I thought about only making the center, skull portion of the quilt, but that was too boring.


See what I mean? Mixing up the greens in the center blocks would have detracted from the skull, and the 2 solid greens by themselves bore me… Plus the skull seems off balance somehow.

So, the biggest baby quilt in the world it is!

They can cover their whole floor with the quilt, and lay the baby down, and not have to worry about vacuuming 😉

I did cave in and order some new fabric for the back- I found some perfect stuff on http://www.fabric.com for $7/yard on sale, so, yeah, I bought it. It’s due to be delivered today, so maybe I can piece the back- I’m planning on mixing in some of the leftover solid greens- and baste it over the weekend.

Have you ever given a quilt this big to a baby? Do you have a go-to pattern for baby quilts, or do you mix it up?

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WIP Wednesday: The Skull Baby Quilt

I’m kind of on a sewing roll… On Sunday I started a new baby quilt. This baby isn’t even here yet- I might actually finish before s/he arrives! (Maybe.) Mom and dad are punky and funky., and I think they’ll very much appreciate this non-traditional quilt.

(Plus I’ve had Boo DavisDare to Be Square for years, and I’ve been dying to make this quilt…)


Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, I went with greens for the background color. I did need to buy the two solids, but the prints and the white are all from stash…

First, there was cutting.


And then there was sewing. On Sunday, I started the skull, from the top down.


I had to stop with only half of the skull done- but not before I managed to burn my arm on my iron 😦 (Note to self- you are short. Don’t try to reach OVER your iron, k?)

But then there was Monday. Monday was for cheekbones and teeth.


Tuesday was for the jaw.


And for cutting the strips for the outside blocks.


It’s always so much fun to pull fabrics from stash. Some of these greens date back 10 years or more. There’s batiks and Kaffes and miscellaneous prints, and they’re all having so much fun together. Now I just need to piece 16 blocks of 6 strips each, and then I can put the entire top together.

I am so excited by this quilt. I haven’t been this excited to sew in ages. I normally only sew on Sundays- i just don’t have the time or energy on weeknights. But this week I spent Monday and Tuesday night in the sewing room, with Netflix streaming! (Also, if you haven’t watched Luther, what are you waiting for? I’m super late to the party, like always, but it’s amazing.) Looking forward to finishing this top on Sunday, while the rest of Denver watches some football game. At our house, it will be all Puppy Bowl, all afternoon long…

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