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The Inaugural Tula Tuesday- blocks #1 and #2

I recently mentioned to you that some girlfriends and I are doing our own QAL of Tula Pink’s City Sampler. I’ve decided to devote Tuesdays here on the blog to chronicling the progress of this project…

I’m going in order from #1-#100, hoping to do 10 blocks a month from February through November. This weekend, I got the first two done.


I can easily see how these could be addictive. They’re so cute and tiny- they finish at 6″ square. (Just look how big the clothespins holding them up look!) They use itty bitty pieces of fabric- which means I may get to pull some teeny tiny treasures out of my scrap bin. I finished the 2 blocks in around an hour. I do realize that they get harder as you go, so maybe February will end up with 15 blocks and November with 5… or some such. The best thing about doing your own QAL is that you get to set the rules!

IMG_5934 IMG_5940 - Version 2

Block #1 features the Anna Maria Horner Dowry print that I fell in love with, along with some Tula, and some Lizzy House pearl Bracelets.

IMG_5936 IMG_5943 - Version 2

Block #2- more of the AMH Dowry, along with some dots and miscellaneous solids. I don’t love the grey right next to the Dowry- I feel like they blend too much. But with 98 blocks ahead of me, I’m not going to sweat it.

Don’t some of those purples look like Radiant Orchid to you? I’m so trendy… But we already knew that, right?

Tune in Tuesdays all year long to see me fill this up…



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