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It’s time to bind…


Anyone still out there?

We took that little vacation to Taos and Santa Fe- and we had a blast. So much fun. Then when we got home, I had that week off from work, and I DID tackle my scraps- more on that later. We also started the super fun project of cleaning out our very very very cluttered garage. And Annie had a performance of The Tempest. And Henry had middle school orientation. We’ve been running around like crazy- and I haven’t been blogging at all.

I also haven’t been sewing at all. After I cleaned up all the scraps- hooray!!- I got buried again. Part of the garage de-clutter is dealing with all my clothes. I’ve slowly but steadily put on weight over the years, and I have a lot of smaller clothes stashed for “one day”. Well, I’m down over 20 pounds in the last 5 months! Most of what’s in my closet currently is too big, and so it was time to go through the skinnier clothes. The sewing room is currently ground zero for sorting- fits now, will hopefully fit soon, and too big so time to donate… Phew!

But… on Friday my quilter delivered my Modern Cross quilt! So I did dig my way through the mess to get to my machine, so I could start the binding.


Just squaring it up, at around 95×100, was a slightly Herculean feat. I decided to use leftovers from the backing for the binding. The colors were just right, and I only had to cut and join 5 strips.


Then there was the joy of shoving it through my machine to attach the first side of the binding.


I settled in for some serious handwork.


But at least one of my all time favorite ever movies was on TV. And in an aside, look at this awesome little present I bought myself last week.


Now all I need is Jake Ryan for my life to be complete.


I’m nearly 50% done.

Of course, then I need to sew on all the buttons- one for the center of each cross.


On the bright side, all this handwork will keep me busy until the sewing room is more functional…

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Back, for the Future…

On Sunday, I did something very exciting- I spent the day piecing the back for my Modern Cross quilt, and also prepping the top to be dropped off, and then I took them to the longarmer!

This quilt, by the time I get it back, will have been a 4 year project. 4 full years. I had big plans for it to be my February AYOLF project, but it turns out my quilter has been getting a lot of new business. I am very happy for her- and really, at this point, if I don’t get it back until April, does it really matter? What’s a few more weeks? (Besides, it’s king size, and it will be pricey… fair payment for amazing work, but still a hit for my budget…) So, it’s not to be a February finish after all.

At least I already owned enough coordinating fabric to piece the back without spending a penny.


Sometime, years and years ago, I bought huge yardage of those 2 Kaffe fabrics. Like, at least 9 of one and 7 of the other. (Gosh, I hope they were on sale. I bet they were.) They coordinate perfectly, and they work with the top. I also had 7 blocks left from the front, so I decided to piece them into the back. (2 of them are the same- and that fabric didn’t end up in the top at all- I couldn’t decide if it was green, blue, or purple, and so my OCD side didn’t know where to put it…)

IMG_4334 IMG_4336

I put them into the center of the center panel of backing, then I added the corn-ish print to either side. When I got to the quilter’s, she put it up on her frame, and I managed to ALMOST get a shot of it- at least enough to give you the idea.


It’s freakin huge. 108×129. The top comes in at 95×100… We put it up on the frame, too, and I got another shot of the entire thing…


I cannot wait to sleep under it- especially as the custom quilting Yael designed is awesome- sleek, modern, geometric, and just the right amount of understated. We’re going to do one color change- white on the background, and a color on the crosses. As always, thread color was the toughest choice…


We ended up going with the purple second from the left. I’m planning to bind in purple, and this one looked so rich and jewel-like on the various squares. I should get it back April-ish, and then, I’ll bind it and sew on 100 buttons, one in the center of each square. I’m not excited about that- but I am thinking in the end it will be worth it. Now for the hardest part- the wait to get it back!

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Epic Modern Crosses

For April’s A Lovely Year of Finishes goal, I was realistic. I knew I would be moving my sewing room this month, and between that and our vacation, I lost over 2 weeks of the month. So I decided that my goal would be to finish the Modern Cross top that I started THREE years ago, and then restarted a few months back. Even though it was a minimal amount of actual sewing, it was an EPIC finish.


So epic that I stopped to photograph the final inches of the final seam.


These modern cross blocks look lovely, but I didn’t enjoy the process. I think I may have mentioned that a time or twelve. Too much trimming!  And too many blocks- when I decided to make it bed size, I went from 60 blocks to 100. Because I went up to king size, even though our bed is a queen. Two reasons: we’d really like to trade up to a king one day, and, I am a blanket hog- with an oversized quilt, my poor husband stands a much better chance of keeping covered at night… But 100 blocks is a lot- especially when I was trying not to duplicate any fabrics. (I did duplicate a few, but not as many as you might think. Maybe 5?)

I actually finished piecing this on the 13th, but it was so huge that I needed helpers to photograph it, and good weather…which I finally got tonight!

Are you ready for the grand reveal of my 3 year top?

IMG_8285 IMG_8289 IMG_8282


Can you see my helper peeking out in the 2nd photo?

Here’s my other awesome helper…


Rich is 5’9″, and even on a step stool, he couldn’t get this monster all the way up off the ground!

I also gave it a test run on the bed.

IMG_8083 IMG_8087 IMG_8090

Myrtle and I both approve…

And I feel amazing. It’s done. A weight is off my chest. The blocks are no longer sitting on top of my bookcase mocking me.

Of course, now I have to figure out how to quilt it. Or rather, to baste it. This is the biggest thing I have ever made! I have a stash of wonderful blue, purple, and green buttons- one for the center of each cross- but aside from wanting to do that, I have NO idea how to finish this giant thing. Wish me luck?

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A Lovely Year of Finishes: April Goal

I’m setting a modest goal for myself for April’s Lovely Year of Finishes challenge.

I missed the first 7 days of the month, in terms of sewing and blogging, due to a wonderful vacation*… No complaints at all here, but, that’s 25% of the month! Also,  I have some big big plans for the middle of the month: setting up my new sewing room. There’s IKEA furniture to be assembled, and walls to be painted, and STUFF to be moved. Who knows if I’ll get any sewing done at all…

So, without further ado, my realistic if not exciting goal for April 2014 is to finish the Modern Cross top that I finally returned to last month…

IMG_6457 IMG_6443

One half of the king sized quilt is together already, one is on my design wall.

By the end of April, it will be one complete quilt top, darn it, and I will have a shiny new sewing room in which to plot the rest of my year’s finishes…

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* tune in later this week to be wowed by posts about that wonderful vacation… or, you know, don’t 😉


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Halfway There…

(Random aside- anyone else around my age now humming Livin’ On A Prayer? Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear…)

Apologies for the ear worm, but hey, I am officially halfway done piecing my long-neglected Modern Cross quilt top! Thank you all for your supportive comments last week- it’s good to know that others have let projects, um, marinate, for prolonged periods…

This weekend, I sat down and made the final five green blocks.

IMG_6431 IMG_6438

No more trimming!! Whoo!!

This quilt is going to be king (!) sized, and so only half of it can fit on my design wall at once.


And even getting that half up there required some very hard work and precarious step ladder balancing. What you see above is half #2. It’s on hold for the moment while I work on Meow Mix, since finishing all the kitties was my March goal for the Year of Lovely Finishes. But before I put it on hold, I got the entire first half pieced together!


(Ignore the surly faced helper- she actually wasn’t cranky at all, she was taking her role as holder very very seriously.)

This thing is HUGE. I’m going to have to send it out to be quilted, budget be damned. I can’t imagine that I could handle it at home. But all I want are simple straight lines. I have a fun finishing touch planned- I have tons of blue, green, and purple buttons (bought on a very lucky trip to Tuesday Morning) and each cross is getting a button in the center. So cute! (I hope!) Ask me if I still feel that way AFTER I sew on #100.

Something fascinating about having worked on this over 3 years is seeing my fabric tastes change. Today me might never have used some of the fabrics picked out by 2011 me, but I’m glad that I did. Some of my older choices are busier than what I might pick currently, but they are very, very ME. I love seeing them all together…  Do you find that your fabric tastes has changed drastically over the years?

Next week, we’ll be in Boston for spring break. Hopefully their latest snow will have melted. What this means is that Modern Cross will be put on hold for one more week, but I do plan to finish piecing it ASAP, probably in the week between out trip and the big sewing room move

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Better (Really, Really) Late than Never

Hi. Maybe you can help me understand something.

Why has this project been languishing on and off since 2011??

Back in 2011, I was totally sweet up in the craze surrounding Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal, of West Coast Crafty. I bought the book and started the cover project, Modern Cross, right away. I loved it.


And then, I kind of stopped sewing.  For a year or so. I barely made anything. Well, I knitted and knitted and did some pretty awesome crochet, too, but, no quilting. In 2012, I picked it up again.



But it felt like, no matter how much I worked on it, I never made any progress. I got frustrated. And so, I put it back down.

On this past Sunday, I realized I had sewing time, and no plans. The Meow Mix quilt is on hold, waiting for some orange scraps to arrive, and I’m caught up on my Tula blocks. I didn’t have the energy to baste the one baby quilt top that is waiting to be finished. So what was I going to do?

I cleaned up the sewing room.

And when that got old, I looked at the pile of Modern Cross blocks, sitting in the naughty pile, along with my Anna Maria Horner feather blocks, and a few other neglected WIPs. And I thought, why not finally go back to these blocks?

I counted them. And I realized that when I quit, I was sooooo close to finishing. I needed 12 more purple blocks, and 4 more green. Less than 20 out of 100. So I buckled down, and started sewing.


Okay, this is a terrible photo, but that’s ALL the remaining purple blocks, pieced since Sunday morning. That’s all it took.

Why on Earth have I put this off for 2 years? It feels ridiculously good to be this close to done with the blocks!


All the blues are done, and actually, I have 6 extra. Ooops. I’ll get the 4 greens done, and then… I can piece the top. 3 years later.

This is giving a whole new meaning to better late than never, eh? Have you ever let a project sit this long?

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