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These are the kind of stitches I like…

The only upside to my recent downtime has been…lots of knitting! I finished a pair of socks, knit an entire shawl in under a week, and knit the next shawl in 2 weeks… And I’m halfway through a pair of fingerless mitts for my husband, too.

Today I’m just sharing the second shawl- still no good pix of the first.

I bought the yarn years and years and years ago. (Also known as Jan, 2009.) I had it in my Rav destash section, but then, I saw this blog post from Fancy Tiger, and I had to cast on one of my own ASAP. The original yarn I tried fought with me- first by tangling horribly while I was trying to wind it (took 2 days to untangle) and then by not at all looking like it did in my imagination 😦 So I had to go back to the drawing board/stash- and this 5 year old skein was just the ticket.


Not too overpowering, but still fun. Rabbit Ridge Designs sock yarn in Petal, in case you were wondering.

The pattern, Antarkis, was a bit of a splurge, but after I saw it I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I bought it, and got started. Had I not dropped a stitch, and not noticed, at the very end, I would have been done a week ago. But I ended up ripping back and redoing the end of the shawl- and it was worth it. The error would have made me furious had I left it in, and I never would have worn the thing…

So without further ado, ta-da! The new shawl- and ME! Because I felt well enough to be in a photo and let you see me…

IMG_1565 IMG_1571 IMG_1574

If I ever make it again, I’ll go up a needle size (from 5 to 6.)  I’ve been known to knit very tightly… especially when stressed! I had enough yarn left at the end that I repeated the final section one extra time.

I wore it to work today, and got loads of compliments- a nice ego boost AND bonus distraction from the house/healing stress! Now to finish the second mitt for my husband, and then decide what to cast on next.


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Sunday Stash, Wherein I Too Succumb to Cotton & Steel Mania (with bonus yarn)

I’m not certain I have ever seen a fabric launch as widely covered by the quilt blog world as Cotton & Steel. I admit, I quite like the line, but goodness, it’s crazy out there.

And yet.

I wanted some for myself (especially the basics/blenders- I’m crazy for those!) I had a brilliant plan. I had a 20% off one item coupon for Fancy Tiger, so why not use it to buy a FQ bundle? Here’s why: they hadn’t actually got any in 😦 They had the entire line…

IMG_0567 IMG_0568

…but not any of the precut bundles.Since I had arrived in the store ready to splurge, I did go through and pick my absolute fave individual pieces:

IMG_0569 IMG_0640 IMG_0643

I could have bought that diagonal dot print in every color, I love it that much. But, I wasn’t THAT ready to splurge. Which turned out to be a good thing, because…


Right there at the register was the leftover yarn from the Stephen & Steven Tour 2014. (For the third consecutive year, I missed Stephen West’s teaching and tour stop at Fancy Tiger. I am starting to believe that he checks my vacation schedule before booking time in Denver…) Several friends went to the trunk show and/or took classes, and offered to pick me up some of the exclusive yarn. But it is VERY spendy, and I responsibly declined their offers. And then, over a week later, there was some just waiting for me. And I still had that 20% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket (or actually, on my phone, since it was from an app.) So when that gorgeous skein called out to me, I was able to answer it.

IMG_0636 IMG_0638

The yarn is Galaxy by Wild Hare Fiber Studio and the color way is called Neon Zebra, and it is shot though with metallic silver. I have spent the last 2 days petting it. I cannot wait to find the perfect project for it…

Here’s hoping your week was full of delightful stash additions! (Linking up with Sunday Stash…)


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Sunday Stash: the Fancy Tiger Party edition

I’ve been trying very diligently to NOT buy fabric or yarn. Primarily for budgetary reasons, but also because after moving everything to the new sewing room, and refolding it, and being able to see it ALL, I truly know I don’t need any more. Perhaps ever, but at least for the foreseeable future…

And yet. Designers keep making pretty new fabrics. Amazing new shades of yarn show up on the shelves. And I lose my resolve. Especially when Fancy Tiger is having their annual Anniversary Party. For the first time in years, I was NOT camped out in front of the store hours before opening to score one of the famous swag bags- we made a decision as a family to go to the Renaissance Festival- and I didn’t realize the date confusion- and I wasn’t about to tell the kids “oh, sorry, mom needs to go shopping…” And it was a good choice, and we had a blast!


It was a cub-ray-zee day- after spending all day at the festival, we had to get Annie back to theater camp for her final performance of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum… we dropped her off, and had time to sneak over to Fancy Tiger before the show! So, no swag bag, but I did do a bit of shopping…


With every purchase of $20 or more, you got your pick of a custom knitting or sewing kit. After examining the contents, I went with knitting. I later realized that had I made Rich buy part of my haul, I could have had one of each. Ah, well…

I came away with the knitting kit and a wonderful new FT t-shirt. Their shirts are always adorable, and super duper soft. There was also a new skein of yarn:


The Manos Del Uruguay Alegria is some of the softest yarn ever- even softer than Malabrigo. And the neon of this skein makes me smile so much. I think it might become a Westknits Spectra, with black as the solid. Cheerful for gloomy winter days…

And of course, there was also fabric. You’ve seen two pieces of it already, in my last batch of Tula blocks.

IMG_9738 IMG_9739

Michael Miller Neo Dots in grey w hot pink (I want it in a lllll the color ways now) and also Lizzy House Pearl

Bracelets in tonal purple… Another one I’d love to have in a llllll the colors.

And the last piece of fabric? Henry actually found it for me!


Isn’t it hysterical? It’s part of this collection by Windham. I never make bags, but this is screaming to become one, don’t you think?

Then we just had enough time to race back to the theater to watch Annie as Vibrata, the courtesan.


(She’s the one with the yellow sash…)

What a day!

Linking up with Sunday Stash to see what you’ve all been buying…



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Fancy x Seven

This weekend, the fabulous Fancy Tiger Crafts celebrated their 7th anniversary. Over the past three or four years, I’ve spent lots of time, and a significant part of my crafty budget, there!

Fancy Tiger has become quite renowned for throwing epic anniversary bashes. Perks often include free shirts with purchase, swag bags for the first 100 folks through the door, stickers, tasty treats, and more… I’ve gone the last few years, and it’s always fun, if a bit manic. This year, Annie wanted to come too. So we packed up our fiber and our pocket chairs, and staked out a spot at the front of the line.


We were about 6 people back- a primo spot! We were joined by a fabulous friend and her fibers, too. Knitters are the best at waiting in line, no?


The line stretched far by the time the party officially started! (PS- edited to add- here is a link to the official FT blog post– you can see Annie and I working away at the head of the line!)


People from the back kept coming forward to count and see if they would make it into the first 100 and score the sweet swag… We of course got some! Annie’s was the prize- a skein of Opal sport and an adorable knitted bunny pattern, as well as a cross stitch phone charm kit (all three of us ended up with those…) I got a skein of aqua hued mohair yarn, which I traded to my friend for her 2 yards of blue fabric, coveted by Annie, who then swapped me for that for her bunny pattern and yarn… I also ended up with a Mochimochiland frog and lily pad kit that is pretty darn adorable.

20130715-211841.jpgAnnie and I, being groupies, each got a new Fancy Tiger T-shirt. Annie’s going to wear hers to FT Fashion design camp next week 🙂 An extra perk? FT went bag-less back on earth day, and during the celebration, they gave them out with each $20 purchase. They’re quite wonderful!


Happy anniversary, Fancy Tiger! Thanks for throwing such a fun party. Here’s to another 7 wonderful years…



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Amy Butler in person is as amazing as her designs…

Tonight I had a wonderful treat! Amy Butler, the one and only, was in Denver and meeting and greeting her fans and signing her books, all at my favorite local craft mecca, Fancy Tiger. (She’s teaching at The Makerie this weekend, so she was going to be in town anyway…)





Tonight was a nasty, horrible, icy cold and snowy night here in Denver. Which was awesome in some ways, because the event was nowhere near as crowded as I would have expected. And that meant that everyone in attendance got the chance to truly chat with Amy, not just get books signed and move on. Amy was lovely- that is truly the best word to describe her. She was gracious and kind- she even travels with thank you cards thanking YOU for taking the time to meet her. Really! (And the cards contain a coupon code for her website, too…)20130417-214246.jpg


Amy took the time to notice something nice about everyone she met, and to comment on it. She made MY night by admiring my modern quilt wrap- yes, I am a big enough nerd that I deliberately wore a knitted quilt when I met her- and even to call Annie and Henry adorable when she saw them as my screensaver on my phone. She admired my friend Kristin’s earrings, and her stunning crocheted scarf… And on and on.



She didn’t just sign our books; she personalized them with special messages. And see that charm pack of Cameo? Happy happy me won it by knowing that Amy’s husband David has a fabric line, Parson Gray. Fancy Tiger had some wonderful prizes that we could win by answering Amy Butler trivia questions… Happily, my friend and date for the evening also won a charm pack (Amy’s new magazine is called Blossom.)



Here’s a photo that Fancy Tiger shared via Facebook of many of us with Amy. That lucky lady in the middle won an entire Cameo fat quarter set!



Even with the foul weather, we had to hit Sputnik after the event. Fried pickles, a baked avocado, and mac n cheese. But, I think for the first time ever at Sputnik, no booze- the roads were to awful to chance it…



Doesn’t my favorite dive bar look lovely in the snow?

20130417-214523.jpgAnd here’s what my house looked like when I got home. April 17? Yikes! I’ve used my ice scraper more this week than all winter… But being out in it was totally worth it to have met Amy Butler- and I would have even said that if I hadn’t won a charm pack!



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