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Wordless Wednesday: Pittsburgh!

A quick jaunt to holland

look up

simple beauty

london calling

triceratops,  science style

tiger love

elephant family

sting ray touch tank

the cleaning man

a visit with greatgrandma


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Do you know the way to Santa Fe?

I do.  Quite well, in fact, because almost every winter for the past 5 or so years, some combination of my husband, kids and I have taken a long weekend road trip down to New Mexico. The tradition started the year Rich and I were supposed to go o London for our first ever major kid free vacation, but I got far too sick to go. Instead, we headed a few hours down the road for some serious rest and relaxation- and recuperation. It worked, and we also fell in love with the town.

Last weekend we headed down yet again, with the kids and my mom along for the fun. We stayed in our favorite hotel yet again- favorite in no small part because of the option to have a kiva fireplace in our room.


The pinon woodsmoke scent is heavenly. Falling asleep with the final embers dying out is also quite wonderful.

We hit what has become one of my favorite museums in the world- the Museum of International Folk Art. As a textile junkie, this place is like crack to me. Here are just a few of our favorite things:

museum of international folk art, santa fe

Textiles, textiles everywhere…sigh. So wonderful. If you ever get a chance to go, take it. And take your camera, so you can keep admiring the textiles long after the trip is over.

There were also textiles of the non-museum variety- check out this great yarn bombing that Annie spotted!

yarn bombing

It wasn’t all museums- there was also the amazing food. Shockingly, I didn’t photograph all our meals. But I did enjoy them 😉 The kids would hands down say that their favorite was the baked potato an the Cowgirl BBQ

icecream baked potato

Want to know why? That’s actually ice cream!

Santa Fe is also full of really, really cool walls.




(And those cool monster pillows they are holding? We bought them from a crafter at the fabulous Flea market.)

Of course we also had to make a trip to Trader Joe’s, to tide us over until one finally opens in Colorado next year. And Dunkin Donuts- same deal with them.

As always, we drove home through Taos. We always mean to spend more time there, maybe next year. This year we stayed for lunch and some shopping. For the kids, this is shopping

toystore of happiness

For me, this is shopping:


This time is was bittersweet. As you can see from the sign, La Lana, a Taos institution, will soon be gone- they’re closing on Leap Day. That’s the bitter part. The sweet part was that due to the closing sale, I bought more there than I ever had before…

la lana yarn

And now, to leave you with as much of a smile on your face as we had on ours, here’s our final photo from Taos.


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