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Still Trippin’

Back in May, I started making some Scrappy Tripalong blocks. Because I’m nothing if not late to the party. (See also: my catvent, my plus quilt.) I’m not feeling rushed to get them done. I realized they’d become my backup project- ready to go when I’m between other projects, or not able to pay tons of attention (they are pretty simple blocks to make…) I thought my pile of leftover scraps from my Modern Cross quilt was huge, but in fact I had barely gotten started when I ran out of green strips, and then blue ones.

That’s where I left you… 11 blocks, and in need of more strips. So, I spent a few nights watching True Detective while pulling apart my stash for blues, greens, and purples to cut into strips.

When I had a huge pile good and ready to go, I got back to making blocks.


I picking the fabrics for each one of these to be so much fun. Each one is a complete story all by itself, and then they end up all jumbled together.

And they tell an even bigger story. There are pieces of so many previous projects in these blocks. So many fabric based memories. And some things to make you laugh, too…

Like this one.

IMG_9544 IMG_9549Years and years ago, I got THAT fabric at a quilting expo. I got two FQs, one in purple and one in white. I have had so much fun sneaking them into projects over the years. Because apparently I have the sense of humor of a 10 year old boy… Hee hee hee.

I’m up to 30 blocks now. It seems like it should be more, but that’s it. I have decided to make this a queen+ quilt, to top our bed. So that means I need 70 more of these. Yikes! At least I’ve gotten far enough that I can start to play with layout ideas.

Like this.


And there are so very many other layouts that could be possible. Good thing I have 70 blocks and probably many months to go before I have to decide on one…

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