Darn near bigger on the inside…

I tried to spend all day Sunday sewing, but somehow my charming kiddos managed to flood the bathroom and my afternoon was spent on damage control. Sigh. That’s right- while everyone else was partying at Quilt Con, I was home mopping up toilet water. But before the water started dripping through the ceiling, for real, Annie and I got this far.

We have continued with our system: she does the layout and I do the piecing*. I am so proud of myself- I have barely rearranged any of her squares. It’s kind of liberating to just not worry about what print is next to what, and are there too many polka dots here or too many dark purples there. The blank spots are where the few non 2.5″ squares go. I have to do some- gasp- math to get those bits right, so they’re waiting till I piece the rest.

*so much piecing. I have refrained from actually doing the math the would tell me exactly how many 2.5″ squares are in this thing- but- it’s a LOT.

This is what my sewing life has looked like for the last few weeks. 9 patch after 9 patch after 9 patch. But truly, I find them SO satisfying to work on. I have a system, and it’s been working.

I stole a little extra time tonight and got some more done- SO close now!


I’m having the worst time getting decent photos at night in my sewing room. The purple squares are really NOT this pink.I can’t wait to get this sucker together and get it into daylight for some decent photos…

Meanwhile, I thought you’d like to see my other helper. I was going through my stash of licensed Doctor Who fabrics (from the oh-so-glamorous JoAnns) to see what we might use for the back… And George wanted to offer his opinion. This was AFTER we busted him on the dining room table- he waited until we finished eating and were clearing the table, and climbed up to devour the ranch dressing. I’ve never had a cat as obsessed with people food as this guy…

But, but, look at that face. He’s innocent, he swears.


I’m linking up at Sew Cute Tuesday, Fabric Story Tuesday, and Let’s Bee Social. Here’s hoping YOUR helpers were more useful to you than mine were to me this week!



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14 responses to “Darn near bigger on the inside…

  1. Wow that quilt top is amazing! How liberating for someone else to place the squares … My daughter and I made a Minecraft creeper cushion cover the same way and I know there were 100 little squares in that alone!

    • I knitted my son a minecraft blanket- and for some reason decided to make it twin bed sized! I never did let myself figure out how many rows of knitting it was…

      Thank you for visiting!



  2. Oh dear, I hope the water cleaned up quickly. The quilt is definitely looking great, and it is really fun to see it shrink into shape.

  3. Love the scrappy purple goodness you two have going on here. It’s amazing to think you were able to make any progress with the water troubles and cat helper!

  4. Wheee, so much fun! (Well, not so much the flooded bathroom!) I love a good TARDIS, and this is a great TARDIS! 😀 There is something oddly soothing about just piecing a whole bunch of 2.5″ squares, as long as you don’t think too hard about how many there are, lol. 🙂

  5. This is so cute! I love the purple background. I’m making one for my husband with an orange and yellow background. It is on my never ending list of quilts to do. Enjoy the piecing of the 9-patches, it is relaxing.

  6. I’d believe in George’s innocence. Clearly, he was framed. 😉

  7. Sorry about the flooded bathroom! The quilt is coming together amazingly well and George is pretty darn cute.

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