Lost and Found

Okay… 2015 wasn’t exactly my best year for sticking to blogging. I tried. I sewed a millions miles of stitches, knitted all the things, and even took some cool trips. That should have been content for a whole year… And yet…

My excuse for totally falling apart at the end of the year is a sad quilt story that eventually had a miraculous ending. I made a lovely quilt, using some of my beloved Tula Pink Elizabeth, for a new baby in the family. Not a relative we’re close to, but still. Babies get quilts,  right? And I FINALLY got it quilted and in the mail in early November.


And I heard nothing.


And so I asked my MIL to discreetly check in with the recipient, as she was seeing them over Thanksgiving.

And the unthinkable had happened.

The package had not arrived.


And here is the part where you learn from my mistakes. Though, really, you would never have done what I did. You’re smarter than that.


I shipped the quilt via the US Postal Service, priority mail. And I didn’t insure it- because a handmade quilt is priceless and how would I prove the value anyway? And I also didn’t bother with a tracking number, because the postal service has never ever lost one of my quilts before.

Cue me banging my head against the wall and sobbing. Shaking my fist at the sky and muttering curse words. I contacted the postal service. First time filling out multiple pages of forms on their website, it crashed at the end and didn’t register my inquiry. 2nd time I made it through, and was rewarded with a form response saying they’d get back to me. A few days later I got a different form email that told me my problem had been forwarded to the appropriate department. 2 weeks later I got an email survey asking me to give feedback on the service I received. You can imagine how I filled that out! And that was the last I heard from the postal service.


I was so down, and I didn’t want to admit this had happened. I didn’t want to blog about it- both because I was in denial, and because I didn’t want you all to know how dumb I am.

And then- a miracle occurred.

I mailed the package to our relatives at 123 XYZ St in CAMBRIDGE, MA. A rug cleaning shop at 123 XYZ St in WATERTOWN, MA received the quilt. But here’s the miraculous part- my relatives have used the rug shop before. And the shop owners recognized their name and address. And the quilt made it to the family.


(I still haven’t gotten an official acknowledgement or a thank you note, but my MIL assures me it arrived…) (I mentioned that we’re not close to these relatives, right? This is part of why…)

Anyway! 2015 taught me a very very valuable lesson. I’ll be shipping all quilts via UPS, not the postal service, from now on. If for no other reason than their customer service is more responsive. And, maybe, just maybe, I’ll also hold out hope when the odds seem stacked against me!

Here’s hoping you had your own (major or minor) miracles in 2015- and the 2016 is even better!



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10 responses to “Lost and Found

  1. I am so glad that this story had a happy ending! Awesome!

  2. Oh, wow. I’m so glad it arrived!

  3. jlcasey

    Oh I have some painful stories from dealing with the USPS! I totally get how you felt! So glad that it turned out well!

  4. Carolyn

    I had something similar, well maybe not but this story made me think of this one time I made a kimono paper pieced wall hanging as a thank you for my son’s sensei who had a life sized kimono on display in her house. I never heard anything from her and I couldn’t ask her about it. Never heard a thing. . .figured somehow she didn’t care for it–but it was good, and made with oriental silk fabrics. A few years later as I was helping my daughter unpack at her new apartment, I unwrapped the kimono wall hanging. My daughter had seen it in my son’s apartment and liked it so much, she took it for herself–it never made it to the sensei. I was glad I had not inquired about it to the sensei–and someone thought it was great–just not who i thought was to receive it.

  5. If you ship it via USPS Priority Mail, it is automatically tracked and insured to $50 (which goes up to $100 on January 17) included in the price. I sell on Etsy and in over 5 years of selling and thousands of orders shipped by USPS, only 2 were lost (and one of those I sent to an old address, so it was probably just received by someone else). Having said all that, however, I want to say YAY for you and your quilt is GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Kimberly Dronet

    Wow!! You got lucky there or rather the recipients (however ungrateful) did. Some people do not appreciate the hand made gifts and all the time and love that goes into them. I have found that out myself and I’m wayyy more careful now who I gift with my handiwork.
    Check you ravelry messages please I sent you a reply about the yarn.

  7. Beautiful quilt, I am glad it made its way to its recipients.

  8. it hurt my heart to hear you lost such a beautiful quilt in the mail! I had a similar experience with the postal service, I live in Canada and wanted to send an important document to the US, so I used registered mail with a signature required. 2 weeks later, the recipient hadn’t seen it. Tracking information was only available within Canada, and USPS hadn’t heard of it. Apparently it was held up at customs…or that’s the story when it was received over a month after I sent it…and there never was a signature of receipt.

    I don’t remember seeing the Elizabeth fabric before – it’s gorgeous! It’s great you have photos to recall the project. Maybe someday you’ll meet the little one all grown up and learn this was one of her favourite blankies 😊

  9. Woo hoo, I’m so glad it had a happy ending because that lovely quilt deserves to be enjoyed by a little baby. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to TGIFF! Can you add a link to us so your readers can find us too? Thanks!

  10. Wow- this is a crazy story. I ALWAYS feel so nervous whenever I have to mail something irreplaceable. I feel you on being frustrated with people that really don’t care about receiving handmade gifts. I got burned twice this past Christmas and I am SO done with it all… I am focusing on my immediate family and everyone else can get boring store bought stuff.

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