Something’s Fishy

I just finished a quilt of a kind I’ve never made before: a commission. While working on a bunch o’ baby quilts for work-related babies, one of my coworkers wondered if I could make one for her brand new nephew. Apparently his nursery is “nautical”- fairly vague- but I took that to mean fishy. If it is preppy and plaid with blue anchors and such, well, oops…

I found an ocean themed print that I adored, and then I went stash-diving.


This pic makes me so happy. I really love these fabrics together. I ended up adding some more as I went, as the pattern I used, Charm and Squares by Elizabeth Hartman, lends itself very nicely to scraps.

Life got in the way- our vacation in September followed by what seemed like a million obligations in October. Halloween is by far our favorite holiday, and we had so many fun things to do last month! But then November arrived and I finally found some sewing time.




Please pardon the terrible photos. When I finally finished, I was so eager to take it to my colleague that I tossed it in my car before I stopped to take photos. So the hallway by my office had to suffice.

If I had it to do over, I would have been much more careful about the placement of the yellow fabrics. And Not had the ocean fabric making that strong diagonal.

That obligatory monday morning quarter backing done, I can honestly say I love this one. Especially the back.


That’s a Kaffe plaid shot cotton that has been in my stash forever. And it was literally a perfect match. Plus, look at how wonderfully crinkly it got after one washing!! I was going to use a peachy-orange for the binding, and that might have been a better choice for the front, but the ocean fabric made the back pop perfectly.

Now for the hard part. I’m supposed to tell my colleague what she owes me. I’ve never done this before- added a price to a quilt. Advice?



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6 responses to “Something’s Fishy

  1. Lovely quilt, I agree the fabric photo just makes me happy! As for price…calculate based on yardage plus a little bit for time? When I have done commissions, I ask the buyer to purchase fabric/batting then use my standard quilting rate of 3 cents per square inch to get a final price.

  2. Great quilt. Love that octopus and lobster. Thanks for linking up with TGIFF.

  3. Don’t undersell yourself. Check out Sam Hunter’s “We are so worth it”

    Your time is worth at least $20.00/hour. Now if you want to sell for less than you add up in time and materials and design, you can always give a “friend” discount. She does recommend giving the actual value statement though, to begin educating the public, then the discount, whatever you call it.

  4. Did you keep track of your time? The cost of the materials you used? My overview that I provide people who want to commission a quilt might be useful (, and if you want more details, I’m happy to converse via email. [jetgirl8(at)gmail(dot)com].

  5. What a great mix of colours. great finish!

  6. It’s fabulous. I agree with the others, don’t undersell yourself.

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