Elizabeth for Charlotte…

Turns out I will go to damn near any length to avoid basting. Because last week, I didn’t touch the 2 finished baby tops- but I did complete an entire NEW top.

Actually, I was just really inspired. I’ve had a large pile of Tula Pink’s Elizabeth since right when it came out. I LOVE that line. But I haven’t had a plan for it. I just needed to own it and pet it. You guys understand, right?

So my husband’s first cousin, much younger than him, just had her first baby- a little girl. We’re totally not close to them- didn’t merit a wedding invite or anything. BUT. A baby girl is an excuse to make a quilt. A baby girl named Charlotte is an excellent excuse to use fabric inspired by English royalty. And, it’s never a bad thing to make a gesture that could bring a family a bit closer together, right?

Once I got the idea to make Charlotte an Elizabeth quilt, I just couldn’t stop. I browsed my Pinterest boards for ideas, and I found the perfect one.


This Moda Bake Shop pattern was perfect- they used a blank center square, but I thought it would be the perfect spot to stick Elizabeth herself! It’s technically a charm pack pattern, so I pulled fabrics and cut my own squares. Fabrics range from really old AMH to really recent modern prints, and tons in between.


I modified the pattern one tiny bit- I added a row of the background fabric as a border around my center square. I needed it to balance the pattern after I swapped the center out from plain to pattern…


Once I got going, I had to tear myself away. It was a work night. It was bedtime. I did’t want to stop. It was such a fun project- so fast and satisfying.


Later in the week, I got the top completely done.


It looks super ripply, but I’m blaming my very ripply design wall for that.In retrospect, I’d leave out the two paler purple fabrics and use two darker purples, but it’s really fun and happy. If I can bring myself to baste it, sigh, i will have it done so fast. (Especially as this baby is already here, and the other 2 quilts are for babies due later…) I have my binding fabric picked out- the Tula pink from the squares- but not sure what to do about the back. Maybe I’ll use more of my precious Elizabeth? I did buy it in 2 of the color ways…

And if I finish it before 9/4, I may still not pop it in the mail. Why? Oh, you know, because I’m going to get to MEET TULA PINK that night. It’s so awesome- her new line, Eden, contains a print with what can only be described as a fancy tiger. And my amazing LQS/LYS is called- wait for it- Fancy Tiger. So Tula herself is having a lecture and release party at my store! And I bought my ticket to the now sold out event the minute I heard about it… Does anyone know etiquette for this kind of event? Can I bring a quilt or two to show her? (Thinking specifically of my City Sampler top…) Can I bring books for autographs? Can I get through this without embarrassing myself? (Yeah, I think we all know the answer to that…) Also- what do I wear?????

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17 responses to “Elizabeth for Charlotte…

  1. Tiruba Tuba

    When Tula Pink came to my LQS I brought my City Sampler book for her to sign. There was no time to talk to her as there were long lines going down both sides of the store with people getting all sorts of things signed: fabric, quilts, books, you name it. She did a trunk show before that. I had heard her on a podcast prior which is what encouraged me to go. I don’t really follow designers. I just buy what’s pretty. Still do. She’s funny though.

    • I am hoping that since this is a ticketed event, it won’t be too nutty? I hope… She is one of the only designers I truly adore, and meeting her has been a dream for a while, so this is awesome… -Sam

      On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 10:41 PM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  2. Cheryl’s pattern works so well with the slight modification and featuring Elizabeth in the center – it looks great! I have no advice on etiquette, but I always vote for wearing something you love and feel comfortable in. 🙂

    • I feel like this might be a go-to for me with baby quilts and fun novelty prints. Fun, fast, and so satisfying…

      As for what to wear, I am certain there will be sewists there who have made nifty garments out of her fabrics, but i just cannot sew clothes for the life of me. Le sigh.


      On Tue, Aug 18, 2015 at 11:05 PM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  3. This top is awesome! I was a little disappointed when Prince William named his baby girl Charlotte because I have a three year old with the name!!!!! I will be at the Fancy Tiger event too- cannot wait!! I think it’s great to go “fan girl” – these people love that people love their stuff and I’m sure she’d love to see your gorgeous City Sampler.

    • Hooray! We’ll get to connect at FT! SO excited. I’m going to bring my city sampler, i think. When else will I get this chance??

      And so bummed for you that Charlotte will now be all the rage. My youngest is Henry, and we beat the huge upswing by about 1-2 years- but everywhere we go now there are younger Henrys.


      On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 3:36 AM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  4. Very nice quilt top! So exciting that you will get to meet Tula… I got to meet Lizzy House recently, my first “sewlebrity” meeting 🙂 I’m sure that you would be able to get things signed, it’s a good idea!

    • Oooh, Lizzy House always seems like she’d be wonderful to meet. She was also at Fancy Tiger over the summer, but only teaching a class i really couldn’t afford to take at that time, so i missed her 😦

      Thank you for visiting, Sam

      On Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 6:34 AM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  5. ellen

    That is an adorable quilt. I like the lighter fabric, it sets off the frames, and it keeps the quilt from being too dark. Love it. I think you’re allowed to geek out and bring a show and tell… or two!

  6. Hannah

    Have you tried glue basting? It might be the cure for your hatred of basting.

  7. 1) I love this quilt 2) When I saw FT was hosting Tula’s release party, I hoped you were going because OMG, if I can’t go, someone else I know should! SO, please take lots of pictures and make me feel as though I got to go, k? K.

  8. What a fabulous baby quilt! I don’t know an etiquette for that sort of meeting, but I have to say- AWESOME! I’m totally jealous. What a cool thing to be able to go to. And I say, why not? Bring the quilt! Bring the books! Geek out, sister.

  9. This is gorgeous Sam! Tula seemed to be accepting of people bringing in things to show her, but time can be an issue, so maybe consider bringing something you want her to sign. If you have anything to ask, try and get it in during the talk, because the signings can be rushed. I hope you have a great time! She’s a lot of fun, and much more approachable than I thought. It was a little awkward that we met in the line for the ladies room, but oh well.

    Just to let you know, my LQS had a limit of two items to be signed per person, so work out what you want to bring before hand, and don’t be disappointed if you can’t have everything signed.

  10. Love the quilt. I say bring all the things, I’m sure she’d love to see her fabrics in the wild…

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