The end of the rainbow…

A few weeks ago, I managed to quilt and bind my rainbow star quilt. It was a quick quilting project- I just did crosshatch through the middle of the blocks, but- I didn’t go through any of the white star pieces, so there were a LOT of ends to bury. A LOT. I finally managed to get photos of the finished project, and I got it shipped off to the new arrival. Since it arrived yesterday, I can finally share it here! (I’m feeling extra warm and fuzzy because, aside from the fact that this is one of my fave finishes ever,  my cousin said receiving this makes her want to keep having babies. Best compliment ever?)


I took the quilt up to Breckenridge with us for our mini-break, and enlisted my campers to help take photos when we picked them up. (That stunning backdrop is just part of the glorious place they spend a week each summer… poor kids.)

I ended up using a black and white original pearl bracelet for the binding- thank you for all the suggestions!


And the back came out nicely too-


Happy friendly monsters all around. They always make me think of the classic The Monster at the End of This Book– I loved it when I was little and read it to both my kids. Maybe I should make sure the new baby has a copy?

Hopefully soon I’ll have a photo of the wee one with her quilt- but at least we have a trip planned for a family wedding in October, and we’ll get to meet her then.

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21 responses to “The end of the rainbow…

  1. Well done — and great use of both your scrap bin and your stash. I feel your pain on the thread-burying front! (Psst … you can link up scrappy projects at Scraptastic Tuesday, hosted by She Can Quilt.)

  2. Cher

    what a happy quilt !!! it came out great ! I do love rainbows and stars.

  3. What a great line, having another baby to receive another quilt! Maybe you could just make more quilts for the kids as they get older. It is going to get expensive for her to keep having babies.

    This is a great finish. Gorgeous pictures too. I bet you are glad to have those threads all taken care of. Burying threads gets a bit tedious after a while!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Very true- and this wee one is #3. Not sure they’ll really want to go again. This same cousin and her husband also got a quilted chuppah when they got married, so the family is doing well, quilt wise! i have made the older kiddos personalized pillow cases as they have aged…

      I have to say, I hate burying threads nearly as much as i hate basting. I am definitely a piecer not a quilter, lol.


  4. Great quilt!!! and Great Backdrop!! Tough to spend a week there huh? 😉 And the green plaid pants – love them!!

    • LOL, those are her PJ pants. I am always amused to see what they are wearing when we pick them up… Thank goodness, the counselors made the boys shower this time. The first year my son went, he didn’t shower the entire week. UGH.



  5. Ooh, I especially love this one. Rainbows are just so friendly!

  6. What a beautiful finish, and that does seem to be a pretty awesome compliment! 🙂

    • What’s funny is how much I’ve changed as a quilter since this baby girl’s older brother was born. This wee one is #3, and each of her siblings has a quilt that is so very very different, and such a part of who I was at that time… (I think #3 lucked out as this is the most fun by far…)



  7. Yay for rainbow goodness! Your quilt is beautiful! There’s A Monster at the End of This Book is a fav around here too. We even got the app, which is hilarious. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  8. Love it…what a gorgeous, vibrantly colored finish!

  9. It’s a fabulous quilt and a gorgeous backdrop!

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