A perfect pair

No excuses for the length of time between posting. I just have to accept that summer and blogging do not go well together for me. (We DID have a lovely weekend in the mountains, where we discovered a new hot springs retreat and spent our 16th anniversary sipping daiquiris in a natural hot tub…)


But you didn’t come here for the gratuitous anniversary pix. Did you? I mean, if you did, that’s cool. I have more I could show- oh, no, you’re not interested after all? 😉

But what I really wanted to show you is that I managed to finish the 2nd baby top of the pair I’m working on!


I got the rows of HSTs together, with fairly decent points. Good enough that I can live with them, anyway…


I put on the borders, again, directionally. You can see that there are some- gasp- cats in these particular cuts of the “doggy” fabric. Since the mom-to-be receiving this quilt isn’t JUST a dog person (like the other mom) I made certain the cats ended up in this quilt, at least as much as I could.


So here they are together- a nice, complementary pair. I got the back for the first one pieced, but gave out before it was time to baste it. Possibly because I hate basting? I had some of the doggy batik left, and I pulled in some very precious yardage from a piece of Anna Maria Horner’s bohemian (I bought 5 yards of it years ago, and decided to stop hoarding it…) I didn’t piece the 2nd back, yet, but I will. After I force myself to baste the first one.

Meanwhile, my youngest starts middle school this week, so I’ll be quietly having a nervous breakdown over there in the corner. At least school start dates are staggered so I have nearly 2 weeks until my oldest starts high school. If it was the same day, I might never recover…

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16 responses to “A perfect pair

  1. Wow, middle school and high school? Those are big milestones; good luck with the transition. It seems like you’ve had some great summer fun with them. 🙂 I like both baby quilts and how they relate to each other. I remember they are based on numbers (but have no idea for the number basis). I’m drawn to the HST one you finished and am a cat and dog person and wonder if that affinity actually means anything on the number scale.

  2. Cher

    oh middle school and high school? when did your children get so old? sheesh….seems like only yesterday they were in pre-school ! It is amazing how fast children grow up. I too find blogging rarely fits in my time schedule anymore..you do much better! the quilts are great…just get them basted so you can enjoy the quilting!

  3. Love those baby quilts! So cute! Good luck on the back to school days!

  4. I like the anniversary picture! Congratulations to both of you.
    Middle school and high school – crazy times in your house, I am sure. My youngest starts high school next week and it is mind blowing that I no longer have a child in elementary or middle school. Kind of bittersweet, right? Enjoy these last couple of days of summer.

    (I get it about blogging in the summer. I certainly wasn’t as diligent about posting over the past couple of weeks. Hard to find the balance.)

    • It’s gotten even nuttier- 3 days after my son started middle school, we got the call the a spot had opened at the magnet school we really wanted him to go to- he was #2 on wait list for 6.5 months, and the very day their school started, they ended up with a spot…


      Even less time to blog and sew while we get ready to start a new school for the 2nd time in 7 days!



  5. heulwenprice

    Beautiful quilts! I adore batiks, and the colours are gorgeous. 🙂

    • Thank you! I have always loved batiks, and even as I move toward more “modern” patterns and fabrics, i still truly love them- the intense colors are so fun.

      Thank you for visiting!



  6. Love this. Saw you on Let’s Bee Social. Kids grow up and that is a bummer. There is an HST pillow on my blog at 15septemberarts.blogspot.com

    • I’m so sorry i took so long to thank you for checking out my blog! I really should give up on summer blogging as I seem to be a total disaster at it.

      Thank you for visiting!



  7. Summer blogging is hard!! I’ve skipped some posts, too. But that’s okay. It’s summer. Time to hang loose. I love the colors in your baby quilts and how the centers go so well with the borders. Congrats on the anniversary and on the growing kids!

  8. A natural hot tub? OMG I’ve never been in one of those, it looks awesome with that spectacular view! Looks like a fab anniversary 🙂 Great finishes on the quilt tops…basting’s not my favourite job either!

    • I am so sorry I took so long to respond- the natural hot tub is sooooo cool. The natural hot springs are channeled into the fancy tubs, and it is heavenly. The minerals in the water are super good for you. And this particular location is so peaceful!

      Thanks for coming by, Sam


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