Maybe I should just give up on summer blogging? Even when I manage to find time to sew, I can’t find time to type. But at the moment, my kiddos are BOTH away at camp in the mountains. Husband had to work late last night, and I got an entire quilt top done in one night*! And dammit, today I’m going to tell you about it.

I went back to the pair of baby quilts mentioned in my last post. I figured out the layout for each one. And each has a sneaky little inside reference that is making me so happy. The professional development group that I am in with both moms-to-be has often worked with a very cool tool called the Enneagram.  When first introduced to it years ago, I worried that it would be too touchy-feely for me. I was so wrong! Each personality type is assigned a number. I’m a textbook 5… And one of the moms-to-be is a 3, the other a 7. I managed to work out my designs to reflect that- and to not have a single block leftover!

Our first mom is a type 3. So she gets 3 rows of chevrons!


The border is the wonderful doggy batik I showed you up close last time. I noticed that there are actually 2 different cats hidden in the pattern. Mom #1 is totally a dog person, so I tried to cut the borders carefully to include as few cats as possible. And I did cut directionally…

Mom #2 is a type 7. My original layout was set 6×6, but, I had enough blocks to make it 6×7- so she has 7 rows.


I actually like this one a lot better as a rectangle. It seems to work with the reverse layout. This one is also getting borders- a tiny bit skinnier than the other one- but as you can see I didn’t get to it last night.

And it will take another few days to get back to it. Somehow, when planning the kids’ week away at camp, I didn’t even notice that they would be gone over out 16th wedding anniversary. So we’re sneaking away to the mountains for 2 nights all by ourselves! Whoooooo!

* btw I did finish quilting and binding the quilt for my new cousin- and I’m planning to mail it this week! And hopefully even blogging about it.


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12 responses to “Ennea-quilts

  1. Both quilts are attractive in themselves, but adding the bit about personality scores, and they become special and custom designed.

  2. Great quilts. I love how you’ve managed to subtly reflect their personalities in them

  3. Both of the quilts are so pretty, and I really like how you customized them to the mothers-to-be. I totally understand what you’re saying about not having enough time to blog in summer. It seems like I’m always driving one of my kids somewhere!

  4. Love the scrappy chevrons! I will have to check out the personality tool.

  5. What cool, personalized gifts!! I really love that dinosaur/dragon fabric shown in your last photo, too!

  6. Cher

    awesome quilts and how personal in such a fun way! woohoo for a romantic get away! yes, I suck the most at not blogging …it is hard to get everything in …you totally rock girl

  7. I really like that you were able to personalize the quilts to them a bit with using the number of rows to reflect their personalities. That speaks to my nerdy math side so much! 🙂

  8. Love the way you’ve got the colours flowing through the blocks, it’ll definitely keep those babies busy looking at them! Umm, not sure I want to know what my personality type is… Wishing you a wonderful time in the mountains and a very happy anniversary 🙂

  9. They both look great. The dog border fabric works really well.

  10. This post made me laugh. I totally feel you, friend! 🙂

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