The Quilt at the End of the Rainbow

It seems like lately my life has turned into nothing but little league- up to 5 days a week between games and practices. Henry and I are both wiped out to say the least… But this past Sunday was indeed a day of rest- and I spent it locked in my sewing room. I only came out to eat, and move loads of laundry around.

It paid off!


I have a completely done quilt top, and am hoping to get it basted and quilted this upcoming weekend. But, it’s the midseason little league tournament, and if the kids do well, I could be at the field Friday-Sunday. Yikes… send sunscreen and bug spray…

Again, choosing fabrics took as long if not longer than sewing the blocks. And most of the blocks have some cute surprises.


The light green block has 2 dogs, words about space and science, and a dinosaur. The dino is my only regret- I put it in because I love the fabric so very much, but it’s really too light and blue in tone. It pops out too much. Sigh.

IMG_6318I learned I really don’t have a lot of deep, dark greens in my stash. I had to struggle to find these. Some of them are very vintage, from back in my early quilting days. BTW, my newly organized scrap bins are wonderful for this kind of project. It was so easy to find what I needed! The only sneaky novelty in this block is the lizzy house mineral/gem fabric. Though I guess that black and green Kaffe is also funky…


Deep blue was fun- but I nearly exhausted my options with just this small block, which is why I put out my call for help with deep blues for a special project… I put the dinos in here again, and here, they work! Also gems, stars, flames, a lucky cat, and even outer space.


Pink! Almost completely from my scrap bin… some more very vintage pieces in here. The funky glasses kind of represent me. And there’s some very special Heather Ross in here as well.


Red! I always feel like red is lacking in modern fabric lines, and a LOT of the reds here are from my black and white and red quilt phase- more than 10 years ago! Yikes! But there is one very modern piece of Tula in there, too.

I finally grabbed a photo of the backing fabric, and I’m really happy with it- not the least because it’s very old stash fabric. It feels so good to use what you have- and be happy with the outcome!


I’m thinking white of some sort for the binding- I know it sounds weird, but I’m not sure what else might work- I’m very open to ideas!

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48 responses to “The Quilt at the End of the Rainbow

  1. Lyn Smith

    Love your quilt. What size did your blocks end up at?
    I just might have to do something like this for all my scraps. Mind you with the number of scraps I’ve got I’ll probably end up with more than one.

    • They’re going to finish at 15”, so the quilt will be 45”. A good floor/play size for the baby-to-be. This has been a really fun baby quilt to make- perfect for scraps!

      Thank you for visiting, S

  2. Deep greens are really hard to find in fabric – I am impressed you had enough to make a block; I would struggle there myself!

  3. I find that doing scrappy projects, especially when you are staying within one color for each block, can be a little tricky and time consuming. So totally crushing on the Heather Ross snippit!

    Greetings from Germany!

    • There’s actually 4 Heather Ross snippets: 2 dogs, 1 gnome, and 1 camper 🙂 Because this is a baby I already love very much, even though he or she won’t be here for a few more weeks, I broke into some of my treasured fabrics… A quilter would be able to take one look at those squares and know how special I think the baby is, right? 😉

      Thank you for visiting, Sam


  4. That block has been on my radar for quite a while, waiting patiently in the wings. I like the rainbow approach to color that you used. And the dino doesn’t stand out on the whole quilt as much as on the photo of the block. Yes you can see him, but then he is a novelty, like the monkye face on purple and red.

    • It’s a really fun block- and goes together so fast! All the novelties stand out, and I’m okay with that- I figured as the baby grows it would be a fun surprise… But I’m glad that many of you are saying the dino doesn’t stand out any more than the others!



  5. Wonderful quilt top finish, love the stars, this is really pretty.

  6. Purple? Lovely blocks and top – will be great whatever you use as binding! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  7. Lisa Marie

    Love this! Personally, I tend to use darker colored bindings because I always worry that a light colored one will show dirt — and I want my quilts to be used and loved. I would consider greys and blacks. Or a black and white print that’s more black than white. Or even purple — since it is not along any edges I think it would work as a frame.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever done a white or very light binding- for just this reasons! I’m leaning toward a black, or black and white, fabric… But I do like the purple idea- purple is my absolute favorite!

      Thank you for visiting, Sam


  8. Your quilt looks great! I’m not bothered by the dino square among your greens, it is fine! It was a good idea to spice the 5 x 5 blocks with the white stars.

    • I wish I could take credit for the idea of the white stars, but it was a tutorial I found on line- link in my first post about the blocks. I’m glad to hear that people don’t think that one dinosaur pops out too much!

      Thank you for visiting, Sam


  9. I love this pattern and have had it on my ‘to do’ list…I really like your color wheel approach – just might have to steal that idea! As for binding, I would suggest using black…it will make the colors pop (and as someone else stated above, you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty or dingy).

    • I am starting to lean towards something like black w/white polka dots for a binding- I think it might give me just the right pop… We shall see!

      Thank you for visiting, Sam


  10. it looks great! I’m a big fan of rainbow quilts and I love the white stars. I can’t help with the binding, I find it hard to visualise these things. You could do a matched binding though?

  11. Love the pop of dinosaur. I think a black/white tiny print would work for the binding and gray might be interesting too. Neutral definitely makes sense.

  12. I love the beautiful rainbow of color! Fabulous blocks! I hope you get a chance to quilt it soon…however, sunshine has a way of wearing you out!

    • Last night’s #$^#%)@%* game went until 10:30pm- and it only stopped then because it turns out the field lights automatically go out at that time… I am exhausted! Didn’t touch a stitch, or pick up my knitting, tonight…



  13. They came out great!! Such great color choices.

  14. I once put a black fabric with a little orange print (probably a Halloween blender fabric) in it as binding on a rainbow quilt, and it sounds strange, but it worked really well. It read as a dark brown, which was not as jolting as black binding (which I had originally intended) would have been. I love looking at your blocks; they are a fun I Spy. (And I do like the dinosaur on the green block.)

  15. I love your blocks! I haven’t been quilting all that long and I definitely notice that some fabric colors can be hard to find, so I’m impressed you were able to pull that all together from stash! For binding, I did a table runner in rainbow solids and did a black binding and I think it looked really nice. I bet it would also look cool with a solid binding to match each block (so red around the red, yellow around yellow etc) – but way more work that way!

    • Ah… I have been quilting since the late 90s, and have the stash to prove it 😉 The deep greens and reds came from some of my oldest fabrics… I have definitely noticed trends in colors over the years!

      I think I may go with a black binding, or if I can dig up some black w/white polka dots, that could be fun, too…

      Thank you for visiting, Sam


  16. This is amazing! What a stash buster – must feel awesome to use heaps of them up. I don’t think dino stands out too much on the overall quilt btw 🙂

    Erin x

    • The funny part is- this didn’t even make a dent in my stash 😦 Because I have way too much fabric… but it is a fun way to work with what I have! Thank you for visiting, Sam


  17. Little Black Cat Quilting

    I love rainbow quilts! The white star is an awesome way to put a fresh spin on it. And I love the little fabric surprises in each block; the rubber ducky is darling! 🙂

  18. very pretty..Love the fabrics, especially the pink with the eye glasses

  19. Bright and fun rainbow star blocks. Love the novelty prints you used. the backing is too fun.

  20. Emilee

    Maybe do a scrappy binding where the color matches the block it is sewn around? Would be some work to match it up, but I think could be a fantastic finish for the quilt! (Which is so cute!)

  21. This is just adorable Sam! I like the idea of white binding, but it doesn’t seem terribly practical for an infant. Maybe a bright yellow, if you have one?

  22. Oh, this is super!!! So many treasures to find as the little grows 🙂
    It’d be time consuming, but if it were me, I’d consider doing a rainbow binding, matching up the colors. Or maybe black squared elements….

  23. This is gorgeous and a terrific way to use up those scraps in your organized scrap bins. :0)

  24. Joycita

    White binding gets way too dirty! Black bindings can be too abrupt. But maybe a black with multi-color dots or speckles would work.

    I love the stars — I have stacks of 16-patches and 36-patches made from leaders and enders. Each block is primarily one color, like yours — but no stars. Mine seem so boring now!

  25. What a fun quilt top.
    There’s nothing like a rainbow project to show you where the holes in your stash are!

  26. It looks fabulous. Love all the fun fabrics in the blocks.

  27. Linda

    How about a narrow white frame around the blocks, then any bright print would work. Or a black and white.

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