After 3 weeks of rain, of course there’s a rainbow!

Stop the presses. Or whatever passes for presses these days. Because I spent Sunday…sewing!

I have some more baby quilts in my future. The most exciting is a quilt for our newest cousin, joining the family in July. He or she will be welcomed by an older brother and sister, both of whom already have their own original Sam quilts. In both cases, their parents chose not to find out sex, and this time is no different. So yet again I was stuck trying to come up with an amazing gender neutral quilt. Ugh.

And then inspiration struck. Or rather, appeared on Facebook. My cousin announced #3 to the world-at-large with this adorable drawing, done by #2, of the baby-to-be.

rainbowbabyClearly this baby needs a rainbow quilt. And I just happened to have this roll of 20 batik strips hanging out in my stash. Bought it what feels like a million years ago. What better use than this? (Also please note that my wee cousin appears to feel, as I do, that purple should be the dominant color in everything. Smart girl!)

IMG_6199 IMG_6187But what to do with the strips? I went through my Pinterest boards for inspiration, and settled on this great tutorial by Flutterkat. The pattern called for a scrappier look than just my strips, but I started with them as inspiration. I decided to make 9 blocks- purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, dark blue, and light blue. I cut my squares 3.5″ rather than 4 as I wanted this to be baby quilt sized…

I started with… can you guess? Purple!

IMG_6189The blocks come together super quickly, and yet again, it’s an instance of picking fabrics taking longer than cutting and sewing the blocks!

IMG_6191 IMG_6192 IMG_6194I noticed that my wonky star points weren’t so very wonky on the first block, so I tried harder to make them so on later blocks. I got through 4 blocks before I had to return to the real world and deal with the kids… not too shabby! 4 down, 5 to go… These are so much fun that I am jonesing to make more. But my time this week is spoken for- 5th grade continuation, little league game, little league practice, movie, family photo shoot, other little league game, sleep (at least, I hope sleep!) Yikes. So check these out and know I’ll be making more to show you just as soon as I can…


I managed to sneak in lots of my favorite fabrics- some Heather Ross dogs and gnomes, some vintage Kaffe, two pieces of one of my favorite Tulas, lots and lots of pearl bracelets in various iterations, and more. Do you see the adorable monsters in the corner of the blue block? I discovered several yards in my stash. The background is a fun blue, and the monsters are really friendly and cute, and are in all the colors of the rainbow. So they’re going to be the backing.

I’ll be linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday, WIP Wednesday, and Let’s Bee Social while I try to find more time to sew…wish me luck!


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35 responses to “After 3 weeks of rain, of course there’s a rainbow!

  1. I really love your combination of batiks and modern fabric. I hadn’t thought to do this. A lovely colourful project!

    • I really enjoy mixing batiks and moderns- batiks were one of my first loves when I started quilting, and I still enjoy their depth and tonal colors… Thank you for visiting! -Sam


  2. A really cool idea for a quilt for a little one. I love the little monsters too.

  3. Don’t know which one I like the best. They’re all so beautiful and I love, love, love the pearl bracelets. One of my favorite fabrics.


  4. Nice to see you back at the sewing machine Sam. This quilt is going to be adorable. I love the rainbow idea for a gender neutral quilt. And honestly, what does a infant know about gendered colors anyway?

  5. That is a great baby quilt! I also believe there should be lots of purple everywhere. Hope you get lots of sewing time in.

  6. I can see how choosing fabrics took a long time. Each fabric has been chosen with care – from the camel to the swirly block. This is a gorgeous and yet simple quilt. Love everything about it.

  7. Adorable rendition of the new baby to be. And your inspiration for a beautiful baby quilt. Those blocks look like fun!

  8. I love where this quilt is going! It’s a great block and is perfect for a rainbow quilt

  9. They look gorgeous – I’ll be making 2 this month as this block was picked for my hive in stash bee. Perfect for a rainbow baby quilt!

  10. Great idea, that looks like a fun block. I adore rainbow quilts!

  11. Oh my goodness ~ how cute is that picture?!! Excellent plan for a gender neutral quilt! I just finished the top for wonky stars and 16 patch blocks, and I was like you – sneaking to sew every chance I got – so much fun!

  12. I love this rainbow! I think everyone is sick and tired of rain…when will it end?! Your quilt is a beautiful happy piece!

    • We had a teeny tiny break from rain- but it came back yesterday with a vengeance. Some day it will stay dry long enough for my poor kid to get in an entire baseball practice. They’ve had 2 practices and 3 games so far this season.



  13. There was great inspiration in that lovely drawn picture, and what you did with that inspiration was terrific! Great job!

    • I am so glad my cousin posted that photo- I had been bouncing from one idea to another without any sticking… and then- Inspiration! Thank you for visiting! -Sam


  14. I absolutely love your wonky-star-on-rainbow-coloured-ground-blocks! 🙂

  15. Sue

    These blocks are looking great! you’ll find it hard to give away

  16. What a happy baby quilt! And I love your inspiration for the color scheme.

  17. Cher

    awesome on all levels! very inspiring…what a happy set of blocks!

  18. It’s going to be a gorgeous quilt! Love all the novelty prints mixed with the batiks, and I agree, you can never have too much purple!

    • Always purple 🙂 Great minds think a like. I’m already working on incorporating the leftovers from that batik roll into another baby quilt…


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