Before my week off, I set myself a goal: to deal with my scraps. They were seriously out of control. Some of them were sorted by color into small containers. Most of them were in a giant pile on the floor. A while back, I dumped them out of their big container to force myself to deal with them. And then I didn’t.

Here’s what that pile looked like when I started:


And that doesn’t even include the stuff that was stored in bins…


I started by sorting them into piles by color, and also chose which ones to throw away, or give away.


Then, color by color, I sorted and stored. I thought about cutting pieces to certain sizes, but since I don’t have a go to piece size, that seemed like a lot of work. Instead, I just checked to be sure pieces were of usable sizes and tried to gather like with like. Very technical, right?

Slowly but surely, I made progress.


When I got to purple, I had some fun surprises.


The first and biggest surprise was that I had more blue scraps than purple. Shocking! And also nearly as much green as purple.


The next surprise? Pieces of fabric from my first ever quilt, way back in the 90s. Very cool to have found them. I’ll have to work them back into something. I also found some bits of my elusive sugar block backing fabric, and I’m hopeful I might be able to squeak out one more block. Or maybe, please, 2.

Here’s a look at what a color bin looked like when it was nearly done:


When I finally finished, I had bins for purple, blue, green, red, pink, yellow/orange, brown, black/white, and grey. Phew!


Plus, a big pile of novelty bits that I have yet to decide what to do with. And a big bag of totally useable bits that I know I’ll never use, so they’re going to the art room at my daughter’s school. Win/win!

It feels so good to have this done. Now, I’ll just have to keep the bins in decent order. Hah.


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9 responses to “Scraptastic

  1. Janel Barthe

    This is a work of art, you know.

  2. Yep, scrap sorting is first on my list for summer vacation. I am hoping to find some QOV blocks that went missing after a sewing day last fall (oops). For my novelty prints, I am debating cutting them into charms and offering I-spy kits on ebay.

  3. Now what are you going to make with those scraps?

  4. So envious! I’m in the middle of sorting my scraps too, but I cutting mine to size as unfortunately I don’t have space to store so many boxes.

  5. Wow, congratulations-it looks great! And awesome to find wonderful fabric memories hiding. 🙂

  6. Great job in the scrap organizing! And what a treat t have found some bits from a first quilt. Super excited to see what you do with all your new found fabrics 🙂 Keep us posted!

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  8. Denise Faust

    I scrap quilt too. Do you trade scraps for scraps?

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