More for Mom…

My final finish of 2014 was a birthday gift for my mom- I know, she made out like a bandit this year, right? 😉 I made my parents a set of 8 quilted placemats many years ago. They were blue and white and matched their dishes. Last year, my mom got new dishes: fiesta ware in Paprika and Ivory. The old placemats clashed horribly.

Also a few years back, okay more than a few, I made my folks a quilt for their living room.

bento box quilt

It was PERFECT for their living room in South Carolina, even though the colors were so very very very far from my style. (Also please note my dad was well known for never smiling in photos- he actually was happy with it…)

bento box 2

Anyway! In my mom’s new home here in colorful Colorado, the quilt is still in the living room- right next to the dining area (sort of one big room). So I busted out the copious stash of leftovers and set about making her a new set of placemats.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_3189

I used this tutorial from Ellison Lane. It worked well with the fabrics, and was fast and easy. No two placemats match, front or back, but I did bind them all in the same fabric for continuity. I just did simple straight line quilting- worked well enough.


She loved them! Hooray! And as an added bonus, it turns out they have another fan. Mom left them in a stack on her dining table, and found her cat Anna curled up asleep on them. Maybe I should use the remaining scraps to make Anna her own quilt? Probably more sanitary, right?

Of course, when the kids saw these, they reminded me about my plan/promise to make OUR family unit some custom placemats. Gotta get on that…

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25 responses to “More for Mom…

  1. ellisonlanequilts

    They turned out great! So glad you enjoyed the tutorial. 🙂

  2. awesome placemats and quilt. Lucky Mom!

  3. I find placemats are a lot more work than their size and simplicity indicate. Your mom did make out this Christmas! Maybe it’s time to get kids interested in sewing to help make placemats for your home… That way they get what they want, right?

    • Is it horrible that I hate letting my kids use my sewing machine? I’m always terrified they’ll be too rough with it. We do plan to pick out fabrics and work on layout together… Compromise!



  4. Fun placemats, I really like the atlas fabric.
    And your parents have beautiful rugs!

    • We lived in the middle east while I was young- and so my folks have many amazing rugs from the years! That’s part of why I had the atlas fabric- it was actually the backing for a totally different quilt I made for them, picked due to our world travels…

      Thank you for visiting!



  5. Lucky mom! I find Placemats are the perfect way to practice a new technique.

  6. I love making placemats! That’s a great set for your mom, and so fun that no two are the same. Thanks for linking to TGIFF!

    • I have only ever made placemats for my folks before- but I have been promising my kids for ages that we would work together on some of our own… those will DEFINITELY not be coordinated, lol!



  7. bkringel

    Oh, I love how the placemats coordinate but aren’t all the same. I bet they look wonderful on the table!

  8. How lucky you are to sew for your parents! I am sure she loves the placemats!

  9. I love the place mats you made! I love how each one is different but yet they still all go together so well.

  10. Janel Barthe

    Will you post a picture of the placemats with your Mom’s new dishes on them?

  11. How did your parents end up in CO? To be closer to the grandkids? I am trying to convince my parents to do the same…. 🙂 Lovely placemats- tons of mini quilts- I admire your tenacity with all of that binding.

    • My mom moved out to CO after my dad passed away 😦 I’m an only child, so my kids are the only grandkids, and it was nice to have her closer, rather than all alone in SC…



  12. Janel Barthe

    Thank you so much for the “Reveal.” Your taste and your Mom’s taste seem to be in sync. Nice, nice. (like those new dishes…very trendy.)

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