The Final Four

2 teacher baby quilts down (one you saw, one I’m saving for friday) and 2 babies born safely and happily, right before their due dates.

Baby #3 is due in December- except really she’s #4 as Baby #1 actually came over the summer, before her dad was the new science teacher. And I decided there was no rush on her quilt, since she already exists without one… Anyway! The point is- December baby girl’s quilt top is DONE.

I’m having trouble deciding which of these quilt tops is my fave. At first I was certain it was this one, but now I’m not sure. I love it- but I think I love them all pretty darn equally.

But I did have an awful lot of fun playing with different fabrics in this one! There are 8 yellow and 8 purply-pinks.



There is a bit of everything in there. For real! That hoarded Heather Ross doggy fabric is in with a pink I got from- for real- Walmart many years ago. And there’s a bunch of batiks. And ray guns! The ray guns are extra awesome because this teacher happens to sport an amazing belt buckle that looks like a slightly steampunk ray gun! I love the kids drawings on these blocks- I think that guy right above is a jedi of sorts as that looks like a lightsaber, and someone drew an xmas tree as the baby is due so close to that day. My Annie drew Thor’s hammer. I’m hoping to baste and quilt this one over the weekend…

And don’t forget to come by on Friday to see finished baby quilt #2!

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11 responses to “The Final Four

  1. I think it’s stunning. But you’re right. So far they have all been.

  2. Lucky baby! I love this one.

  3. Great colors! I’ve been loving this sort of warm palate lately, especially as the weather is starting to take a cold turn. Nice work!

  4. How cute… and especially I love the cats!

  5. I live in Minnesota and we already have snow and gosh darn cold temps. Fun to work with bright colors during the winter. Great job!

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