The Baby Quilt Marathon Continues

All I can say is thank goodness for Netflix! As I have been churning out the 4 baby quilts for teachers at Annie’s school, I’ve also been burning through Sons of Anarchy. I’m almost caught up to the final season. Hoping the violence doesn’t somehow imprint on the quilts…

I had to switch gears. The quilt that was troubling me most, and that I hadn’t started at all, was for the baby that might in fact pop out first. So I got my butt in gear- and finally got inspired.


I found some old Laurel Burch fabric in my stash- deep purply blue background, with rainbow animals. This baby is the only boy of the 4, and I was worried the fabric was too girly, but then I just went with it. I decided to do 9 patch blocks, featuring the tie dyes squares and rainbow semisolids.


Each block had 2 or 3 squares by the kids, and the rest plain. I used more of the tie dyed squares in the quilt than all the others- and those frayed edges REALLY gave me trouble. (I couldn’t cherry pick the least frayed of the bunch, and had to deal with some very wonky seams because of this).


So I went in color order with the squares… and the value balance is totally off, but I’m okay with that. Only one of the colors is an actual solid (the light green) and the rest are batiks or prints that just seem solid… I’m extra excited that the light green was leftover from the last baby quilt I finished– I love having projects linked.


I threw on the Laurel Burch as a border. I wish I’d made it a little bit wider. But oh well.


I have some fabulous tribal/art deco-ish fabric for the back. The animals are on a pink background but I think it will be okay…

I also managed to finish the pink and yellow top, but that’s the last baby in line, and so that one can wait for another day.  Now to get this one and the purple one quilted and delivered- as those babies are both due 11/9!

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11 responses to “The Baby Quilt Marathon Continues

  1. The Laurel Birch fabric is adorable–lucky baby.

  2. PS the quilt is adorable too; not just the fabric! Love those bright colors and the contrast of dark and light–so will baby eyes.

  3. I think the fabrics are just right for a boy. Way to go on all those baby quilts!!

  4. Cher

    oh, I may still have some of that LB fabric myself! way to go Sam! funny how you can get stumped at times and then inspiration or desperation strikes!

    • I have some random laurel burch stuff buried in my stash- itmust be so old by now! Horses, I know, and maybe some cats?


      On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 7:10 AM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  5. I love your rainbow-inspired layout. Perfect for a baby!

  6. Love the border fabric. I think its turned out really well.

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