Blergh: The Update

My week has not gone as planned.

Monday, my primary care doctor authorized a surgery consult to remove my gallbladder, and scheduled me for a follow up ultrasound. I was not considered an emergency, so US was to be Tuesday and consult over a week later. I still felt like hell and was bummed to learn I might be stuck in the painful limbo for the foreseeable future. (Esp since she put me on clear liquid diet in the mean time.)

So Tuesday my mom drove me to the US appointment- I was feeling way too crappy to handle it, and also had been told to fast, so was on abt 13 hours w no food or water by that time.

US tech got quieter and quieter, and called my doctor immediately. Suddenly, I was on the way to the ER.


Turns out a gallstone had become stuck since my original ER trip and that was the reason I still felt so terrible. Also, it meant I was at high risk for infection and all sorts of other fun stuff. Signs of problems were developing.


It also meant I didn’t need to wait a week for a consult- my gallbladder was coming out that day.


Rich laughed when I wanted to instagram the process. But I was in too much pain to knit, and hand’t grabbed my iPad since I was planning on coming straight home and back to bed after the US. I did eventually manage to read- I’m about to finish book #4 since being admitted. So in the interim I did need a distraction.

We were finally taken  up to pre-op.


Because I was in between elective and true emergency, we waited quite a while. This gave me time to panic. I did a good job holding it together. The only other time I’ve ever had surgery was a crash c-section for my first child, and it was horrifying. We almost lost the baby, my recovery was from hell, and I actually developed PTSD afterwards. It took several years of therapy to help me past that- and here I was again, about to be cut open.

I explained, briefly, my fears to the various docs involved. They were all very caring. I held it all together until I ended up on the actual operating table, and then so many bad memories came back. I started to cry, and the amazing OR nurse dabbed the tears off my cheeks and held my hand tightly, and then… I woke up hours later.

Surgery went perfectly. Hooray! There was a brief scare when they had trouble getting my BP under control, but, honestly, the eventual decision was that it was fear and stress driving it up so high. Because of this it did take them longer than normal to release me to a room.


Normally a gallbladder removal can be outpatient, but as we started so late at night, and probably also due to my BP, they kept me overnight. Probably a good choice. I got the all clear at noon or so on Wednesday and just like that, came back home.

But not until after I got jello!


The pain is better today, and I’m able to go longer than the minimum between pain pills, so that’s a good sign. It took a ridiculous amount of energy to type this blog post.

During all this drama, we’ve still been dealing with the home repairs. The contractor managed to call right when the surgeon finally arrived in my ER cubby… oi. I can’t deal with telling you about that today, but let’s leave it at, the fun is not done over here, not by far.

The Vicodin are calling me. Time to go. But first, thank you all for your well wishes. It’s appreciated.



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22 responses to “Blergh: The Update

  1. Get well soon and enjoy that jello (I swear that stuff tasted like manna from heaven after I had pancreatitis)! Hang in, girl!

  2. Ann

    I’m so sorry it went down like that, but thankful they got it taken care of quickly. Sending hopes for a speedy recovery!

  3. Ugh! I’m so, so sorry. This sounds ew, and I hope you feel better immediately. 😦

  4. Oh Sam! I can’t believe what you’ve been through (both recent and previously). I’m just so pleased that you’re on the mend, and you’ll be back to amusing us soon. xx

  5. And I want to add, that I send you very much love. As do Jolly and Delilah, and also Merthin, who almost never gets a mention, because I couldn’t find a way of making his name sexy. xx

  6. Yikes! Glad everything is okay and that the staff looked after you!

    I thought the bowl of jelly was your gall bladder for second LOL (like how things like an appendix were put in jars!!).

  7. Oh goodness, I do hope you have a fast recovery. So glad you had a great US technician that got you into surgery when you really needed it. Your tech who held your hand sounds like a wonderful guardian angel, too. 🙂

    • The US tech promised I could have juice as soon as he was done (14 hours fasting by then), and then, he looked at me and said, I’m sorry, but no juice after all. That’s when I knew something was up…

      The OR nurse WAS a guardian angel of some sort. I was very close to completely falling apart when she grabbed and squeezed my hand…


  8. Stay off the internet. The drugs will make you want to buy stuff. Glad you made it through the surgery.

    • LOL, a post surgery risk I didn’t even think of! Vicodin influenced shopping! Fortunately (?), I can’t seem to find a position to hold the tablet or laptop that doesn’t aggravate my stomach… probably saving me $$$.


  9. So glad the surgery went well.

    • Thanks, Ruth. I am feeling especially grateful for 1st world care at the moment. You will understand… My dad’s appendix actually burst when we were living in Turkey, and that was pretty terrifying!


  10. Oh my goodness! I am so very glad that you are now back home and resting up. No doubt you will be back to crafty purple hijinks in no time. 😉

  11. Oh no – that got a lot worse very quickly. Glad you were able to get the operation and are on the mend now. Get well soon!

  12. Hello, I came over to thank you for your kind comments on my blog, and find this! I hope you have a speedy recovery, get to eat lots of good stuff soon and have no bad after effects to the surgery… your experience with the C-section sounds like the absolute worst.

  13. It’s been two weeks. I hope all is good health wise. Scary & beyond scary.

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