So that 24 hour stomach bug I had last week? Not so much.


The horrific abdomen pain came back with a vengeance at 3am, and by 6am, I woke up my husband so he could drive me to the ER.

Yeah, not a stomach bug. A wonky gallbladder. Apparently it’s just totally full of stones. Awesome. And 2 attacks in a week makes me a possible candidate for removal.

Because this week didn’t suck enough already.


Last week we noticed a big leak in our house. Ugh. We’ve had tons of rain lately- very unusual for Denver. Our insurance people sent mitigation folks, who ripped open the walls and set up dryers, plus disinfected.


And they were scheduled to remove the equipment- when it rained like mad again, and more water appeared. At least this time we could see where it was coming from.IMG_1186

But this caused the need for more wall/floor ripping up. My poor little guy has been evicted from his bedroom, as his floor is also the ceiling that was leaking. It appears we’ve had water issues for a while but it just finally got big enough to bust through.


Yup, that carpet will have to go.  And walls need to be repaired and repainted. And we have to determine why the hell it happened in the first place.

This is not meant to be a please pity me post, but after sharing all my happy stuff with you last week, I thought I should show the other stuff too.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take one of the pain pills they ER doc prescribed, and go back to bed. Looks like there will be no sewing or knitting around here for a while.



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29 responses to “Blergh

  1. Um, this is a serious post of yuck. 😦 I’m sorry to hear about all this ickiness! I hope you feel better really soon and unicorns come and fix your house for you. They should also come and fix your gallbladder. Because that would be way more awesome.

    • Unicorns sound way better than laparoscopic surgery! Or contractors for that matter. Maybe with the Percocet they gave me, I’ll see some 😉 -Sam

      On Saturday, August 9, 2014, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  2. Cher

    good to rant and show life can just be plain oh so not so much fun …hope you are feeling well soon and …good luck with the house leak drama!

    • Thanks, Cher. Right now massive storms are headed toward us, so fingers crossed we don’t get MORE water in the house… -Sam

      On Saturday, August 9, 2014, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  3. I am so sorry things have been so yuck. Here’s to a better tomorrow.

  4. I lump the gallbladder right in with tonsils…their usefulness far outweighed by all the trouble they cause! Feel better soon 😦

  5. I hope things get better soon. I hate stomach issues.

  6. Hope you get to feeling better soon and that your house repairs is not too stressful.

  7. So sorry to hear about all the health and home problems. 😦 I hope that everything resolves quickly and easily for you.

  8. Blergh is right. Sorry you’ve had such a terrible week. Hope you can stay dry, the house is fixed quickly and you have a speedy recovery.

  9. I had my gallbladder out fifteen years ago…easy procedure! 12 hours total from check in to check out on the day of surgery, then a few days on the couch. Good Luck, I hope you have an easy time as well. As for the house, yikes!

  10. Ann

    Oh no! That is a no good very bad week. I hope you find some gallbladder relief soon. I had mine removed a while back. All the best to you!

  11. oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. I had kidney stones about 10 years ago. Once they’d sorted it out, they never came back if that’s a little light at the end of the tunnel for you?

    • Thank you, Wendy- I’ll take end-of-tunnel-light 🙂 With gallstones apparently they remove the gallbladder after you hit a certain point, which it sounds like I have reached. You can do without a gallbladder, but not without a kidney!


  12. I’m sorry Sam! The gallbladder thing is not fun. One of my best friends went through it. I hope you can get rid of the stones without surgery.

    What a pain about the house! I had something similar happen years ago, but it was a rental, and I was so happy it wasn’t my problem.

    I really hope things improve for you soon! In the mean time, take it easy and we’ll try and keep ourselves amused.

    Much love,

  13. Well, that’s just crappy all of the way around. Hope you can manage your gallbladder WITHOUT surgery. You know I love seeing (and reading) about all of the fun things you do with your family.

    • Sadly it sounds like surgery is the standard course when things have escalated to the point I’m at 😦 Frankly, if t would make me feel better, I’d rip the damn thing out myself at this point. Sigh.


  14. Oh no! Finger-crossed yo won’t need the surgery….hoping you get well soon

    • Thank you… it looks like surgery is the most likely outcome, but it’s a very small procedure. And if it keeps the pain from recurring, I’m ll for it. That pain was insane.


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