Tula Tuesday: 48, 49, and 50

I made it!

I’m keeping to my goal of 10 blocks per month, and that makes this my halfway point!


Blocks 48, 49, and 50!


(Aside from being halfway done, I also made it past #50, also known as the 6″ block with 30 freaking pieces.)

Block 48:

IMG_9248 IMG_9255

Purples and the teeniest bit of leftover blue from binding Meow Mix, as well as some horses from Fox Field.

Block 49:

IMG_9249 IMG_9253

Simple grey triangles, also leftover from Meow Mix, floating in a see of green- the green is my fave print from The Birds and The Bees.

And finally, Block #50:

IMG_9250 IMG_9251

Block #50 went together much more easily than I anticipated. Truly. Except for one minor issue- my fabric choices didn’t work at all. They looked great up close, but as soon as you got more than 5 feet away, the block turned into a blob, and might has well have been cut from one piece of fabric as from 30. I despaired. I didn’t want to start it over, what with all those little bitty triangles, but really, I needed to. What was the point of making the most fiddly block in the book if no one could see my hard work? So I started from scratch, and ended up with this fabric combo. I saved the first block. Maybe it will be part of the back, or a label, or something, someday.

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-50

50 blocks! I think Tula must have put 50 where she did in the book just for folks like me- the toughest block signaling the halfway point…

Did you have any Tula progress this week? Link up below…



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10 responses to “Tula Tuesday: 48, 49, and 50

  1. I’ve always adored that bird print. I really should pick up as much as I can in the different colorways. So yum! And your blocks look great!

  2. ellen

    I’m so far behind and not looking forward to block 50. Your blocks are all turning out so awesome!

  3. The idea of doing the tula blocks is fantastic – it would be a great way to improve my cutting and piecing, I love love love that yours are so purple – my favourite colour!!

    • Purple is my absolute fave as well 🙂 Perhaps you can tell just by glancing at the blog… lol.

      I am doing the entire tula book over the course of the year with 3 friends- it’s been so much fun to see our very very different fabric choices in the same blocks!


      On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 11:43 AM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  4. Hi Madfabricholic, Really like this page. I love to make quilts to and all sorts of things and I just LOVE fabric aswell. I really like your idea of making 10 per month ( I think that’s what I read). I might give it a try at 5 as I get so tired so easily. I think it’s great what you’ve accomplished on this page. Oh and I love the picky of your blocks on the line. My block isn’t as detailed as your infact it’s very simple and basic but I hope you pop by and visit. Any tips greatfully appreciated to. Keep going. Thanks, tisjen 🙂

  5. ……..Sorry I meant Blog…..but thinking block (smiling) 🙂

  6. Lookin’ good Sam! I am still loving the way your colors are coming together. And I am impressed that you are on block 50 and still going strong!

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