Done (and gifted) is better than perfect, right?

I am happy to say that I did indeed finish the HST quilt, and get it to my aunt, only a few days post surgery.

After much debating, I *did* add some borders to increase the finished size of the quilt.


IF I had it to do over, I would have made the print border much thinner. In fact, I would have started with a  thin grey inner border, then a thinner print border, and then a final grey border, but oh well. Live and learn. The borders did take away from the graphic impact of the design, but, the size is better, so, all’s well that ends well enough… And, yes, I could have gone back and redone the borders, but I really did want to get this done as quickly as possible.

I got it basted (and finished streaming True Detective, which I LOVED!)


I thought I had the minkes backing stretched as taut as possible, but as you’ll see later, my quilt got a bit puffy and puckered. I quilted it very simply and moved on to binding ASAP. I changed my mind about what fabric to use for binding. The original plan had been the Amy Butler print I used for the inner border, but, after I added it as a border, it seemed like it would be overpowering. So I dug through the stash, and I had enough of the lighter blue shot cotton solid that I had added to the quilt…


The blue worked well for the front and back. I got it bound and washed as fast as possible to get it out in the mail. And after the washing, you can REALLY see how the top seemed to get puffy.


See what I mean? WAY more puckers and wrinkles than usual. Can I blame the minkee? I’ve never used it before. No, wait, I used it once on a quilt I actually tied- the only one I ever finished that way. (It’s an xmas quilt, so doesn’t get a ton of use, and I thought it would be okay- so far so good.)


Puckery on top, and now look at the back. (But, hey, the binding worked well, didn’t it?)


Puckery there as well. But it made kind of a cool design/texture. Before I try minkee as a backing again, I need to figure out what was up this time. Suggestions most welcome!

BUT. The quilt got done, And it got mailed. And even though the post office’s so-called 2 day delivery took 4, my aunt has her cuddle quilt. I’m so glad I chose the minkee, even with the problems it caused, as her first comment was how cuddly and snuggly it is. She did send me a photo of herself bundled up under it- but I didn’t hear back from her if she would mind me sharing it with you guys (if I were only a few days post surgery and in my jammies, I might not want to appear on a blog, even one without tons of readers…) so you’ll have to take my word for it that the quilt has already gone to good use.

Next up, finishing the catvent quilt. The brides were married last week, so I’m now officially late 😦 Meanwhile, linking up with TGIFF (hosted this week by the wonderful Jo), Fabric Frenzy Friday, and Finish It Up Friday.


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37 responses to “Done (and gifted) is better than perfect, right?

  1. It’s turned out well, the Minkee is a great colour for the back too.

  2. Don’t worry about the puckers. It looks fine! Plus the minky is so soft so who cares about little wrinkles 😉

    • That was where I ended up… the softness is so happy and comforting, it trumps the wrinkles! But i would like to figure out what i did wrong, as I have enough leftover to back another quilt, and I’d love to use it eventually… -Sam

  3. I’ve heard that minky is hard to work with, which has scared me from trying it (one day…). I’m sure there is a trick to it! Besides, once the quilt is getting used and being tucked around someone, who will notice the puckers?! (I should tell myself the same thing next time I’m nit picking my own work lol!). The fabrics are so bright and cheery and I like the border as you made it!

    • I need to do some research to find that trick! i have enough left to back another quilt, so, time to figure it out…

      It’s so easy to nit pick your work… sigh.


  4. Oh, I bet she absolutely loves it! And I can only imagine how super snuggly and cuddly it is. I’ve never used minky, as I’m kind of terrified of it. One day, I hope, but the terror is too strong for now.

  5. Cher

    yes, minky is really tricky to work with…I use flannel instead myself, but you can not beat minky for being silky soft! fabulous quilt – and I agree, that binding color worked great…well done Sam…plus all that love in it also does healing magic!

  6. MInky is tricky to work with, but it’s so soft and cuddly. Your quilt turned out nicely….

  7. Luckily we’re our own worst critics! I think it looks good, and it’s already being loved. Yay! The blue makes an excellent binding.

  8. I think it’s beautiful as is! Sorry about the issues you had with the batting, but I’m sure you notice the issues with the puckering more than anyone else will. I had a similar problem with the last baby quilt I made, and no else seemed to mind a bit. I have a friend who works with all sorts of cuddly, soft, backings. I’ll send her an email and see if she comes up with anything useful. Congrats Sam, it’s lovely.

    • Thank you for checking with your friend for me 🙂

      usually no one else notices the errors in my projects that I do- but i still see every single one. Sigh.


      • I do too, but after learning that no one else notices them I somehow stopped being a self inflicted perfectionist.

        – Jane

      • Hi Sam! I heard back from Liz, she says she hasn’t used minke as she thinks it would be too slippery (so I guess your experience proves that). She’s used fleece a few times and didn’t particularly like it, and now uses tracksuit fabric, although she recommends giving it a really heavy duty wash before sewing it. I’m sorry we couldn’t be more helpful.

        All the best,

  9. Perfection is overrated. However, I think this is a great quilt for several reasons – fabric choices and colors; design choice; and the fact you tried something different. Minky scares the crap out of me. It’s a sweet – as in awesome! – quilt.

  10. My hubby always tell me that quilts are never as flat as they are in my post pictures because people are always under them or they’re folded up. So don’t worry about it. I’ve never tried minky but I always thought it sounded tricky. Did you prewash? It looks fabulous anyway and I can totally see what you mean about the borders. Aren’t we our quilts biggest critics? I think it looks great and love your fabric choices.

    • I didn’t prewash- but then I don’t prewash anything. (I know, shocking thing to admit out loud!)

      Your husband makes an excellent point 🙂

      Thanks for visiting!


  11. I love the effect on the back. Minkee is a royal pain, and I’ve totally sworn off using it., but its soooo soft!

  12. I love a graphic HST quilt, and this is fabulous! I’ve very nervous about minky too…. but it still looks beautiful and it’s keeping someone loved and warm!

  13. What a beautiful gift. Just perfect….puckers and all…

  14. I think your quilt turned out great! I’m going to go against the grain here, I have used Minke several times and have not found it that bad to work with. Is it possible that you might have stretched it too much?

  15. Done and being loved/used is so much better than perfect. You are brave to quilt with Minky, I have heard such horror stories but also so raves about the finished softness and cuddle factor. Nice job.

  16. I’ve used minky a few times, and while none have been as *perfectly* successful as I’d like, I have found that if I 1) pre-wash all of my cottons for the top, and 2) skip the batting, I am more successful. Of course, without the bat, the quilt is significantly less warm, so if you want it I’d pre-shrink that, too.
    I agree with all the above comments about perfection, etc. This is a gorgeous gift with beautiful, bright colors, and no one will critique a few puckers. 🙂

    • Hmmm, I will admit that I basically never pre-wash my cottons. I bet that played a bigger role in this than I’d care to admit… I really did need this one to be snuggly, so I’m glad I used batting, but I might try next time skipping it…

      Thank you for the tips!


      On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  17. Nothing is every perfect. I love how this turned out and I am sure the recipient will love it too! Nice job 🙂

  18. I personally LOVE the puckers! I think it gives your quilt extra character 🙂

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