Tula Not-Quite-Tuesday: Blocks 39 and 40

Having Memorial Day off left me a bit confused this week, and even though I had my Tula blocks done for this week, I managed to forget to post them on time! Ooops. But here I am, with two more blocks, thus completing my ten blocks for May- I’m 40 down with 60 to go…


Argh, triangles. The 1.5″ squares are not my friends.

Block #39 was fine… my only regret is that the 2 sides of the cube are too similar. See?

IMG_8784 IMG_8772

The colors looked different enough in the light when I cut them. But when the block was pieced, I no longer felt that way. But, I am very happy with the way I made that Anna Maria Horner print work in the center of the block!

Block #40 and I didn’t get along at all. I may go back and redo it. I am very, very happy with my fussy cut Fox Field centers. But… the green and lavender are way too different (which is funny, considering what I am complaining about in the previous block!) And my triangles are TERRIBLE. You won’t even have to look closely to tell.

IMG_8781 IMG_8778

If I do redo it, I’ll replace the pale purple with a different, darker green. And probably even replaced the deep blue triangles. Maybe everything But the centers.

And, oh man, there are so many triangle blocks yet to go 😦

tula blocks 1 thru 25 city sampler blocks 26-40

What about you? Working on any Tula Blocks? Link up below if so!



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8 responses to “Tula Not-Quite-Tuesday: Blocks 39 and 40

  1. Your blocks are gorgeous! I love how you have been able to fussy cut some of the fun motifs in these little blocks (#40 is my favorite…love those Fox Field animals!). I really like your collage of blocks. I must take some time and do that!

    • I use Fd’s Flickr Toys to make the collages, and it is fast and easy. Only drawback is you can’t pull all 100 images into one collage.

      The Fox Field animals are some of my favorite fabric, ever… Thanks for coming by.


      On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 10:04 AM, Diary of a Madfabriholic wrote:


  2. Shauna

    I think both blocks look great. I love the fussy cut one. I see your issue with the colors being close, but I think there is enough of a difference, and it looks good.

  3. Phenomenal! I think they look fantastic. Makes me want to crack that book open and give it a go….so far I’ve only used one block from it for a whole quilt. You go girl!

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