Sunday Stash: All Tula All The Time

This lovely fabric became mine right before we left on vacation…


A bundle of lovely, lovely Tula Pinks. From top to bottom: Acacia Raccoon in Blueberry, Salt Water Sea Debris in Aqua, Fox Field Pony Play in Dusk, Fox Field Happy Dot, and Fox Field Foxtrot (my favorite fabric in years and years…)

I dithered around when Quilt Home was having their Tula sale, and by the time I decided to place an order, half the fabrics I wanted were sold out. Bad for me, better for my budget. The top 4 fabrics came from Quilt Home, and the bottom, the fabulous amazing signature Fox Field Foxtrot print, came from a local store.

And I only got one yard of it.

Because I hadn’t been into this shop in ages- they carry delicious modern fabrics by all the designers I love, but I remembered them as a bit pricey. And I remembered right- $12.99 a yard for the Tula! Ouch. They had the whole line, but I couldn’t afford any more at the moment! Sigh.

Meanwhile, I have this excellent pile of Tulas to go into many projects, but especially my City Sampler blocks.

Hope you had a wonderful stash week! Linking up with Sunday Stash.


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16 responses to “Sunday Stash: All Tula All The Time

  1. Ah Tula Pink… My first indulgence when I’ll be back at work!

  2. I love Tula and I love your combination. I also love all the purple on your site!

  3. Mara

    Gotta Love Tula Pink, but WOW that price was crazy at your LQS.

  4. $12.99 seems cheap to me heh. Quality fabrics at LQS here are usually $20-$25 if not more 😦 I really love the bunny dots. It’s in my wishlist so hopefully some will still be available when i have some extra cash spare!!

    • You and Wendy make the same, very good point… I’m spoiled by $9.99/yard on average- tho I do spend too much time scouring the internet for bargains… I hope the bunny dots get to you in time. I’d still love some more in the purple.


  5. Oh, I do love this stack! And I can’t believe I didn’t hear about this Tula sale! So. Sad. 😦

  6. Here’s something to think about – you know that fabric was $12.99 a yard? We pay £12.99 a yard for ALL FABRICS. That’s about $20… American quilters are so lucky and we can only dream about invading your country and stealing all your fabric! ;0)

    • Oh, Wendy, that is awful- I knew it was more, but I didn’t realize it was that much more… I’d offer to ship you fabric, but shipping costs are so crappy that they cost difference gets eaten up 😦


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