Snow and Ice

Last year we took a mini-vacation (read: one night away from home) up to Steamboat Springs to check out the Ice Castles, and on the way home we stopped in Breckenridge to check out the 2013 International Snow Sculpture Competition. Both wintery art installations are magnificent, and this year, BOTH were in Breck. So we decided to make a day trip out of it and see the 2014 Snow Sculptures and the Ice Castles all in one day.

In the abstract this was a wonderful plan. In reality, Breck was mobbed, and it felt like it took us as long to find parking as it did to drive up to the mountain town…  After I stopped being whiny, and got fed, we did all have a great, albeit cold time.










And because my fabulous husband drove there AND back, I finally finished Clue #1 of the last Westknits mystery shawl. And yes, I know how behind I am. I started it back when the KAL started, and had all sorts of issues, and put it down to ruminate for a while. which turned into months. I ripped it out completely 2 weeks ago, and am much happier now.  Hopefully I’ll have some photos to show you soon.


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8 responses to “Snow and Ice

  1. Cindy

    I love that you wrote about this and posted pictures. Living in FL, this is not something I would ever experience. Yes, I’m one of those that really detests the snow and cold. I think these sculptures are even more fantastic-al than our sand sculptures.

    • I really hate the snow and cold, too. Living in Denver actually means we don’t see much of it- it’s rare to have an extended cold snap, and our snow generally melts away very quickly.

      I would LOVE to see fabulous sand sculptures some day!


  2. Those pics are so cool! (har har). Looks like lots of fun! I love the look of the snow but I wouldn’t want to venture out in it – ever.

    • I actually hate snow too! If I never ever had to scrape off a car and drive in it, I might be okay with it. But, I do have to do both those things… and I hate it! In sculpture or castle form, however, I can make an exception 😉


  3. This girl in perpetual summer is loving your snow pictures!

  4. Awesome photos! Now I have to add going to ice castles to my travel list! 🙂

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