Wherein I decimate a gift certificate in 10 seconds flat…

When I left my old job back in December, my amazing coworkers sent me out into the world with a gift certificate to Fancy Tiger. I had plans to hoard that gift certificate for ages, but, not so much…
Saturday, I met up with some friends to plan our own little QAL. I totally wanted to take part in the official Tula Pink City Sampler Sew Along last year, but I just didn’t have the time. Too many other commitments, etc. But then, I was chatting with a friend (hi, Ellen!) and we decided to do our own QAL in 2014. And to use the City Sampler book. Then she invited her SIL, and I invited another friend, and suddenly we had a small but fabulous band of quilters ready to go… So, over fried pickles and tasty beverages at our favorite dive bar, we planned. And since the dive bar is next to Fancy Tiger, we shopped!

I wasn’t planning to buy anything, but that Anna Maria Horner Dowry print jumped into my arms.

20140121-085544.jpg(Pardon the crappy cell phone photos… I was so excited I started to play right away.) Those are just some of the fabrics I’ll use in my sampler. I nearly had to physically restrain myself from starting my blocks, but I still have to finish my mom’s quilt top, and 2 more baby quilts. THEN I can play. My plan is to start in February, and to commit to 10 blocks per month through November. The rest of my merry band may not do all 100 blocks, but that’s okay.

Not only did I succumb to fabric impulse buys, there was yarn. Fancy Tiger got in 10 skeins of this amazing amazing yarn on Friday. (See it here.) By the time I bought mine on Saturday, they had 5 skeins left. I have no plans for it. That’s totally against my promises to myself to NOT buy yarn unless I have a specific project in mind. But I love it. Just looking at the skein makes me happy. The loft and squish are amazing, and the colors? The colors thrill me.



Not sure what it will be… the happiest socks in the world? A Spectra or a Daybreak? Ideas?


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4 responses to “Wherein I decimate a gift certificate in 10 seconds flat…

  1. GREAT fabric pulls- those purples are fantastic and you will LOVE them! I’m jealous your doing these blocks 🙂

    • I’m super excited to start the Tula blocks- I wanted to do the official QAL so very badly. But, waiting meant I ended up with this awesome fabric… so all is well that ends well.


  2. Cher

    oh I would knit up the daybreak pattern..it would really show off that glorious wool! I am totally with you buying it just because it is so fabulous!

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