WIP Wednesday: the penultimate 2013 Sugar Block Club Block!

I did it!
12 months, 24 blocks. No, neither top is done yet, and no, I didn’t quite get the 24th block pieced before 2013 ended. But still! All 24 blocks, to be made into a total of 2 quilts, are DONE!
The final Sugar Block Club installment of 2013 was a lovely paper pieced star. You saw the other one a few weeks ago.

I’m always amazed by paper piecing- the piece on the right and left are pieced identically, but the one on the left has been trimmed to size. Amazing!

And I have to say, the biggest improvement to my piecing skills in 2013 was paper piecing. I had never loved it, or been all that good at it, but it turns out that’s because I was (poorly) self taught. Amy‘s instructions and tips changed that, and I no longer dread it! I might even be feeling cocky enough to take on the fabulous Doctor Who blocks by Trillium Designs.


Meanwhile, it’s time to work on laying out these quilts. I’m a little frozen. I don’t have any fancy quilting software to help me draft a layout, and I want something more interesting than just 4 rows of 3 blocks, maybe with sashing. The blocks finish at 12″. Do you have any favorite layout tips or tricks for twelve 12″ blocks? I have some, but not tons, of each quilt’s background fabric left, as well as some, but not tons, of each fabric used in the blocks. And for each quilt I do have some yardage of other fabrics that work well with them, even if they’re not in the original blocks.

But what to do? Please, send ideas!

(BTW, obviously, I didn’t give my mom her quilt, finished, for Xmas as I had hoped. Instead I wrapped up the blocks, put them under the tree, and took them back after she opened them… I decided I’d rather have a late gift than one that I wasn’t happy with.)

Linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.


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9 responses to “WIP Wednesday: the penultimate 2013 Sugar Block Club Block!

  1. I love this block and your color selection is spot on! I’m pretty new to quilting so I don’t have advice on layout, but I feel like with those blocks it will be hard to go wrong.

  2. Have you seen the 2013 Sister’s 10 BOM? She used a great modern layout with negative space in the middle and blocks grouped in opposite corners.

  3. I also enjoyed seeing all those different layouts that Amy gave us in her last Sugar Block message. . . and didn’t know how I was going to put them together? What I decided to do was use material used in the blocks to make a colorful border on each square and hand quilt each square individually. Then I”ll sew the quilted squares together–I’m on number 7 tonight and I can’t wait to get them all done! It’s getting exciting to see them all together and I’ll probably finishh it this weekend. May send you pictures if I can figure how to post them.

  4. I still use old fashioned graph paper, pencil and eraser to plan my layouts. I usually have some smaller blocks and use them or pairs of blocks to break the row look. Strips of flying geese or checkerboard can also set a second column higher or lower than the first.

  5. Keep doing your great work. I always like to see such creative people!

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