New Socks for New Years

New Year’s Day was cold and snowy, so I seized the moment to snuggle up in bed and start a new pair of socks: Arrow (one of the patterns from the December 2013 Cookie A Sock Club shipment). The pattern is so simple, but I adore the outcome. The sock was practically flying off my needles.



Eventually, I had to get out of bed and do other things, but by Thursday night, when the kids and I lucked into some Avs tickets, I had gotten to here.



The Avs won, and my sock grew…(PS see those braces? Poor kid got them Thursday morning…)

Friday had more knitting time, and by the time I met up with my friend for the 2014 Sticks and Stitches game on Saturday afternoon, I was on to the gusset. and, BTW, the Avs won again.


Saturday and Sunday were both cold, nasty, and snowy… so we decided to finally take the plunge and, with the kids,  watch the director’s cut of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (nearly 4.5 hours long, and on two discs, so we drug it out over two nights…) And by the end of the credits on Sunday night, I had a sock! A lovely, soft squishy sock. The yarn, Tanis Fiber Arts Purple Label Cashmere Sock, is as luscious as it sounds. The custom club colorway, Julep, is again not one I would have picked out, but I totally love it.



The ribbing on the sides makes this an extra comfy sock. I can’t wait to get #2 done so I can start wearing them.

What’s been your first start of the New Year?


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5 responses to “New Socks for New Years

  1. Cindy

    So totally cool! I want to make socks. Wouldn’t have a chance to wear most of them as I have no plans to live anywhere but FL, but I like the thought of making them.

    • There are some lightweight yarns out there, and very lacy patterns… Or you could give them as gifts. OR, make one pair for when you have to travel somewhere cold! (Socks are my favorite, so I’ll come up with more reasons for you to try them if you’d like)



  2. I started hand quilting my Sugar B lock squares–individually as squares and I put a border around each one so I can sew them together when all quilted. I finished 6 of the 12. Your socks look really comfortable–and tricky to knit. Stay warm wherever you are! It’s even going to be in 20’s here in Florida tonight (but 70’s by weekend).

  3. Diana Barry

    Denver weather was cold and beautiful this weekend. I enjoy those snowy days are so very perfect for quilting and knitting. The best part of Colorado weather is that today was sunny and tomorrow will be better.

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