The Last Finish of 2013

With time off from work, I have actually done more sewing over the last week tun in the last month or two. Hooray! In an attempt to start 2014 off with good quilty karma, I spent New Year’s Eve finishing up the Former Frolleague Quilt. Basting, then quilting, then binding. Awesomely, I was able to listen to the BBC radio version of Neverwhere, one of my all time favorite books, while I was working. (The wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch was one of the voices. Squee!)

IMG_5616 IMG_5623 IMG_5626 IMG_5628 IMG_5631 IMG_5637 IMG_5641

(FYI, as of the moment when I am typing, the baby has not yet arrived. S/he is being stubborn, and may be induced out at any moment. So, I DID get the quilt done before the baby was born!)

IMG_5733 IMG_5735 IMG_5738

I thought I would be okay with the wide unquilted patch of grey, but I don’t like it. If I had it to do over, I would put something in there… I’m putting that into the live ad learn column. One of my grand plans for 2014 is to work on my free motion quilting- I thought I’d make a bunch of placemats and use them as practice pieces… Then maybe I’ll feel more confident with filling in wide open spaces with my quilting. Meanwhile, I can start 2014 feeling a bit lighter.

Here’s hoping your 2014 is off to a wonderful crafty start!

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11 responses to “The Last Finish of 2013

  1. Not being a purple person, but this is looks really good.

    • thanks! I am the ultimate purple person Mom-to-be loves purple and grey, and didnt find out babys gender, so I added green. Because the quilt came out so girly, its probably going to be a boy! Thanks for coming by!


  2. Kat

    I really like the pattern! And don’t worry about the quilting. Live and learn, and this quilt will still be warm and snugly.

  3. Loving this quilt- I especially love all of your photos!!! I think this pattern is darling and it’s on my to do list. I love your color choices!!!

    • Thanks, Ashley. (Sorry to be so late replying- i just realized this morning that Gmail moved all my wordpress comment notifications into spam. Boo!) And guess what- the baby arrived on 1/4, and she’s a girl, so it’s okay that the quilt came out so feminine! Happy new year! -Sam

  4. I like the look of the quilting but if it bothers you, you can always add more quilting to it later. I take quilts off the frame and reload them later and it works. (I realize you are sewing by domestic machine)

    • I wish i had a longarm! There is a local store that offers rental access, after you pass the intro classes, and i may try that this year. FYI, i have already washed and dried the quilt- would that make going back to add more quilting a terrible idea?

      Meanwhile, thank you for coming by!


  5. I have also added quilting later when something really bothered me, but this does look good. I think the placemats to practice on are a great idea. I have also practiced on a whole cloth quilt before. It helped me learn to deal with all the bulk without worrying about something I pieced. Some of them I donated to local charities.

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