Last night, a friend and I went to a super fun event at the Clyfford Still Museum. Everyone needs to check it out- even if you don’t really know who he is. The building by itself is stunning, but the ability to see the collected works of one master, in a sequential order, while learning about his life, is amazing. If you’re in Denver, or coming through Denver, make it a point to go!


Don’t you love a party where the centerpieces are art supplies?

Believe it or not, I didn’t even realize that Fancy Tiger was sponsoring an activity at the event. I saw a $10 ticket to a place I’d been meaning to check out, which included yummy nibbles AND two cocktails… How could you go wrong?


The cocktails from City O City were excellent, and the nibbles from The Populist were to die for. Teeny tiny butternut squash pancakes with bourbon maple syrup and candied pepitas, as well as shots of cauliflower pear soup. Rich and I will have to find a way to dine out there soon. Nom nom nom.

I only snapped a photo of one painting, my absolute favorite. When I saw it, I just had to sit down and take time to absorb it.


The impact of all that color was stunning. And this is only one teeny tiny corner of one piece.

After munching, and drinking, and looking, we joined up with Amber and Jaime to make some needle felted mushrooms. (They have kindly posted a tutorial over on the Fancy Tiger Blog.) I have never really done any needle felting before, so, don’t judge my mushroom too harshly… It was SO much fun, and I can easily see how it would become addictive. We even own a needle felting kit- purchased for Annie at the Estes Park Wool Market many years back- so I can start playing at home right now if I’m so inclined…

IMG_4860 IMG_4849 IMG_4852

The roving we used was luscious- it took loads of willpower not to just pet it all night. My date and I decided to give our mushrooms polkadots on top. That’s my mushroom posing for photos below the Fancy Tiger samples on their noble branch.

And here’s mine along with my friend’s…


Hope your friday was equally fun!


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2 responses to “Shrooms!

  1. Your mushrooms look great. The only needle felting I’ve done is to put eyes on things. You are tempting me to try three-D…

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