WIP Wednesday: First Frost (November’s Sugar Block Club)

11 months in already? Only one to go? For real?


For once, I didn’t agonize over my fabric choices. I went through the previous blocks, and chose the least used fabrics…

IMG_4574 IMG_4585


And now, after a Saturday spent binge-watching Top of the Lake and sewing, my November Sugar Block Club blocks are done!

IMG_4696 IMG_4702

I now have a total of 22 blocks, 11 for each quilt. I’m still torn on a few of them- should I go back and re-piece the messy paper pieced February blocks or let it go?

IMG_4578 IMG_4597

Only one more month to go! Can’t wait to see that last block…



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14 responses to “WIP Wednesday: First Frost (November’s Sugar Block Club)

  1. I love how you are making two different quilts with the same pattern. It is wonderful to see how differently they look by simply using different fabrics.

    • When next month’s block is finished, I will be taking and sharing photos of each individual block next to its mate… In some it’s really hard to see that they started out with the same pattern!

      Thanks for coming by!


  2. Great job! As for redoing February, it depends on how much it will bug you. If a lot, then it’s probably worth fixing. If you can live with it, leave it alone. As they say, finished is better than perfect!

    • I am not certain if it bugs me enough to redo the February blocks. Done IS better, and, i think a lot will depend on how they are going to be set. Not certain if the BoM has a set setting idea or not… I do have enough fabrics left that I could redo if I really felt the need to- it’s always nice to have that option!

      Thanks for coming by!


  3. The colorways are so different, yet I really like both! I think it will be easier to arrange the lavender ones. Will you be designing the setting or will it be part of the club project?

    I use logic like yours when doing a sampler–colors not used much need to be used. What it is “they” say? Repeat a fabric three times. Something like that.

  4. I really liked this block–one of my favorites. I made it in my yellow/pink and a turquoise version. Yours turned out very pretty, also. Like you, I also can’t wait to see December’s. I’d opt for keeping your Feb ones in. Enjoy reading your blogs.

  5. I especially love the purple set of blocks.

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