WIP Wednesday: Creeper Hats

In the realm of knitting all things Creeper, last week I cast on an adorable hat for Annie. The pattern is a freebie from Krista Sodt, and I found it while on a Minecraft-themed Pinterest binge


It’s a super fast and simple knit- started Friday, finished Monday. So why on earth am I calling this a WIP Wednesday post?


Well, does that kid look like Annie to you? Nope. Turns out the hat was way to small for her, so… younger brother scores. I was planning on making his next, anyway. So I have cast on again, with many more stitches, and hat #2 should fit child #1.


Also, after 48 hours, Henry “loved” that hat so much that the pompom exploded right off the end. We think it may have something to do with the flipping of the hat back and forth repeatedly… And tugging on the pompom.  Sometimes with his feet. And trying to sleep in the hat. But on the bright side, before he killed it, his grandma took him to the mall, where the Hot Topic employees ooohed and aahhed over my skillz. What a claim to fame!



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