More Mondo Mania

Yeah, I know, you all know how much Annie and I love Mondo Guerra. I just looked back at my blog archives, and apparently my first post about meeting him was in 2011 (on my old blog, which looks odd since I no longer pay for hosting…) And then in 2012, and again in earlier 2013

Tonight, there was a free meet&greet at See, an eyewear boutique- the same eyewear boutique where I’ve been getting my glasses for the last 3 years- with Mondo himself. He’s launching a line of glasses exclusively available at their stores…


I called up my fab friend Amber, and we packed up our girls and headed to the store…


Cardboard Mondo was there to greet us, but the real one was a little bit late. We killed time by trying on all the frames, nibbling on snacks, and drinking some drinks… And then Mondo arrived.


Annie was so proud to show him that she was wearing her Mondo T-shirt from the finale viewing party that she was too young to attend, poor kid, and her houndstooth skirt- because Mondo taught her to love houndstooth- and her Mondo socks that a very nice mom got her for xmas last year… And look, they both have bow ties. Because bow ties are cool.

She had her fashion sketchbook with her, and Mondo kindly signed it. Sadly, there wasn’t time for her to show hime her collections (The Warrior Collection and the Evil Elegance collection…)


I got to meet him, too!



I’m only sad that the one pair of glasses  (the Melba) from the collection that I fell madly in love with didn’t work on my face 😦




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